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CiF legitimizes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, again

Take a look at the article entitled “On Palestine, the US is a rogue state” by John Whitbeck which was published on CiF on December 29th.

Now see this article entitled “Palestinian Statehood: Quality as Well as Quantity” by house contributor John Whitbeck from the Palestine Chronicle of December 22nd.

Spot the difference? No, neither can I. The Guardian has merely recycled Whitbeck’s article from a website known for its virulent anti-Zionism. Although the Palestine Chronicle claims that its writers do not “champion any specific political agenda”, according to Honest Reporting:

“It’s honorary editorial board includes Hanan Ashrawi and Noam Chomsky and writers and contributors include a number of known anti-Israel activists such as Neve Gordon and the anti-Semitic Gilad Atzmon.”

So despite the well-known and documented insistence that it is “fair and balanced”, CiF has now resorted to simply regurgitating propaganda from a virulently anti-Israel Palestinian-run website.

As for Mr. Whitbeck himself, well his years spent in Jeddah appear to have infected him with that peculiar local ability to perceive Zionist tentacles round every corner.

“The US, subservient to Israel, stands out”

“Western politicians and the western media customarily apply the term “international community” to the United States and whatever countries are willing to publicly support it on a given issue, and apply the term “rogue state” to any country that actively resists Israeli-American global domination.”

By its slavish subservience to Israel – as reflected yet again, both in the absence of a single brave voice raised against this new House resolution and in the Obama administration’s recently rejected offer of a huge military and diplomatic bribe to Israel in reward for a mere 90-day suspension of its illegal colonisation programme – the United States has effectively excluded itself from the true international community (redefined to refer to the great majority of mankind) and become a true rogue state, acting in consistent and flagrant contempt of both international law and fundamental human rights.”

(My emphasis)

The fact that Whitbeck, suspended from practicing law for four years in 2001 – due to his involvement in money laundering for a boss who was named in a French parliamentary report from 2002 as connected to the financial networks of Al Qaida – is lecturing readers of “the world’s leading liberal voice” on issues of right and wrong is mind-boggling in itself.

That CiF continues to promote anti-Semitic conspiracy theories (Jewish power controlling American foreign policy) is simply reprehensible.

Times must be very hard if the Guardian has to stoop so low.

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  1. The Guardian frequently recycles anti-Israel articles without revealing where they came from. Its important to check the author’s credentials, which are usually hidden from rreaders by a cleaned up mini bio.

    Its not quite plagiarism, obviously, but typical of the Guardian to use other people’s material.

  2. Contact companies which advertise in Der Guardian and ask them whether they wish to be associated with a rag that promotes islamofascism, racism, homophobia, mysogyny, 5th columnists who celebrate the perpetrators of the 9/11 sneak attack as “the magnificent 19”.

  3. Honest Reporting seeks to uncover examples of anti-Israeli fraud in the reporting of the Middle East.

    However, it’s a fairly barren task, and HR is proudest of the repeated apologies it extracted for a wrongly used (or perhaps mistakenly captioned) 10 year old photograph. There were many pictures of beaten Palestinians that day, but the one used in the NYT actually showed a beaten Israeli and his father claims the policeman (who has never been identified!) was protecting him.

    Nobody is fooled by such trivia – club-wielding Israeli police and soldiers are increasingly beating Israelis themselves, let alone what they do all day and every day to Palestinians.

    Not only are they beating Palestinians, these guys are increasingly coming forwards and claiming credit for doing it. In at least two cases now published by “Breaking the Silence”, wilful atrocities perpetrated on the completely innocent, ignored when Palestinans complained about them, have been confirmed by the very Israelis who carried them out.

    Still, we’ll hear less of this in future as Israel increasingly jails Israelis, bars access to all observers, blackmails sick Palestinians into collaboration and extensively harasses even UN relief workers and Tony Blair’s sister-in-law. “Honest Reporting” only reminds us that honest reporting is the one thing they don’t want to happen.

