462 Guardian readers agree: The pro-Israel lobby is a threat to free speech

Alan Dershowitz’s Jan. 13th CiF column on the use of the term “blood libel” in American political discourse – beyond its usage in the context of the “theologically based false accusations against the Jewish people” –  produced an avalanche of hostile comments.

In the essay, Dershowitz defended the use of the term, arguing that, “no ethnic or religious group should claim ownership of language that might silence free speech.”

The following comment by ArseneKnows, received 462 “Recommends.”

My guess is that the irony of complaining about the pro-Israel lobby stifling free speech, while freely posting such an accusation in a paper read by millions of readers, was somehow lost on him.

Beyond that, its almost comical to argue that the pro-Israel lobby silences criticism of Israel in the very newspaper that habitually publishes the most incendiary and unhinged attacks on the Jewish state.

If the Israel lobby indeed attempts to stifle criticism of Israel, then even the most cursory review of the Western and non-Western media (not to mention International bodies such as the UN and UNHRC) – where vitriol directed towards Israel is simply legion – would  suggest that “the lobby” is doing a simply horrible job at achieving that objective.

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  1. ‘ArseneKnows’, eh? I’ve never been more tempted to become a Spurs fan.

    Before ‘ArseneKnows’ tries to make more daft statements about use of language, perhaps she/he could learn how write coherent sentences?

  2. OyVaGoy, One of the privileges of my job is that I can edit my own comments on these threads when I make spelling or grammatical mistakes (which is quite often!).

  3. Arsene knows..mmm…

    Could he support Arsenal because of their hisssings when they meet the Spurs, as in attempting to produce the sound of gas?

  4. Isn’t it funny that the anti-Israel pro-islamist lobby, of which Der Guardian is a proud member, practices CENSORSHIP of counter Der Guardian commentary, while it simultaneously claims to champion “Free Speech”.

  5. I saw with one eye that a debate is going on how to translate blood libel into German. I just googled because I couldn’t think of it off hand also. Wikipedia suggests RitualMord = ritual murder and that is not bad, given that even before the 3rd Reich Germany had all through the centuries a “fair” share of those accusations happening.

  6. The Recommends on Arseknows have now gone up to 574,press the abuse button and let Der Guardian know what you think of them.

  7. Oh dear, looks like that Arseknows has rumbled us Jews. Does he have a mole at our protocols or something… *sigh*

    These people would be boring if they weren’t so absurd… Nope. Can’t quite manage absurd. Any takers on idiotic?