The Abu Rahma Hoax, pt 2 (A new claim contradicts original report)

New information regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of Jawaher Abu Rahma continue to make initial reports by the Palestinian Authority – that Abu Rahma died, as the result of tear-gas fired by IDF forces, while protesting in Bilin (a narrative repeated by the MSM) – seem less credible by the day.

As we noted in our original post yesterday, regarding what Saeb Erekat immediately labeled a “war crime“:

  • Medical records from the hospital where Abu Rahma was treated contain wildly contradictory and incomplete information regarding the time of her admission, prior treatment and medical condition, and cause of death.
  • There has been no photo taken of Abu Rahma at the protest in question, or at any previous Bilin protest.
  • The burial was undertaken via an accelerated procedure, and no post-mortem was performed.

Now, CiF Watch has obtained the following image of the Facebook page of the cousin of Abu Rahma, Hamde Abu, who claims that she indeed was NOT present at the protest in question.

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Hamde claims that his cousin was not present at the protest, but was:

“…in her home, approximately 500 meters away from where the gas canisters landed, when she suffered the effects of gas that was carried over the village by wind.  The chemicals caused poisoning in her lungs, which caused suffocation and the stopping of the heart, leading to her death…”

So, if, as her cousin says, Abu Rahma was 500 meters away from the tear gas, the claim that the gas killed her seems less and less likely.  At the very least, if the teargas used was so lethal, why weren’t protesters who were more directly exposed to the chemical the ones killed, rather than a woman 500 meters away?

More, on the technical question of whether tear-gas could conceivably carry in the wind and kill someone so far away, will be posted soon.

(Update: I just wanted to note that Elder of Ziyon, who’s been doing stellar work on this story, also obtained the Facebook image in question, and posted about it previously.)

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  1. by using the 500 m distance argument you completely deny the Zionists’ mastery of animals –

    I would bet on them having employed trained doves who flew over and dropped tiny little canisters in her lap carefully pulling the plug before doing so.

    Why she was chosen and nobody else needs careful investigation. The whole story must come out.

    Betting on doves I of course assume that they are as numerous in the area as they are where I live.

    BTW it seems that a whole gang of nutters has formed who troll the blogs “inseminating” them with utter but carefully synchronised nonsense.

  2. What I find extraordinary is the number of publications and websites immediately and blindly following the Palestinian line. There are inconsistencies in the reports on both sides but that doesn’t matter because the world just wants another martyr at the hands of Israel.

  3. Jameel, I think because not all the ludicrous detail has been laid out here.

    I want to know where the water-cannon was.

  4. Ariadne: The IDF believes that tear gas is more effective than the water canon. Besides, with the drought in Israel, water is too precious to waste on those idiots.

  5. Jameel, I was referring to the “skunk” smell mentioned by a “witness” who claimed the IDF put it in water.

  6. I believe that the IDF developed a very smelly compound that it sprays on demonstrators. Its very discouraging, but completely harmless.

  7. AKUS
    please think a little:

    How humiliated you would feel, if you came home after having participated in a pissful demonstration and everybody turned away from you in disgust and your best loved T-Shirt with Death to all Joos written on it smells so bad you can’t bear to wear it for the next weeks demo.

    Really such a loss to your dignity deserves sincere consideration and is not to be belittled.

    The minimum a person having suffered such humiliation is entitled to is a new T-Shirt and at least 10 hours of psycho-PTSD-treatment.

  8. Thank you, AKUS. I wondered if there was a portable version but the person who reported it was very far from the IDF. If her account is credible in any detail.

  9. The evidence from another cousin:

    Ilham Abu Rahma, 19, a cousin and neighbour of the dead woman, said she was on a first floor verandah at her house when she saw Ms Abu Rahma standing on a wall across the street talking to a relative and looking down the hill towards olive trees where soldiers were confronting stone-throwing youths. The protesting youths were between her and the soldiers. She said she was conscious both of tear gas and the foul smelling “skunk” which the military add to the water fired from water cannon during some protests. She went inside her house and shut the windows.

    Donald Macintyre

    The Elder of Ziyon reproduces Ha’aretz’s map which claims Abu Rahma was much further than that into the demonstration scene.

  10. “…in her home, approximately 500 meters away from where the gas canisters landed, when she suffered the effects of gas that was carried over the village by wind.”

    I was at the demonstration in question, towards the end. I didn’t know who Jawaher was that day or see her picked up by the ambulance, but I spent the next four days with the Abu Rahma family and the accusation that her family and village distorted the facts to exploit her death makes me sick. I’m well aware of the attention Hamde’s above statement has receieved and I feel this great responsibility to defend him and his family because I wrote it.

    I made a grammar suggestion as he was writing the article and he told me to write that sentence. We all believed she was in her house when she suffocated, that the gas was so strong it killed her there. I can attest to the strength of the gas…my eyes were burning in the village, more than 500 meters away. But the reports were conflicting, various family members said this, other said that. Eventually it was confirmed that Jawaher was at the protest, inhaling gas, and that she collapsed by her house. I’m no less perplexed than anyone else. I breathed my fair share of tear gas that week, and the only deaths I’d heard of were from the canisters themselves. But if I had to fault anyone for a botched investigation it would be the IDF. Bilin had Israeli human rights groups and reporters coming in and out for days, to interview the family and survey the scene. e army didn’t send a single representative to Bil’in before claiming she had asthma or cancer.

