The Guardian: Wrong about everything all the time

The title is, perhaps, a tiny exaggeration, but bear with me.

One of the funnier sights back in the U.S. was observing rich, spoiled teens and young adults go into upscale stores to buy incredibly overpriced ripped jeans, faux-retro t-shirts, and “radical chic” or “terrorist-chic” wear (The latter referring to pretentious and fashionable clothes advertising radical or even terrorist political causes).

One of the more popular ways, to this day, to show everyone in your suburban neighborhood that you are really a rebel at heart, while talking on your new iPhone at Starbucks, is by wearing a Che Guevara shirt.  Call me cynical, but I seriously doubt that those advertising their allegiance to “Che” know much about the sadistic Argentine Marxist revolutionary.  Likewise, I seriously don’t think those laying out $20 to purchase a kaffiya, which Urban Outfitters comically names an “anti-war” scarf, know a heck of a lot about Black September or al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades.

However, if you want to be genuinely anti-establishment, really want to impress your friends while simultaneously “sticking it to the man”, we humbly suggest you consider purchasing the following.

No, we don’t get a share of the 20 or so U.S. dollars it will set you back and, no, it won’t really help fight anti-Semitism at the Guardian and Comment is Free, but, you have to admit, the slogan is a bit catchy and quite, dare I say, radical!

Note: If you can think of a better slogan than “Wrong about everything all the time”, please let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Perhaps

    “Wrong about most things all the time” would be a fairer reflection or even

    “Wrong about the Middle East most of the time”

  2. Could the Groan sue people in the UK for what is essentially a wrong statement?

    Because of that, in the UK let’s have as per the first of Mitnaged’s suggestions above.

  3. The Guardian – still making up news as it goes along


    (as per JerusalemMite above):

    The Guardian – where the truth is purely coincidental


    The Guardian – home of grim fairy tales

  4. The Guardian – truth is in the mind of the writer – the eye of the beholder

    – all truth is relative – eager for a narrative, come and read us

  5. The Guardian – where truth is often a stranger

    The Guardian – formerly a newspaper

    The Guardian – smearing is our middle name

    The Guardian – where objectivity is rarely found

    The Guardian – home of the Guardian world viewpoint

    The Guardian – we write it as we see it, not as it is

  6. You GOTTA choose this:

    The Guardian: Where “facts are tricky things” (Guardian Readers’ Editor)

  7. “Sometimes wrong, sometimes right. Imperfect, like human nature, but still one of the better newspapers in Britain despite the efforts of some rather obsessive and unbalanced critics to discredit it because it takes a different view from them?”

    Not very snappy, I know. Sorry.

    I’m afraid I’d no sooner wear the original one proposed here than I would one depicting murderer Ché. But I think wearing clothing with wording on is generally a sign of a lack of taste in any case. So I guess it was not for me.

    • Where’s your sense of humour?
      That’s always been the problem with the parlour bolshies – they’re so busy waving their ‘Free Palestine’ placards on Chiswick High Street that they’ve forgotten to laugh at the world.
      So come on, put down your placards, put the organic yoghurt back in the fridge, stop worrying about the global temperature, and join us libertarians in the pub. You’ll find life’s much better viewed through the bottom of a pint glass.

  8. The Guardian. Wrong about the big things. All the time.
    The Guardian. Holding a mirror to the truth.
    The Guardian. Comment is censored.
    The Guardian. All the views unfit to print.
    The Guardian. Facts are futile.
    The Grauniad. Dis information.
    The Guardian. Required reading. Very soon.

  9. Been there. Got the T – shirt (literally). Fuck off my American friends. It’s not for you. Go away. Quietly. Thanks.

  10. the guardian …
    Annual subscription: 99 pounds.
    The spectacle of Seamus Milne recognising the state of Israel: priceless.

    (yes, needs working on)

  11. Surely the best slogan, given their hectoring, whining preachyness would be :

    “The Guardian – always certain, never right.

  12. Simply brilliant t shirt and superb comments. Please will someone make one that says this “The Guardian of Islamofascism”