Note to UK Advertising Authority, “Palestine” doesn’t officially exist

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A few months ago, after one complaint, the Advertising Standards Authority banned the Israeli Tourist Office from advertising Israel’s most precious site, The Western Wall in Jerusalem, in adverts for Israel.

It was another example of how little the Israel-haters really care for the Palestinians because if Jerusalem suffers, the Palestinians suffer.

If people flock to Jerusalem they will spend money in the Palestinian businesses there.

Despite the facebook group Stop The UK Advertising Standards Authority creating an Israel Boycott with 7,345 members, many of whom complained to the ASA, the ban is in force.

It is unbelievable to think that Israel cannot advertise (see advert below) the most religious Jewish site in the world because the ASA has decided that The Western Wall is not a part of Israel.

Jerusalem is legally Israel and there is no scenario in which The Western Wall will not be a part of Israel.

People should not begrudge the Palestinians from advertising if it would contribute to sustained economic growth and encourage the Palestinian leaders to choose peace over violence and their desire to eradicate the Jewish state.

But if the ASA deems the ITO’s advert a misrepresentation then the same applies to the TravelPalestine advert in the National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine (top).

First, there is no land called “Palestine”. No where has this “land” ever officially been recognised. There is no binding United Nations Resolution that refers to “Palestine”.

Second, if Jerusalem isn’t a part of an existing country, Israel, then it certainly can’t be a part of a non-existent “land” called “Palestine”.

Third, “Palestine lies between the Mediterranean Coast and the Jordan River” is a complete denial of the Jewish state’s existence. This echoes the racist chant of “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free” sung by anti-Israel activists.

Finally, the biggest misrepresentation of all must be that “Palestine” offers “stylish accommodation” and “fabulous restaurants”, seeing that the media continuously tells us that Israel brutally occupies “Palestine”.

It is only right and proper to complain to the ASA that the advert fails to mention such a “brutal occupation” seeing that it is referred to time and again by such eminent organisations as the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Middle East Monitor and Muslim Public Affairs Committee etc.

Surely, these organisations wouldn’t be lying about the true state of affairs, would they?

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  1. ‘“Palestine lies between the Mediterranean Coast and the Jordan River”

    Strictly, that could merely mean ‘between’ i.e. not ‘comprises the entirety between’. And complaining it omits ‘brutal occupation’ is silly. They can choose to omit it if they wish.

    However, “Palestine has been a meeting point for diverse cultures since pre-historic times” can only refer to the wider geographical concept of ‘Palestine’, as used historically, chiefly in western scholarship or religion, which DOES encompass the territory of modern Israel. Ditto re. ‘Holy Land’ i.e. Terra Sancta, which is the origin of the term.

    It would be like the Israel tourist board using the term ‘land of Israel/eretz Yisroel, geographically and historically significant to all three Abrahamic faiths, even as Jerusalem, site of the temple, has been sacred to Jews for 3000 years, the site of the crucifixion and resurrection for Christians for 2000 years, and the ascent of Muhammed to heaven for nearly 1500 years’, which would encompass the territory of the Old City and Ha Bayit.

    Note ‘even as Jerusalem’ does not actually specify Jerusalem is in the territory of land of Israel, ancient or modern. A ridiculous subterfuge, but necessitated by the ridiculous ASA (unfortunately named).

    If they get away with it, I would suggest that the Israeli tourist board in the UK follow suit, in a similar style.

  2. I now really regret releasing Moody from solitary confinement in that barrel.

  3. ‘“Palestine lies between the Mediterranean Coast and the Jordan River”

    One could insist on being more specific e.g. ‘, on either side of the state of Israel’. That would probably be reasonable, given ASA’s ruling.

  4. I was being ironic about the lack of mention of the occupation. The advert just proves that any occupation isn’t as harsh as they all complain it is. Of course i don’t expect them to mention it in an advert though.

    The ASA are very strict and from the advert a tourist traveling to “Palestine” would expect to have easy access to the sea from there, which they wouldn’t.

  5. MoodyYahudi – did you complain that those who stopped Israel advertising the Western Wall were scraping the barrel?

  6. @richardmillet ‘The advert just proves that any occupation isn’t as harsh as they all complain it is.’

    Yeh, damn those complaining Palestinians, they should be grateful for being under the jackboot of the IOF.

  7. “Palestine offers stylish accommodation, fabulous restaurants, refined artists and galleries …”

    This poster must have the Guardianistas twisting in their chairs. What about the suffering, the check points, the blockades, the innumerable holocausts, …?

    “It takes a vist to this wonderful country …”


    Berchmans should write to ASA demanding that this ad be removed!

  8. mostly

    according to a recent one from Qaradawi once the Palestinians should have managed to get rid of Israelis they will be subjected to the rule of the “umma”

    If I had a choice I’d in all likelihood prefer an Israeli boot on the ground to Wahhabi batons everywhere.

  9. I wrote to the ASA regarding the ludicrous ban – a lot of good it did me. So I really hope this nonsense about Palestine is equally quickly banned. If it’s not, something, somewhere is very wrong.

    Moody Yahudi
    Some of us are bending over backwards to try to reverse the delegitimisation of Israel that is taking place. Your senseless little snipe shows that there is work to do among our own too.

  10. Mostly Modoweiss, how are the Palestinians fairing under the jackboot of Hamas? Not too good, from what I hear – especially if you’re a woman, gay, or a Christian (or even merely associated with Fatah). Your lack of outrage over the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood – whose very founding charter quotes from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to “prove” that the Jews are indeed trying to take over the world – makes a mockery of your claim to be progressive.

  11. Great Britain really has lost it. I can’t imagine that this once was a country of brave people fighting to set Europe free. The behaviour they show nowadays is the total opposite!

    Your grandparents are ashamed of you! People like this are a shame to their country. You disrespect the offerings brave soldiers made in WW2, you disrespect your own government, you make me sick 😦 No wonder so much bad things are happening to Great Britain at the moment … and there is more to come. Be aware, be ashamed, repent and get back to being the brave Britains again.

  12. moistly, even a lost soul like you has to admit that Palestinians, the most accomplished charity cases in the world, have complaining down to a fine art, particularly when they are forced to endure the consequences of their own behaviour.

    John, the UK dhimmiwitted leaders have lost it but I believe that the people are beginning to wake up. Given the recent statement by Jack Straw – and may G-d bless and protect him – placing the blame for the systematic grooming* of white under age youngsters for sex by British Pakistanis squarely where it lies, ie within a culture which treats its own women like chattels and therefore has no respect for women in general – the Islamolunatics can’t piss on his leg make him believe that it’s raining. I hope more MPs will follow his example.

    *see http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/crime/article2237940.ece. Note the date

    And Andrew Gilligan hits the nail squarely on the head at http://tinyurl.com/2uvxqoe (again, note the date)

    Somewhere in the comments btl is a list of similar incidences which never made the press. It indicates a pattern of behaviour.

  13. Yohoho
    I heard a lot of back-pedalling at the Today-Show (via podcast) because it seems Keith Vaz and Martin Narey have found a case or two where “white” boys did the same …

    Calling it a speciality of any group would be racist and by definition there is only one that can rightfully be accused of racism or racism equivalent behaviour and it definitely isn’t Muslims.

  14. Er, right, so Palestinians, sans inverted commas, exist, but Palestine doesn’t? Yeah, that makes sense.