    It was an odd four days to visit Bil’in, but I was there, with the family and the village as they mourned Jawaher’s death. There was no hatred, no vengeance, no scheming. No hoax.

  11. Thank you, Morgan, for your thoughtful and SANE response. I can’t believe the hate-filled comments on this page! Everyone should, at the least, be ashamed of themselves! I, too, happen to know Hamde, have visited in his home, and have the utmost respect for him. He and all the non-violent protesters in the village of bi’lin are kind, calm, people without a thought of vengeance or meanness – unlike those who commented here. Where is your humanity? This family has suffered more than anyone for their perseverence in their protests against the inhumane treatment of the IDF. If you are Christian, where are the lessons taught by Jesus? If you are Jewish, where are the lessons of the Torah? Shame, shame, shame on you.

  12. Shame on disgusting assholes, who keep on spreading lies, even when their friend kills thousands of people.

  13. Shirley – you can keep on trying to push the ‘non-violent’ myth ’till the cows come home, but it stands in direct conflict with the filmed evidence of these weekly riots, the hundreds of thousands of shekels-worth of damage to the fence and the hundreds of Israeli soldiers injured as a result of rocks thrown by your little pet protesters.

    But of course people such as you and ‘Morgan’ limit their concern solely to the human rights of one kind of human. An Israeli soldier who lost an eye due to the actions of these ‘kind, calm people’ apparently does not deserve your sympathy and the thousand Israelis blown up by the suicide bombers this fence prevents from pursuing their murderous agenda are not human in your eyes.

    People such as you and ‘Morgan’ are either incredibly gullible stooges being played by nihilistic supporters of terror, or supporters of terror yourselves. Perhaps if, like many commenting here, you had actually experienced terror, you would wake up to that fact.

    In the meantime, your selective definition of ‘non-violent’ and ‘human rights’ shows you up as being motivated purely by politics and exploiting the language of human rights for that end.

    You are, therefore, in no position to lecture anyone on the subject of morality.

  14. KUS

    I believe that the IDF developed a very smelly compound that it sprays on demonstrators. Its very discouraging, but completely harmless.

    Could this new material have any connection to Gadaffi?

  15. Shirley, it really takes some gall to condemn Jews and/or Israelis for inhumanity while ignoring the virulent and quite explicit anti-Semitism which is routinely peddled in the Palestinian media, mosques, and popular culture. If you’re truly someone who cares about bigotry, then please spend one hour at the site Palestinian Media Watch, and let me know your thoughts.

    To even compare Jewish animosity towards Palestinians with the hatred for Jews that is simply ingrained in Palestinian culture is obscene. Please spare us your lectures. If you’re a committed anti-racist, then you’d be speaking out about anti-Semitism, not obsessing over every Israeli sin, real and imagined.

  16. My heart expands with joy just reading the accounts of the harmony and beauty at the weekly Bili’in demonstrations.

    Morgan and Shirley remind me of the witnesses who were/weren’t on the Mavi Marmara and didn’t see any violence except that of Israeli soldiers, who managed apparently to get injured despite the gentleness of the passengers because they insisted on invading these dear calm people who were only going to Gaza out of pure benevolence. Such dear souls.

  17. “He and all the non-violent protesters in the village of bi’lin are kind, calm, people without a thought of vengeance or meanness – unlike those who commented here”.

    Are people like you really so blinded by a knee-jerk anti-Israeli attitude ingrained via selective reading of anti-Israeli blogs before you head to the WB, permitted to do so by the very Israel you like to revile, that you don’t know when you are being played and fed a bunch of lies by people like Hamde and his friends?

    Or, like them, do you hope that other gullible and possibly well-meaning simpletons will swallow your line as well?

  18. ok 1) that fence should be damaged, as the israeli declared its path illegal years ago and the military, for some reason, hasn’t bothered to move the fence, which cuts the village off from privately owned land. never mind that the settlements protected by the fence are on privately-owned palestinian land, but whatever….

    2) israelinurse, why did you put my name in bunny ears? i’m a real person, thank you….

    3) the people of bil’in don’t march towards the fence in an attempt to cross over and murder israelis. they do so to bring attention to the media (and the soldiers who defend the fence) that its placement is unjust.

    4) i don’t recognize the authority of anyone who claims they know bilin and the abu rahmas, when they clearly haven’t been there or met them. after the new years protest i saw an israeli go up to a palestinian from bil’in and embrace him, calling him “brother.” israelis are welcome in bil’in, so there’s no excuse not to go witness it for yourself.

  19. the caption on the video reads “Dep. Commander of the Binyamin Regional Brigade,Lt. Col. Shachar Shitrit explains that only when the protests become violent, do his soldiers respond using riot dispersal methods.”

    yeah, this man is a liar. the tear gas always comes first.

  20. morongan, the Anti-Islamofascist Wall is there to keep “the religion of peace” from murdering people in Israel.

    And checkpoints are at every airport in the world to keep islamofascists from murdering people.

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