The Guardian’s Simon Tisdall feels Omar al-Bashir’s pain

Omar al-Bashir

Simon Tisdall, assistant editor of the Guardian, in his apologia for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir (“Omar al-Bashir is no bogeyman”, The Guardian, Dec. 27 ), reached new depths of moral equivalence; showed himself, and the paper he represents, to be deeply, and irretrievably, embedded in the ideological abyss of post-Colonialism, Western guilt, and anti-Americanism.


The following passage by Tisdall should be used in textbooks as an example of how even the most ludicrous charges of racism against the United States hold weight among the hard left intelligentsia.

Bashing Omar al-Bashir is a popular pastime in progressive circles, not least in the conscience-flaunting milieus favoured by actor George Clooney and other celebrity campaigners. Sudan’s president, demonised by the UN over Darfur, pre-judged by the international criminal court’s chief prosecutor and ostracised by western governments, makes an easy target. America always needs bogeymen and Bashir fits the bill: big, bothersome, bad-tempered, black, Arab and Muslim.

Later, summing up al-Bashir’s actions, Tisdall drops this jaw dropping line:

Bashir, so far, is behaving reasonably well.

Al-Bashir, the first sitting head of state ever charged with genocide, was accused of being criminally responsible for:

“intentionally directing attacks [by the government backed Arab Janjaweed milita] against an important part of the [tribal black] civilian population of Darfur, Sudan, murdering, exterminating, raping, torturing and forcibly transferring large numbers of civilians and pillaging their property”.

The violence in Darfur, the charges state, was the result of a common plan organized at the highest level of the Sudanese government.

Up to 400,000 people were killed as the result of Bashir’s actions, and millions have become refugees.

It takes a lot of ideological conditioning to truly believe that the U.S. government wakes up in the morning looking for a black man, or Muslim, to demonize, and that American policy in Sudan is indeed driven by such racism.

John Prendergast, director of African Affairs at the National Security Council for the Clinton White House, said:

“…these tribal blacks have been subjected to one of the most brutal campaigns of ethnic cleansing that Africa has ever seen.

The Janjaweed are like a grotesque mixture of the mafia and the Ku Klux Klan…These guys have a racist ideology that sees the Arab population as the supreme population that would like to see the subjugation of non-Arab peoples.”

Though this blog is concerned with anti-Semitism (and the assault on Israel’s legitimacy) at the Guardian, and their blog, Comment is Free, Simon Tisdall’s apologia for the man responsible for the most hideous crime in Africa’s history – under the banner of anti-racism! – should serve to put in perspective his paper’s continuing vitriol against the Jewish state.

The newspaper which aims to become the world’s leading liberal voice shows itself, time and again, to be viscerally hostile to a democracy under siege in a region dominated by despots, yet has a soft spot for genocidal tyrants.

Something is profoundly wrong if the Guardian’s fellow political travelers can’t find the courage to call such moral blindness for what it is – a tragic and dangerous distortion of everything it ever meant to be called a progressive.

This is 85-year-old Abu Hamid Omar. Not only was he burned and branded in an attack by the Janjaweed and Sudanese Government forces, but his village was burned to the ground. Abu Hamid Omar was the ONLY villager to survive the assault.

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  1. Thank you Mr Tisdall for your enlightening piece and thank you Guardian for publishing it. By doing so, you have made it clear once and for all, for anyone with a brain, that you have no interest in exposing horror but only in pursuing your political agenda.

    And these people sleep at night? How?

  2. We have to be grateful for Tisdall and his massmurderer loving kind of digusting “opinionmakers”, they show the real face of the so called progressive and liberal Guardian.


    What can we expect next from Tisdall, perhaps a paean to Kim Jong-il?

    He is not interested at the moment – there are no Jews and/or his islamofascist friends involved in the Korean problem. When the US will send this genocidal dictator to pack, don’t worry we will read Tisdall’s euology.

  3. Who else but someone from the Guardian could write such a sick article praising and making excuses for a nasty homicidal maniac.

    That web site was always a deluded leftist fetid swamp with bottom feeders merrily swimming in it.

  4. For the Guardian, everything – ethnic cleansing, terrorism, genocide – pales into insignificance beside the Palestinian problem.

    In Guardian land, any atrocity that cannot be blamed on the Jews or Israel deserves no more than a passing mention, and any atrocity caused by Muslims must be minimized.

  5. Up to 400,000 people were killed as the result of Bashir’s actions, and millions have become refugees.

    Meanwhile in Iran, 1 million people have been killed as a reasult of George W Bush’s actions, and millions have become refugees, but George W Bush was a friend of Israel.

  6. Tisdall is the REAL racist, who shows us the inverted and bigoted morality of judging a man not by his murderous actions, but by sanctimonious and patronising references to his colour and religion. I have nothing but contempt for anyone like Tisdall who parade their fashionable politics at the expense of other people’s lives.

    The Guardian is a parochial, shallow, petty-minded rag with imperialist pretentions, and Tisdall’s comments reflect that mindset perfectly. He really doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in the wider world – but his inflated sense of his own importance makes him believe he is qualified to comment. He obviously doesn’t care that much for the very people he professes to champion, just so long as he can wear that badge on his lapel, sporting a grinning picture of Omar Al-Bashir that states: “Look at me, I’m so progressive, I love black people and hate America’s foreign policy”. Truly pathetic, but unforgivable when it is done at the expense of the victims of genocide in Darfur.

  7. Really it is very sad and frustrating to find by reading the comments that we are living in world that full of hatred and does not like the truth. Simon Tisdall was really an honest man but unfortuantely we are living in a world where no room for honesty honesty is stupidity.

  8. Shago omitted the detail that the majority of Iraqi casualties have been due to horrific violence by Muslims against Muslims. Quite simply, Sunni and Shia Islam are incapable of conceiving both each other and minorities (Alawi, Assyrian, Jewish, Coptic, Bahai, ….) as fully-human equals.