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Gaza flotilla “Peace Activist” Ken O’Keefe speculates on whether Jews as a group are a threat to human decency

Our good friend Chas Newkey-Burden at OyVaGoy has posted a video that is simply chilling.

The clip is taken from a PressTV interview with Ken O’Keefe – one of the “activists” on board the MV Mavi Marmara in late May.

Most of those who attacked IDF forces that day belong to Islamist terrorist organizations, and the American born O’Keefe is no exception – having been identified by the IDF as a Hamas Operative.

With all we know about the flotilla participants’ known terrorist affiliations, those who persist in referring to them as “peace activists” (or “progressives”) are engaged in the kind of Orwellian double-think that Natan Sharansky referred to in his memoirs when characterizing his fellow countrymen who actually believed the Soviet propaganda being fed to them.

Such people, noted Sharansky, excelled at being able to hold, and reconcile, two diametrically opposed ideas in their head at the same time without the slightest cognitive dissonance.

Note the nod of agreement from the PressTV interviewer as O’Keefe “speculates” on whether Jews are indeed a threat to everything that’s good and decent in the world.

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  1. Ariadne –
    It seems that I am the only person here not dodging the issues. The problem starts when politicians use scare tactics to deflect the population away from thinking about the real issues in order to avoid the criticism they deserve.

  2. MTC, you are describing problems, except for the military service you see as a problem, that are common to the developed world.

    None of the other countries are at the same kind of risk as Israel is.

    Maybe you can shut your eyes to the hate to be seen on the street in London. Why do you want to capitulate to it?

    It is tragic to me that loyal Israelis have to devote those years to military service. But how would you see Israel surviving without a defence force?

  3. MindTheCrap

    “Great article by Merav Michaeli in Ha’aretz”

    You just dropped about 50% in my estimation.

    Sure. The Israeli proletariat is just waiting to storm the Knesset, throw out the aristocrats and strongmen, and turn Israel into a Bolshevik one-state paradise, preferably Islamist.

    Michaeli wrote one of the most foolish articles I’ve seen in Ha’aretz – and that is saying a lot – and you actually believe her?

  4. Ariadne:
    You mean Israel cannot maintain a decent education system because it is “at risk” ? It managed to do so for over 40 years even when it was a greater risk.

  5. AKUS:
    You miss the point. Strip away the rhetoric and look at the conclusion – NGOs exist in a vacuum created by government inaction. An NGO that assists an underprivileged sector of society would not exist if the govt were to accept its moral responsibility and provide the assistance. Similarly the Israeli NGOs operating in the West Bank would probably not exist if the govt would simply enforce its own laws there.

  6. Ariadne:

    “MTC, you are describing problems, ….. that are common to the developed world.”

    followed by:

    “None of the other countries are at the same kind of risk as Israel is.”

    Make up your mind !

  7. Ariadne:
    “It is tragic to me that loyal Israelis have to devote those years to military service. But how would you see Israel surviving without a defence force?”

    Yes that the point ! How will Israel survive if an ever increasing number of its citizens (Orthodox) exempt themselves from military service ?

  8. MTC
    how often do YOU have to read somebody to decide that he is an impostor – his posing as a connoisseur on Brecht has convinced me that he is a trickster, what I’d call in German a Hochstapler – i.e. not the kind of guy I waste time on

    or more precisely he doesn’t heed facts he makes up facts to make his point – let him go on getting revered by the ignorant and/or the gullible

  9. Well, the Orthodox you mean are far too internal a problem for me to comment on. But what are the figures for those who avoid military service, either for religious or other reasons? And isn’t there a possibility of doing something other than fight? And what about the external hate whipped up by people who really want to see an end to Israel? Apart from those depicted and quoted on MEMRI who are much closer to home.

  10. Ariadne:

    “Well, the Orthodox you mean are far too internal a problem for me to comment on. ”

    So why have you been replying to my comments, all of which referred to “internal problems” ? I bet you don’t know anything about the education system problems either.

  11. Ariadne:

    “You make causal links that don’t exist.”

    No, Meirav Michaeli makes the links — and she is familiar with Israel’s “internal problems” which you admit you don’t know anything about.

  12. Ariadne:

    “Stop confabulating!”

    Are you saying that the two statements you made are not contradictory ? If so, please explain why not .

  13. MTC, this is getting ridiculous. Problems exist in developed countries in all those areas you mention except for those related to military service since conscription or semi- or kind-of or partial conscription does not exist in those other countries.

    Neither are those other countries embedded in lots of enemy states and a hostile “Authority” which intends Israel’s demise, only later.

    And I know there are two peace treaties.

  14. @ MindTheCrap

    It’s not permanent. I can kick the habit (he says, furiously scratching his arm …). Perhaps it’s out of bordeom – and the (proportionately, natch) far fewer loonies over at the other place.

