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245 Guardian readers tell Jews to “shut up” about Iranian anti-Semitism

The response to Meir Javedanfar’s CiF piece, “Iranian government stirs up antisemitism with invented mass” demonstrates that hostility towards Israel by Guardian readers – so accustomed to having their prejudices about Jews and Israel affirmed – is so ingrained that even the most uncontroversial commentary condemning state-sponsored anti-Semitic incitement in Iran is met with hostility.

The contempt and mockery in the comment simply oozes out of the text.

Moreover, this  intellectual tick – whereby merely condemning the virulent anti-Semitism of the Holocaust denying regime in Tehran makes one a Neocon, “Likudnick”, and/or war-monger – is as predictable as it is insidious, and has become one of the defining features of the Guardian hard left.

UPDATE: Sometime after this was posted, the comment by sidster was removed by a moderator.

Thanks to everyone who reported it as abuse.

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  1. It’s a shame “sidster” can barely complete a coherent sentence.

    As for the “he doesn’t mean it” line he uses about Ahmadinejad, history is full of examples of people who did meant it, particularly when it comes to attacking the Jews, unfortunately.

  2. To the Jew-hating genocidals it’s not enough to condemn Jews to annihilation, they would prefer they ‘board the trains’ without a whimper.
    There are no words for this degree of evil..

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if “sidster” is a Holocaust denier. If they downplay antisemitism in that way, why wouldn’t they say the Holocaust was a myth?

  4. Suki, let the world continue to be unhappy that the Israelis are not the unarmed Jews of WW2 nazi filth infested europe.

    Show compassion for the victims of the bombing of Pan Am 103.
    No Blood for libyan contracts!

  5. I’ve got a better idea, when Sidster gets thrown into the sea, along with all the other false heroes, then I’ll shut up.

  6. I always start to think al-Guardian is slipping when an article makes its way in that doesn’t demonize Israel. Then I check the comments, and I remember that the only reason they allow this kind of story to get published is as an excuse for even more of the same Jew hatred and Israel bashing The Guardian is world famous for.

    For example:

    28 December 2010 9:02PM
    While I have “sympathies” for the Jewish people, I do realise that the Israeli government is, well, plain wicked.

    etc., etc.

  7. As disgusting as some of the comments on this CiF piece are, there are also quite a few others who take the Iranian regime to task. I’m glad to see that there are still a few people who are willing to wade into the swamp and let their voices be heard.

  8. Der nationalsozialistisches Guardian will no doubt raise a few jaded chuckles among Eichmann and Co as they stir shit in hell: “Our banalities have found their most perfect resurrection in the English liberal press. Jawohl, it is good so, no?”

    Heil Guardian!

  9. Note Berchman’s comment – deleted by the moderator, but quoted in another comment:
    “When all countries return to their internationally recognised borders anti semitism will again be the preserve of the right.. its proper domain.”

  10. ‘The comment by sidster was removed by a moderator. Thanks to everyone who reported it as abuse’.

    I dont agree with posters constantly hitting the ‘report abuse’ button because they read something they dont like.It is far better to argue your point.
    Many posters take a considerable amount of time and effort in writing replies to comments only for them to also be deleted because some one has reported the original comment as abuse.
    Let comments you disagree with stand and put your own point across.
    Less deletions More debate.

  11. It is the role of a human moderator to distinguish between pro-islamofascists trying to erase pro-Israel comments and true abusive comments.

    When a non-abuse pro-Israel comment is deleted, it reflects on the biases of the moderator.

    Clearly Der Guardian has appointed “moderators” who promote islamofascism and anti-semitism.