Melanie Phillips, Raw and Uncut

Melanie Phillips, in this interview with the Israel Broadcasting Authority, does what she does best: Provide a brutally honest and penetrating analysis of the moral inversion at play in the debate over the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict as well as the broader issues relating to radical Islam’s war against the West.  Phillip’s latest book, The World Turned Upside Down, is simply required reading for those who seek to really understand the intellectual currents which rage beneath the surface of the most pressing conflicts of our time.

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  1. “You couldn’t make it up.”

    Coming from an individual who links to a website run by a truly demented anti-Semite that really is rather rich.

  2. Well done Mel! For too long the west has had its collective head messed with by Islamist/Leftist lies and lack of “clean” language and the too-eager inclination towards appeasement of western governments.

    Naming the dangers of Islamism, not only for Israel but for the world, clearly for what they are and so publicly means that they cannot now be unsaid and once people hear this they cannot unhear it except if, like our visitor above, they are determined to avoid reality. I am glad that the YouTube video is out there. I hope it will appeal to many people for whom shoals of pennies will drop and who will pressure governments not to sell us all out.


  3. ‘mostly harmless’
    “You couldn’t make it up.”

    I’ve just read your blog.
    Clearly you can make it up and do!

  4. “I am glad that the YouTube video is out there. I hope it will appeal to many people for whom shoals of pennies will drop and who will pressure governments not to sell us all out.”

    I hope so too, but won’t be holding my breath.

  5. A fantastic must-watch piece by one of Israel’s most articulate defenders. Mel is completely fearless.

    No wonder ‘mostly harmless’ is stamping his dainty feet in frustration. He’s probably over-tired poor little chap.

  6. Another fearless woman, determined to say it like it really is and in danger because of it – Elisabeth Sabaditsch Wolff.

    Her speech below illustrates how the madness Melanie speaks of is operationalised and facilitated in the West and has taken root because of governments’ inability and unwillingness to apprehend the true and real nature of what they are dealing with.

    Please circulate it far and wide

  7. cityca, as a psychologist I have learned about syncronicity. Life has a habit of presenting us with incidents which seem to be related but which are not.

    Since I first saw Melanie’s video I have been sent what I posted above and am in correspondence with a psychotherapist in a European country who was forced to resign his job because he wrote a paper which criticised the tendency of most of his Muslim clients not to accept responsibility for changing their lives or blame for what they did wrong – it was always someone else’s fault, and he located that tendency where he believed it belonged, within Islamic culture. I have read the paper. It is scholarly and measured.

    I have little doubt that these are chance, unrelated occurrences, but what if I am wrong? What if they are the beginning of a pattern which will initiate change?

  8. Mitnaged
    Thanks for that link. I hadn’t heard of Sabaditsch Wolff but she is a brave woman and worthy of our support.

    As to my comment, I am deeply concerned at the way the West, and this includes Israel, is sleep walking into acceptance of totalitarianism. Your psychotherapist reference, the hounding of Wilders, the trial of Sabaditsch Wolff, are all pointers to the way we appear to be going, by way of a mainly unelected body, the EU.

    The left and their Islamist inspiration is closing down debate and ensuring former freedoms no longer exist. At the same time, you are correct, heads are popping up above the parapet and firing back, not least the Friends of Israel initiative set up last year by Aznar and other prominent politicos. Tony Blair’s recent speeches have followed the same route, and it’s possible that Iran poses such a threat to even the Arab states, that former enemies may have to become colleagues to stem that threat.

    We are fighting an Islamist and left wing takeover of the entire Western world, from the west coast of the US to the border of Greece and down through Israel. It is the third world war but it has not been formally declared.

    Israel has, exactly as Melanie Philips points out, done the most appalling and complacent job with respect to Hasbara. Israel has allowed the Arabs and the left to dictate the battlefield and they have won every battle so far.

    I can only hope that just as during the second world war, a leader like Churchill will emerge, who will arrest the slide and help us to fight back and win against the forces of totalitarianism.

    The sheer acceptance of the status quo by the majority of our populations is terrifying.They’d all rather watch to Simply come dancing or the X factor, rather than see what is happening around them and start to fight back.

    Lets hope your thoughts on synchronicity are correct. We need an inspirational leader to emerge and soon.

  9. cityca, it’s a hope, only. I can easily identify with your concerns.

    I base my thinking on a seminal model of the change process developed by Prochaska and DiClemente in 1982, which says that it happens in stages and by way of an interplay between external stimuli and internal triggers in the person. The stages are

    precontemplation (in which the person is passive, may be troubled but not sufficiently informed that the changes need to be made);

    contemplation (in which the person may be open to timely messages or advice about the benefits of changing);

    determination stage (where the person is on the cusp of changing or moving in that direction and here again correct information can push him/her into taking the actual steps);

    and finally the maintenance stage (where the lived experience of the change has become internalised and the change becomes lived experience).

