Rachel Shabi Facebook friends update: The Guardian columnist is also friends with George Galloway

Our post on Dec. 31 noted that Guardian columnist Rachel Shabi (an outspoken critic of Israel) is Facebook friends with a notorious anti-Semite (and Wikileak celebrity) by the name of Israel Shamir.

To recap our previous post, Shamir is an outspoken Holocaust denier, who has referred to Jews as “virus in human form,” and has claimed quite explicitly that Jews are indeed trying to take over the world.

Well, it turns out that Shabi’s Facebook friendship with Shamir is no fluke.  We’ve learned, from a highly reliable source, that Shabi is also FB friends with the Hamas and Hezbollah-loving former MP, George Galloway.

But, that’s not all.

Shabi’s FB friend list also includes CiF columnist, and apologist for anti-Semitism, Ben White, and Moazzem Begg, the British Muslim (former inmate at Guantanamo and Amnesty International poster boy) who acknowledged attending al-Qaeda training camps and is a supporter of the Taliban.

Think about this.  A Guardian columnist who writes about Israel is friends with virulent anti-Semites, an outspoken supporter of radical Islamist movements, and even one known former al Qaeda member.

Knowledge of the company Shabi keeps certainly places her gratuitous criticism of Israel in much better perspective.

Shabi’s comments in her Guardian piece on Jan. 23, 2009, The self-defence defence, speak volumes about the disdain she has for the nation the Guardian deems her fit to objectively cover:

“Most Israelis, in other words, seem to have convinced themselves that their own moral superiority somehow sanctions and justifies their own acts of moral repugnance.”

Yes, “morally repugnant” is certainly one term that comes to  mind when meditating upon the views, and friendships, of Rachel Shabi.

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  1. In the Middle Ages (I think) existed a process called cherem whereby Jews who fundamentally betrayed their people, or committed heresy against G-d, could be formally and publicly cast out of the fold and could no longer refer to themselves as Jewish. These people were shunned by Jews and not provided for except for the bare necessities of life.

    Shabi is a traitor to her people. Judaism has evolved, thankfully, and no longer commands such extreme punishment.

    But I can dream can’t I?

  2. What about he neteuri karta? They certainly qualify as cherem.

    After some neterui karta scum returned from the holocaust denial conference in the islamofascist regime of iran, one Austrian neteuri karta scumbag was charged with holocaust denial – a crime in Austria.

  3. Sadly, I am no longer surprised by this kind of as-a-Jew. It simply reveals what lies behind the vicious and ignorant articles she writes, and who her sources are.

  4. This charmer Rachel Shabby likes to get down and dirty with some of the dirtiest and nastiest human excrement that this planet has on offer.

    BTW,she is also friends with Bella Mack.Another charmer.

  5. How is it possible for an Iraqi Jew to behave in such a vile and despicable manner,this woman is no more than a cheap brown nose,and deserves utter contempt.

  6. Know a man by the company he keeps.

    Thanks for exposing Shabi’s little circle of anti-semitic pals. This will help to discredit her.

  7. You and friends are not so lucky. People know very well who are your kind of “pro-Palestinian” heroes not only from Facebook. That your kind of protectors of “Palestinian rights” are interested only in Jew bashing and don’t give a whatever about anything else is clear from thousands of other facts (including your rantings on CifWatch) too. The identity of your neo-Nazi and openly anti-Semite friends are only one of the proofs of your real agenda.

  8. Mostly Charmless, I think you are confusing your terminology. Surely when you say “the Hasbara” (which is not a group of people but an evil thing that Zionists do – having to justify their own right to exist), you mean “the Elders”?

    And it’s worse – the last I looked, Rachel Shabby was living in Tel Aviv, where no doubt she makes good use of our excellent subsidised health service, appreciates drinking safely in Mike’s Place and travelling on the bus without being blown up thanks to the wicked fence and oppressive IDF, and would be able to enjoy bird-watching if the Saudis hadn’t arrested them for spying.

    I’ll keep an eye out for her and suggest she does the honourable thing and renounce her citizenship.

  9. @golo
    “Who is Facebook friends with whom. Are you idiots reduced to that?”

    Being Facebook friends with a notorious antisemite and Holocaust denier, is pretty good evidence of bigotry. Shamir’s friends include Gilad Atzmon and the odious Lauren Booth.

  10. I am a digital “friends” ignorant but I guess that while I’d have a hard time to chose who my neighbours are, I have a choice of who “befriends” me on Facebook.

    If I am mistaken in that view I’d appreciate some education.

  11. Silke

    As far as I know if a person wants to be your “friend” on Facebook, s/he needs your agreement and confirmation.

  12. So, Mostly Mondoweiss, the best you can do is to label it “Hasbara” and call it a night?

    Oh, but I see that Philip Weiss, your mentor, is also friends with Shamir, so I guess I can understand your reluctance to confront the substance of our post.

  13. Eddie, there was an incident in Manchester, in the UK, shortly after the Holocaust denial conference, which made the national news.

    Jews surrounded the house of a Naturei Karta member who attended the conference and began pelting it with eggs and the police were summoned. I later found out that the family were denied service in all the local kosher shops and there was even a rumour that their rights to Jewish burial had been rescinded but couldn’t verify this.

    I remember thinking what a dreadful waste of eggs.

  14. SarahLeah, I heard of a similar protest against the neteuri karta scum that took place in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn.

    The word got out that a neteuri karta scumbag was staying in a hotel in Boro Park and a crowd gathered outside the hotel, protesting. The hotel issued a statement that they do not endorse the views of their customers. Eventually the neteuri karta scumbag left the hotel. I don’t know whether it was that night or later.

    Even the Satmar issued a statement denouncing neteuri karta after that “conference”. The picture of a neterui karta scumbag kissing the evil president of iran was too much.

  15. I read the article and it makes one puke. Objective?

    Wondering how long it will take jihadists to reach their first goal for Europe: making England an islamic republic. Can’t take too long anymore 😦