The Abu Rahma Hoax, pt. 3 (Does this Palestinian version of events in Bilin seem credible to you?)

H/T Elder of Ziyon

This map, from today’s issue of Ha’aretz, represents an aggregate of the most recent (various) Palestinian versions of events at last Friday’s violent protest in Bilin which, it is alleged, led to the death of Jawaher Abu Rahma. (See our posts on the incident, here, here and here.)

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According to this version, Abu Rahma was up to 180 meters away from the tear gas – fired, lets remember, outdoors – which, though not harming any of the protesters who were directly exposed to the chemical, still managed to cause her to collapse and eventually die.

According to the New York City Health Department:

“The effects of tear gas are usually only temporary. Symptoms typically go away within an hour after exposure stops. Effects on skin may take longer to improve….Prolonged exposure to tear gas or exposure to a particularly large amount, especially in an enclosed area, may lead to long-term eye problems (scarring, glaucoma, or cataracts) and may possibly cause breathing problems such as asthma.

The report continues:

The deadly effects of tear gas would only occur following exposure to a dosage several hundred times greater than the amount of tear gas typically used by law enforcement officials for crowd control.

Since Abu Rahma’s burial was undertaken via an accelerated procedure, no post-mortem was performed, and the medical records of her treatment were (to put it mildly) incomplete and contradictory, we’ll likely never know for sure what caused her death.

However, to note that the current Palestinian claims lack credibility is a profound understatement.

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  1. She did not die from tear gas exposure.

    I’m not so sure, probably the public never will know the exact cause of her death. The hoax is something else – even if she died as a consequence of tear gas inhalation – her death was obviously an unintended accident during a violent protest and not an intentional killing using illegal or not commonly accepted non-lethal crowd control methods as the acccusers try to convince the public.

  2. peter

    I think before we speculate whether she may have been the one-off never happened before teargas accident we should know where she was at the time of whatever befell her.

    up to now I have had 50 m, 100 m, 150 m, 180 m, 500 m, in the house, on the roof, somewhere and probably some others, that I have forgotten

    to accuse anybody of anything even if such basic facts have not been established is of course ridiculous and can only be done by committed hard-core slanderers.

    my favourite phantasy as of now is that she died and some Pallywooders decided that would be a great occasion, they had all their memes ready, persuaded the personnel at the hospital to be a bit sloppy with the paperwork and went all over the blogs asking accusatory questions.

    The only fact I know as per now, is that a woman has died too early (assuming that 36 is the correct age) and that that is a sad destiny (trauriges Schicksal) for her and those close to her.

  3. Silke

    Sadly during any human activity accidents happen especially during pretty violent demonstrations. Theoretically it is possible that if she was closer than 150 – 200m to the person who launched the tear-gas the canister hit her directly and caused a lethal injury. (not even alleged) The other possibility that in case of windy weather she inhaled a very small quantity of the tear-gas – much less than the persons in the center of the events and if she suffered from from one ore more of certain chronic conditions or allergy this small dose could have caused serious harm.

    One thing is clear:
    Either her tragic fate and the IDF activity in the area has no connection at all or if she died as a consequence of tear-gas inhalation then it happened due to the very improbable coincidence of different preconditions like her existing ilness and the direction and force of the wind.
    Her death simply has been exploited by the supporters of Palestinian terrorism and the event has been pumped up into a new Israeli war crime by well known liars like the “500 civilian dead in Jenin” Saeb Erakat and the Pallywood photoshop.