CiF Watch Expose: The GUARDIAN PAPERS (Editorial meeting on “The Jewish Question”)

These exclusive Guardian Papers, which CiF Watch has obtained, are the minutes from editorial meetings held at Guardian headquarters.  Today’s installment: “The Jewish Question.

Next to be released in our Guardian Papers series:

“On the question of whether Hamas’ recent charm offensive is a sign that the Muslim Brotherhood is going wobbly on Zionism.”

Here’s a sneak preview of a photo which Seumas Milne presented at the meeting to make his case:

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  1. These attempts at ‘satire’ are pretty pathetic, I think, unnecessary and unhelpful.

    They look too much like wish fulfilment.

  2. thank you
    I think attempts at satire are very useful especially when the real situation is beyond satire it reboots the little grey cells very effectively.

  3. Satire tells the truth in an oblique and sometimes deeper way.

    The tuth is that the Guardian is utterly obsessive in its anti-Israel stance to the point it is outraged that the PA might consider compromises for peace.

    The Guardian wants hostilities to go on for ever so it can carry on its hate campaign. So much for its “liberal” compassion.

  4. The Guardian wants hostilities to go on for ever so it can carry on its hate campaign

    There is nothing more exciting and beautiful for these Western upper middle class progressive liberal heroes than to sit in their well conditioned study in complete security and fight for the world proletariat to the last drop of blood of everybody else.

  5. Very good.

    And about as authentic as the Pally papers. from which the Guardian seems now to be distancing itself and leaving Al Jazeera to carry the blame.

  6. Heil Guardian! And Happy Holocaust Day to Rusbridger.

    Der Stuermer and Goebbels respectively of our times.