Seumas Milne’s 12 minutes of hate, and the anti-Imperialism of fools

What happens when you bring together Guardian Associate Editor, Seumas Milne, Hamas supporter Tariq Ali, and all-purpose anti-Israel activist (and recent CiF columnist) Jody McIntyre – with a video introduction by anti-Semitic hip hop artist, and 9/11 truther, Lowkey – at an event called “What is Imperialism?”

You catch a glimpse into the Guardian’s world view.

While the presentations varied according to the “expertise” of the speaker, the hundreds of people who jammed into the University of London Union were united under one core belief: That the U.S., the UK, and Israel represent the greatest forces of oppression in the world today, and that terrorists – whether they operate in Kabul, Baghdad, or Gaza City – can reasonably be seen as legitimate “resistance” movements.

You can see an overall summary of the event (which was kindly promoted by the youth publication of Christian Aid) at McIntyre’sĀ  blog, but I urge you to watch Milne’s speech in its entirety as it serves to illustrate the ideological orientation which informs the anti-Zionism he, and the newspaper he works for, is so adept at promoting.

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  1. I look forward to Mr. Milne standing in a by-election spouting the views he proclaims with such certainty in this video. Of course when he gets the derisory vote he so richly deserves that will be due to the electorate being brainwashed by Zionist/Imperialist propaganda, not due to the fact that he is spouting a load of twaddle! That is only fit for the coalition of cretins that make up the extreme left and Islamist apologists in the UK.

  2. I could only bear to watch a few minutes of his rubbish, but if Milne is an associate editor of the Guardian, it speaks volumes about what the Guardian must stand for.

    I can’t imagine what working in the same office as him must be like.

  3. Inform companies that advertise in Der Guardian that their support of that racist, socialist, jihadi rag results in boycotts of their company.

  4. What a bunch of cognitive nihilists!

    Running dogs lackey of the liberal left disorientation, and, in all fairness, it must be said, each probably short a few planks of a sound platform.

  5. The exquisite irony of a wealthy public schoolboy and Oxbridge graduate who was a strong supporter of the late Soviet Union and its imperialist designs on Europe railing against so-called Western Imperialism.


  6. 11 minutes and 59 seconds of St. Seumas? And you are seriously recommending it to live and (mostly) innocent people? Shame on ya šŸ˜‰

    OyVaGoy: “Why is it that antisemites always seem so disappointed, bitter and inadequate?”

    Think compensation of natural deficiencies…