Macy Gray Rocks! (Updated Jan. 23)

For once, we have some good news to report: despite pressure exerted by the BDS movement on Macy Gray to cancel her concert performances in Israel in three weeks, Macy Gray has decided that she is still going to go. Challah Hu Akbar has the scoop.

In the meantime, enjoy a classic from Macy Gray and if you’re on Facebook be sure to click the “like” button on her fan page.

I can’t help wondering… with Georgina Henry’s obsession with all things bad Israel, will Guardian readers ever find out about this?

Update: Jan. 23

Per Elder of Ziyon: Macy Gray replied to a recent critic of her decision to perform in Israel.  The commenter tweeted the following:

@MacyGrayslife supports aparthied….and entertains the muderous IDF…BDS..boycott this lover of filthy israeli lucre…..#boycott

In response, Gray Tweeted:

@bahebakyagaza See I’m willing to listen – really listen – but some of you so called boycotters are just assholes.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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  1. Why the celebration of a woman who called Israel a “disgusting” and “apartheid” state? Why should we go and “Like” her page?

    The whole thing was a patronising publicity stunt.

  2. @oyvagoy

    This was my tweet to Macy Gray last night

    .@macygrayslife Even though we disagree with your characterization of the conflict, you rock for standing up to BDS!

    I sincerely hope that when she goes to Israel she will see a whole new side and saying no to BDS is a first step in the right direction however wrongheaded her comments on the conflict were.

  3. @oyvagoy

    Here’s what I posted over at your blog

    I think in the case of Macy Gray she used those words with no thought as to the meaning and implication. Of course this needs to be challenged however I view her rejection of BDS as a step in the direction of the repudiation of her words as I hope that being in Israel will give her an opportunity to see Israel for what it is.

  4. “I think in the case of Macy Gray she used those words with no thought as to the meaning and implication.”

    Her and her PR team are far, far cannier than you are giving them credit for. I’ve been in the thick of celebrity writing for the best part of 15 years. Trust me, they’re ‘playing’ us.

    I repeat what I said in the final paragraph of my post on my blog. Please everyone consider what message our response to these incidents sends out. If our response communicates that despite her slandering Israel, we are just grateful she’s visiting (again), we send out the message that there is indeed something terrible about Israel.

    We should be proud of what a great country it is, and behave accordingly.

  5. I don’t like her for playing in Israel, maybe she just needs the money. But I love her for what she said about Israel. Ah well no-one’s happy – sounds like a good deal.


    The post, published three days ago, received hundreds of comments, some calling on her to call off the gigs and others, from Israeli fans, asking her not to. In agreeing to perform in Israel she has joined the ranks of Elton John, Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart who ignored calls to cancel their Israel gigs.

    This will be Gray’s fourth visit to Israel. The show’s production company said in response that they were aware of the letters Gray had been receiving and that the first concert had already been sold out.

  7. I think this is the link you wanted, Peter:,7340,L-4016881,00.html

    It appeared that Gray was taken aback by the aggressive tone of some of the posts. In response to a poster claiming to be “passionately Palestinian” she wrote: “See I’m willing to listen – really listen – but some of you so called boycotters are just assholes.”

    I cannot help but feel dear old ‘Armless falls into this category, either.

  8. How can anyone hate a country as much as the mostly negative one hates Israel? I don’t even hate Pakistan or Saudi Arabia though I probably wouldn’t survive for very long in either. On the other hand mostly negative could probably live out his natural span in Israel.

    It leads one to the thought that what mostly negative hates is not the country but the people who live in it.

    Which leads one to the thought of Article 12 of the Fatah “constitution”.