Breaking News: Israeli vulture accused of spying cleared of all charges!

You may recall our previous story about a vulture from Tel Aviv University (code-named R65), which strayed into rural Saudi Arabian territory at some point last week.  After residents told Saudi Arabia’s media and security services that it seemed to be linked to a “Zionist plot” the bird was placed under arrest on suspicion of spying.

Well, CiF Watch has now confirmed that R65 has been cleared of all charges and will be returned to Israel soon! (No, this isn’t satire.)

CiF Watch would like to thank all of our readers – especially those from the Avian community – who heeded our request and contacted Saudi authorities to plead for R65’s release.

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  1. any think that comes from the zioninst are bad, in fact its as bad as any thing that comes from the Nazis, somthing u are very familiar with, u have history of not only using humans but also animals and birds to carry your nazi style plots.