    This is an individual model but it can be informative when we examine groups.

    There needs to be a massive change in its pluralistic, inclusive mindset for the West to be able to deal with the threats we both describe. It needs to drag itself away from settling for a quiet life and divest itself of all its assumptions that if it accommodates Islamist demands then its people will be left in peace.

    In terms of the model above, I believe that the West, where it is at all aware, is poised between precontemplation and contemplation phases as regards the dangers it faces from Islamism. What is woefully lacking is the systematic dissemination of the information that there IS a danger, and the regular, timely messages which will drive home what is going on, and which will, if people like us can put them out there, will eventually push our societies into the determination stage.

    The determination stage is, I believe, where our troubles will really begin because Islamism will resist the threat to its supremacy, and much depends upon how we cope with that resistance. It will also take a long time because Western governments have let this ride for so long.

    If our society manages to maintain its reasoned, informed attitude to Islamism (by which I mean holding it accountable for everything it does and resisting being bullied into submission by it) our children may be able to hope for free and peaceful lives.

    Bear in mind, however, that Islamism will not cave in quietly – it will continue to push the boundaries until it is firmly kept in check.

  10. cityca, like Mitnaged I can identify with your concerns, but I believe that the solutions to them lie within ourselves. Of course it’d be great if we had a Maccabee to inspire us but we don’t!

    I believe that our major handicap is that we are unable to get as down and dirty as the opposition, but we couldn’t do that either without losing something.

  11. Mitnaged
    Interesting sequence – precontemplation – contemplation – determination – maintenance.

    In connection with that, I always believed that after the 2nd Intifada, which was virtually ignored by the msm, if there was a terror attack in the UK, the public would come to understand just what Israel was dealing with.

    Then came 7/7, when bombs were set off in the London underground and on a bus. Many were killed – even more were horribly injured and as I write, there is an enquiry into the events of that day, yet the msm and the public have not managed to put the two together and concluded that we are in deep trouble, just as Israel is.

    Could it be that we are still mentally processing the facts of 7/7 and are at the precontemplation or contemplation stage at the moment?

    Yet almost regularly, the security services in the UK uncover new and more horrible terror plots, every traveller going through an airport endures the draconian security measures in place ONLY because of Islamic terrorism and to cap it all, a number of Pakistani origin men have just been convicted of sexually preying on young, troubled teenage girls.

    When are we going to wake up?

    Perhaps the solutions do lie within ourselves, but I believe we need someone behind whom we can rally.

    As to getting down and dirty, it seems only the enemy are ‘permitted’ to do that – the poor dears can’t help themselves, whereas we are expected to have a higher standard. So they can act in the most brutal fashion, but we have to behave like gentlemen. And when we do, we are still called liars by the msm, the left and Islamist fellow travellers.

  12. cityca, my post about the stages of change was necessarily very simplistic – as my colleagues and family know, I could go on and on (and regularly do!).

    Many of us are still processing the shock of 7/7, myself among them, because I was very nearly involved in one of the explosions. I was delayed by a phone call at home and by the time I had finished, all the transport networks into and out of London had been shut down. Had I left on time, you might never have heard of me :~)). Later still I worked with the effects on the emergency services and with the bereaved and the survivors and their families.

    Perhaps we are at the precontemplation stage of dealing with the Islamist threat: we are aware of the discomfort it causes us and more and more of us are becoming resistant to the “Islam means peace” message. However, in order to make changes, the person needs to have a sense of agency and power. We are equally aware that we have very little, thanks to our respective governments’ apparently incapability to confront this head on and Jewish people’s interests having been sold out by the the likes of the BoD.

    Thankfully, Islamists in the UK and elsewhere literally don’t know when to stop taking advantage and they up the ante of entitlement in their uniquely belligerent way. The model change I posited above doesn’t apply to them – it is situated from within the western perspective. Islamists don’t see the need for change anyway, particularly not when they are getting what they want by being thoroughly barbarian. However, they lack the insight to quit while they are ahead, so to speak, or to realise that every Islamist insult and incident of violence, every encroachment or criticism of us which makes the press adds to our awareness that something must be done.

    It’ll be a slow process but that will push us into the contemplation stage, and as you know people are already speaking out and naming their discomfort in spite of attempts to silence them by the sort of legislation that Elisabeth Sabbaditsch Wolff and Geert Wilders have fallen foul of.

    The role of CiF Watch and other blogs is to make people aware that there is a danger.

  13. Mitnaged
    I think we are both on the same page, especially in respect of Jewish community leadership, the entitlement and beligerency and inability to know when to quit of Islamists.

    I also agree that it will be a slow process and I hope we have not left it too late to turn back the tide.

    Thank goodness we do have blogs such as CIF Watch or I suspect the pressure build up would be unbearable.