Palestine Papers piece inspires 842 Guardian readers to agree that Israel is a uniquely “Evil” nation

The Guardian Palestine Papers’ article “Papers reveal how Palestinian leaders gave up fight over refugees” elicited this reader comment:

This comment – which still hasn’t been deleted – is one more example of the hate which hate produces.

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  1. In fairness, Adam, the comment doesn’t say “uniquely” evil, but “simply and uncontroversially” evil.

    As mendacious as the first version and almost as nasty–but still, slightly less revolting than “uniquely” evil.

  2. Full marks for the Guardian

    Even the French realise that the Guardian’s hostility to Israel is unparalled in Europe. Luc Rosenzweig writes in the influencial French blog “Causeur” that :

    “the Guardian is the most viscerally anti-Israel newspaper published outside the Arab-Muslim world”.

    Surely this statement must mean something coming from France where the media is pretty hostile to Israel too. But the Guardian seems to surpass everybody.

  3. My comment referencing the large number of really bad things that futrure generations would look back at in horror was, of course, deleted. Congo, Darfur, Armenia, Bosnia, the Holocaust, etc. rather than the I/P conflict.

    Probably because I referred to the UNRWA pampering of the Arabs, and how the world would look back in amazement that the West was prepared to keep on doing it for so long, not the “suffering” of the WB Arabs and Gazans, with whom many other Arabs would gladly swap places – on the WB, at least.

    Just look at the riots over food Egypt.