Free Mossad Agent R65 Now!

When a tagged vulture from Tel Aviv University (code-named R65) strayed into rural Saudi Arabian territory at some point last week, residents told Saudi Arabia’s media that it seemed to be linked to a “Zionist plot” and alerted security services. The bird has since been placed under arrest. (Yes, really.)

The accusations went viral, according to Ha’aretz, with hundreds of posts on Arabic-language websites and forums claiming that the “Zionists” had trained the birds for espionage.

At first, I must admit, I was skeptical of the accusation.  But, coming on top of the Zionist shark attack that killed and maimed tourists on Egypt’s Red Sea, the notion that R65 is indeed an Israeli spy seems quite credible.

As such, I’d like to make a personal plea, on behalf of CiF Watch, to the Saudi government, on humanitarian grounds, to please free Mossad Agent R65, now.

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  1. Agent R65 seems to wear a monocle which to me suggests some kind of connection to the Brits.
    (Lord Peter Wimsey is said to have spied before he became a sleuth and he wears a monocle albeit in the other eye)

  2. I demand that the Red Cross – or even the Red Crescent – visit him and make sure he is being treated in accordance with international law, the Geneva Conventions. I hope PETA will organize a parade of beautiful women dressed only in a few feathers to draw attention to Mossad Agent R65’s plight.

    The Chief of Police from Dubai has requested permission to interrogate him (or her – the gender is still uncertain) as video in the hotel in Dubai identified Agent R65 during the assassination of that Hamas arms trader.

  3. It’s so absurd that we have to all laugh it off. However, once we step back for a minute and consider the paranoia and hatred of the Arab world towards Israel it is indeed sobering.

  4. Hoi Polloi, please, the vulture is enough trouble. Don’t insult the poor creature by comparing him with Gerald Kaufman.

  5. “Hoi Polloi, please, the vulture is enough trouble. Don’t insult the poor creature by comparing him with Gerald Kaufman.”

    I was struck by the irony: one vulture is a Mossad agent, the other is a Hamas agent.

  6. I know this isn’t a popular opinion but he knew what he was getting himself into and was ready to face the consequences if he got caught. He was repeatedly warned not to wear the skullcap. Everyone knows Jews aren’t allowed into Saudi Arabia but he argued that it didn’t apply to vultures. He’s an embarrassment to the rest of us.