What the Guardian won’t report: Official Palestinian newspaper accuses Israel of seeking the destruction of humanity

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, of Palestinian Media Watch, highlighted an article which appeared in an official Palestinian Authority newspaper which described Israel this way:

Israel is a country –

“whose aim is destruction and ruin of humanity”
“which disseminates destruction, ruin and weapons in the world”
“which acts to kill nations, to threaten them and to occupy their land”
“which acts to disseminate the culture of hatred & racism among humans”

The article also denied the legitimacy of Israel’s existence when it labeled the Israeli Carmel Mountains “the occupied Palestinian Carmel Mountains.”

Oh yeah, and this article appeared in the sports section of the official PA daily!

So, what we have here is: Hatred? Racism? Intransigence? An impediment to peace?

Banish such thoughts!

It obviously must have something to do with the “settlements.”

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  1. The Guardian – goodthinkful progressives making common cause with anti-semitic, genocidal nutjobs anywhere and everywhere round the world.

  2. Richard,

    Are you suggesting that the example you brought is the opinion of the Haaretz journalist?
    Haaretz editor?
    The Israeli cabinet?

    on the other hand, the Director General of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s office, Abd Al-Rahim, is most certainly behind the attached article:

    “According to Abd Al-Rahim, Israel has orchestrated all of the following major destructive events in the Arab world:

    1- the civil war in Lebanon
    2- the division of Sudan
    3- the civil strife in Yemen
    4- the massacre of Christians in Iraq
    5- the persecution of Palestinians in Iraq”…

    I assume you see nothing wrong with these statements?

    And the writer of the article in Al Hayat al Jadida’s sport section most certainly sees the world exactly as he portrays it in the examples given by Adam.

    Further more I’d like to draw your attention to the way that writer which writes for an official PA paper:

    “Israel – whose preparations for destruction and war we hear about daily – is now unable to protect nature, which belongs to [all] mankind. ”

    What this writer fails to see or chooses to ignore is the oxymoron in his sentence.

    Israel’s preperations for war are down to the constant threats it had to deal with since before the 20th century.
    The destruction he is talking about is the destruction Israel’s enemies are attempting to inflict on it rather than the destruction Israel is “attempting” to inflict its foes.

    Yet the writer have us believe that it is Israel’s sole fault that our nature has been hurt as a result rather than pointing to the circle of violance which all parties share responsability rather than just Israel.

    Care to show me which Israeli writer in an official paper shares his views which are equal to those distortions?