  15. Ariadne:

    So if these same problems exist in all developed countries which are not subject to these “risks”, then it is obvious that the problem is independent of the “risks”. You forget that the international rankings for Israeli schools were near the top when the country was small and poor but began to free-fall as the country became increasingly affluent (Israel is now ranked near the bottom). Don’t you think there is a paradox here ? Or to phrase it differently – how will Israel maintain its technological advantage over its enemies if it allows its educational system to drastically deteriorate ?

  16. MTC at 8:01

    thanks for the compliment and you are the perfect “ambassador” to garner support and admiration for your country.

    Winston Churchill was very much in disfavour of people who didn’t know where to draw the line between love of country and sucking up to foreigners.

  17. MTC
    one question:

    since you seem to be such a devoted reader of Haaretz I am sure you can tell me, what is the latest on Uri Blau.

    Thank you!

  18. Keep talking enemies, MTC. You make more sense that way. And look at what has happened to Britain over the last few decades.

    It has occurred to me that Britain would be better off poor again but no-one agrees with me on that.

    Do you think Israel should be a Jewish state?

  19. Ariadne:

    Is this simple question too difficult for you ?

    how will Israel maintain its technological advantage over its enemies if it allows its educational system to drastically deteriorate ?

  20. Pretzel:

    “and the (proportionately, natch) far fewer loonies over at the other place”

    I disagree – there are far more, but at least it is possible to maintain some sort of semi-intelligent discussion with many of them …..

    Do YOU think that Israel should be a Jewish State ?

  21. Ariadne:

    I think that Israel should be a democratic state that does not discriminate against any group or minority, a state where individual freedoms are respected and a state where everyone shares the burden equally.

    Listening to the pronouncements of the current religious leaders, I would have to say that’s not very Jewish, as democracy, equality and freedom are apparently not Jewish values.

  22. I’m at a loss as to what the majority of comments & debate on this thread have to do with the video I just listened too? It seems the thread was hi jacked along the way to some higher plane? I cannot discuss internal problems in Israel & do not comment on them on this site…..I will say that Mr. O’Keefe doth protest too much and would be no less hateful if IsraelI government were behaving any differently.

    To MTC:

    I do take exception to one comment you have made on general principle, to paraphrase you an NGO would not exist if an underserviced sector of society was being serviced by the government……I think not— there will always be needs not fully addressed by governments and if there isn’t, someone will invent one! and there will always be groups who feel the service they receive from the government is not sufficient and create NGO’s(charities?) to fill the gaps. Your attitude is too optimistic for me…. for better or for worser representative governments assign resources based on who has the most power,votes or make the most noise, unless of of course, it is a totalitarian regime.

  23. MTC, now I’m beginning to feel sorry for you.

    Nowhere is perfect. Britain certainly doesn’t fit your description. Have you seen the Elder of Ziyon’s maps?

  24. Jane Shlitz:

    I agreed above that voluntary organisations will always exist. But that’s not the point – the article that I quoted said that Israel has the highest per capita number of NGOs in the world and the question is why. The hypothesis is that NGOs are created where a vacuum exists and as a govt abandons traditional roles (i.e. privatisation + budget cuts) . Nobody argues with the fact that successive govts in Israel have followed this path and that many NGOs/charities have moved in to fill the void.

    The question whether this hypothesis applies to the NGOs operating in the West Bank. The author’s contention (which I agree with) is that there is a vacuum in the WB, or as I stated above, if the govt were to enforce its own laws in the WB then these NGOs would be unnecessary. But the govt doesn’t want to enforce its own laws and it doesn’t want the NGOs either so it is resorting to intimidation.

  25. NGOs also prefer to come into being in areas where there is a lot of hope that meddlers might pony up.

    I wonder if you’d be so enthusiastic about them if you’d read be able to read the pontifications their German donors throw at Israel.

    i.e. the former perpetrators aiming at acting as probation officers for the former victims …

  26. MTC…..
    In summary, your position(or the heart of the matter from your perspective) is that if Israel appropriated adequate resources to the West Bank, there would be less NGO’s…..less of a vacuum so to speak?(not sure how that relates to the laws of physics, do vacuums come in sizes—meant lightheartedly)

    Hard to assess…..there may be outside forces relating to this NGO frenzy, which Silke seems to be alluding too….afterall, nothing operates in a vacuum.(sorry for appropriating the word, I couldn’t resist)….

  27. MTC

    When you suggested as a serious piece the article of M. Michaeli I tought that you simply had a bad day. Now that you did the same with Levy’s laughable, recklessly stupid and ignorant drivel about “Barak’s treachery” I tend to believe that you are not minding anything else only the stuff mentioned in your moniker.

    Let me repeat the words of an other poster on an other site:

    All one needs to know about Gideon Levy is that he considers “Kadimah” to be part of the “ultra-nationalist right.” I guess that’s the way things look from someone as far on the loony fringe of the loony left as GL. His ilk has driven countless former leftists rightward.

  28. @ MindTheCrap

    I disagree – there are far more

    Hence my “proportionately” qualifier.

    but at least it is possible to maintain some sort of semi-intelligent discussion with many of them …..