  4. it increasingly looks to me like CiFWatch is under a Christmas holiday attack from the nutters.
    William Smart is just a whiner of the less interesting sort, but Shingo who hasn’t become a visitation on this thread yet is quite interesting because he supplies quite a comprehensive oversight of the filth people who derive pleasure from hurting Jews wallow in.
    Still, there must be a better way of dealing with him than battling him.

    oh while I am at it people who delight in hurting others, hoping to witness their pain, are normally called SADISTS. Not the now popular in the media ones parading their kinky sexual preferences no not those harmless idiots, I mean the real thing …

  5. Der nationalsozialistisches Guardian is the muezzin calling the faithful to worship at the temple of Israel delegitimization.

  6. William Smart, you say:
    There were many pictures of beaten Palestinians that day, but the one used in the NYT actually showed a beaten Israeli and his father claims the policeman (who has never been identified!) was protecting him.
    Wrong and wrong.

    Tuvia himself states (not “claims”) that the border policeman was protecting him–and in fact saved his life. You can see for yourself in this video, in which, furthermore, the border policeman is identified as Gidon Tzefadi, and he and Tuvia meet in perso for the first time.

  7. The truth that William Smart avoids

    From one of Smart’s posts at

    “The Zionists kidnapped two of the British soldiers who’d just fought Hitler, murdered them and booby-trapped their bodies.

    Hamas is law-abiding and compassionate in comparison.”

    What he doesn’t mention:

    1) That Britain had fought “Hitler” in spite of the Jews of Europe and not because of them.

    2) That Britain had collaborated in the Holocaust.

    3) That Britain had acted in a manner in post-war Palestine that would have done credit to the SS.

    The Jews gave the British a bloody nose in Palestine and that’s the very least they deserved.


    As regards his post above, compared to Britain and the many crimes she has committed in Ireland, Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel is a paragon of virtue.

  8. Palming off a used article on the Guardian to make a few quid is entirely in character for a shyster like Whitbeck.

    And having a convicted fraudster on its roll-call of paid Israel haters will lower the Guardian’s credibility even further.

    Good result all round.

  9. “Times must be very hard if the Guardian has to stoop so low.”

    This hatred promoted by the Guardian has nothing to do with trying to make a buck but is instead a direct result of the prejudices they have sucked in with their mother’s milk.

  10. I see that every comment referring to Whitbeck’s criminal past has now been deleted by Cif moderators.

    Obviously they are trying to hide their mistake, so thanks to CIfWatch for ensuring it remains public knowledge.

  11. John V Whitbeck is an international lawyer based in Jedda,Saudi Arabia.He writes about the Israel-Palestinian conflict.Always from the Palestinian view point.

    On June 21,2001,Whitbeck was given a 4year suspension from practicing law because of the money laundering he engaged for his employer a Saudi Arabian company.

    Don’t you just love Wikipedia.

  12. The Guardian must have known about this guys shady background,if they didn’t then they are negligent,which is hardly surprising.

    And if they did know about his background and still went ahead and published his article.

    Then that’s low.Lower than a snakes ass.

  13. Nothing about this surprises me, Adam, but it’s good that you have made so much public.

    What was it that Oscar Wilde said about fox hunting, that it was “… the unspeakable pursuing the inedible…” ?

    As regards Whitbeck’s rank hypocrisy, it’s more a case of “..there’s no advocate of virginity like a reformed whore.”

    CiF despises its btl contributors, and often with excellent reason since they mostly evidence that there’s hardly evidence enough brain between them to pass an elementary school exam.

  14. benorr, CiF editors also know about Hamas’ morbid inclination to use its civilians as human shields. That does not prevent them from inviting the Hamas British representative, Azzam (“I would if I could but they won’t let me in”) Tamimi and other Islamist terror supporters to write for them.

    Nor did it stop them writing an OTT obituary about Nizar Rayyan, the Hamas groomer and recruiter of suicide murderers, who sent his own son on a suicide murder mission, and who prevented his wives and several of his children from leaving Gaza for safety when he knew that he was a target, and was therefore responsible for their and his own deaths.

    I don’t curse, but there has to be a special circle of Hell for CiF and its editorial board.

  15. On Palestine,the US is a rogue state.

    Now let’s see who is the rogue here,would it be the one that was suspended for 4 years for money laundering.

  16. ”By it’s slavish subservience to Israel”

    Slavish subservience………..It wasn’t to Netanyahu that Barack Hussien Obama bowed.

    Instead he bowed to Saud Bin Abdul Aziz king of Saudi Arabia.

  17. “Instead he bowed to Saud Bin Abdul Aziz king of Saudi Arabia.”

    Yes, but Saudi Arabia is such a jolly fine place.

  18. William Dumb, Next time you have to pass through a checkpoint, have your baggage X-Rayed, have your body searched, have all liquids in your baggage confiscated, thank your islamofascist friends in al qada, your wahabbist friends in saudi arabia, your islamofascist regime of iran, your islamofascist muslim brotherhood, your islam4uk facists.

  19. CiFW,must be making some impression on that anti-Semitic rag called the Guardian,(you have to wonder who are they really guarding)Their latest authors and articles in General, and on Israel in particular,are the absolute pits.

    To dig up a shady character like John Whitbeck to write for them,some one in that racist rag has lost their marbles.

  20. Whether or not John Whitbeck is actually a convicted fraudster cannot be discerned from Wikipedia.

    One of the two links provided (Loislaw) says nothing about him and the other one (“Five and Ten Press”) tells us he has been published more than 450 times in more than 70 Arab, Israeli, and international newspapers, magazines, journals and books.

    No mention of fraud or money-laundering anywhere – though if such a conviction was handed down by a Saudi Arabian court he’d probably wear it as a badge of honor.

  21. William (not so) Smart

    Whether Whitbeck is a criminal or not is really irrelevant. He has earned your, the Guardian editors’ and the assorted guardinistas’eternal love and appreciation already simply being an outright antisemite and a certified idiot. For your kind having these characteristic is good enough.

  22. PeterTheHungarian – it’s rather pointless to tell me that Whitbeck’s status as a criminal or not is irrelevant. It was not me that used hasbara from the utterly laughable Wikipedia in order to deflect from the perfectly proper things Whitbeck was saying.

    As he stated quite correctly “On Palestine, the US is a rogue state – Nations covering 80-90% of the world’s population recognise Palestine as a state. The US, subservient to Israel, stands out”.

    Furthermore, the basis of Whitbeck’s argument seems to be self-evidently true as well – without American guns, Israel would long ago have had to comply with the 200+ UN resolutions calling on it to abide by International Law and the very UN Charter it begged to be obligated to comply with.

  23. UnSmart

    – Nations covering 80-90% of the world’s population recognise Palestine as a state.

    The stupidity of this sentence says everything about your white back. Was he speaking about the same nations where the adulteres are stoned to death, where gays are hanged on public squares, where the accepted norm of governance is theocracy, cleptocracy or any other form of dictature, where the general level of science and technology is similar to medieval Europe, where most people would die of hunger without help from the remaining 20%?

    The US, subservient to Israel, stands out

    This must be correct. One of the smallest country on the planet without any natural resources dictates to the biggest and strongest economic and military power of the world. I got permission from the Council of the Elders to expose the secret: Jews in the US (paid by the Mossad) send free gefillte fish to the members of the US Congress containing a secret poison – after eating from it they become obedient slaves of Israel – Zombies for AIPAC! Be careful Smartie what you eat in the New year!

    Furthermore, the basis of Whitbeck’s argument seems to be self-evidently true as well – without American guns, Israel would long ago have had to comply…

    Were you and your spiritual leader Whitbeck a bit less stupid and ignorant, would know that Israel would be well off without US technology. Naturally it doesn’t hurt but the US doesn’t give it for brotherly love, this aid serves very important US interests.
    … with the 200+ UN resolutions calling on it to abide by International Law and the very UN Charter it begged to be obligated to comply with.

    Are you speaking about the same UN who couldn’t prevent only one war and or genocide since its existence? Whose HRC has members like Cuba, Libya and Iran? Whose Womens’ Right comission is supposed to be under the presidency of Saudi Arabia? Yes?? Now I see your point…

  24. ain’t it strange that in every comparison between the “utterly laughable” Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica, Wikipedia came out as more reliable?

    is reliability now what makes a lexicon laughable?

    can’t one describe something as smarting like in smarting wound? meaning it hurts? if so, then what our dear William is telling us by his name is that the mush between his ears is hurting him something terrible.