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How low will they go? Guardian publishes cartoon by notorious anti-Semite, Carlos Latuff

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Today’s Guardian “Palestine Papers” update included the following illustration by one of the most prolific anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic cartoonists, Carlos Latuff – depicting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as a sinister looking (gun wielding) Orthodox Jew.  (The Guardian casually referred to Latuff as “a Brazilian based cartoonist.”)

As I noted previously (in a piece for the JCPA, as well as a guest post for Elder of Ziyon), Latuff is a Brazilian political “activist” and cartoonist with an impressively large portfolio of work – much of which openly express anti-Semitic themes. Some of his caricatures seem to suggest that Israel is a unique and immutable evil in the world.  His work includes imagery frequently suggesting a moral equivalence between Israel and Nazi Germany – and he has explicitly acknowledged that this is indeed his political view.

Latuff’s work has been posted on various radical left websites and blogs, as well as several terrorist affiliated websites such as ‘The Islamic Front for the Iraqi Resistance’ (JAMI) magazine. Norman Finkelstein’s official website has also featured Latuff cartoons. As I noted in my Elder of Ziyon post, a blogger at the site, Mondoweiss, made use of one of Latuff’s cartoons during the flotilla incident. (Scroll down to bottom to see link to Latuff‘s cartoon)

Latuff’s notoriety includes his participation in the 2006 Iranian International Holocaust Cartoon Competition – for his cartoon comparing the Israeli West Bank security barrier with the Nazi concentration camps. Latuff placed second in the contest.

In their 2003 Annual Report, the Stephen Roth Institute compared Latuff’s cartoons of Ariel Sharon to the antisemitic caricatures of Philipp Rupprecht in Julius Streicher’s Der Stürmer.

Even the Guardian’s Ian Black noted that Latuff was among those cartoonists “drawing, without inhibition, on judeophobic stereotypes in the service of the anti-globalisation movement.

Latuff also has employed racist themes in service of his critiques of President Barack Obama.

Here is some of Latuff’s work:

The Latuff cartoon above, showing Sharon kissing Hitler, appeared on the (Washington) DC Indymedia site.

The above Latuff cartoon was published by Indymedia on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The above is yet another Latuff cartoon on Indymedia.  It makes sure there is no doubt that the Jewish state has morphed into the new Nazi Germany by showing the tracks of the Israeli tank shaped like swastikas.

The cartoon above by Latuff, depicting former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert cradling a dead Palestinian baby, was published on Indymedia. It suggests that not only do Israeli leaders intentionally kill Palestinian children, but also that such child murder is popular among the Israeli public and helps Israeli politicians get elected.

Another cartoon, comparing Zionism to the Ku Klux Klan, made reference to another anti-Semitic cartoon which was posted at the blog Daily Kos but subsequently removed by editors of the site.

And, finally, an Israel so evil as to douse gas on a burning Lebanese child.

Their decision to employ the services of an extremist such as Latuff is a reminder that the most important story pertaining to the “Palestine Papers” is not the contents of the documents as much as it is the lengths the Guardian is willing to go in service of their viscous anti-Zionist agenda.

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  1. The Guardian never fails to plumb new depths.

    I suppose Abbas should be grateful he wasn’t depicted eating Arab babies.

  2. as best I know Lars Vilks is not part of the Danish group. He is Swedish and insists on free speech by himself.

  3. The last cartoon depicts a Lebanese child, not a Palestinian child. Presumably a reference to the 2006 war.

  4. That is a step too far — can’t the Guardian be stopped? Can’t someone get the lawyers on to them? Surely there’s a clear cut case for anti Semtism and incitement in these disgusting cartoons. I don’t live in UK,so I don’t know, but can’t you organize within the community to stop these disgusting pictures, which clearly mock the Holocaust and encourage and normalize criticism of Israel and the Jewish people.

    These should be banned and the ‘artists’ too, as soon as possible.

  5. Hey!

    I stand with Latuff! I stand for FREE SPEECH!
    So, that makes me an I’m an ANTI-SEMITE, too!

    Patrick Henry

  6. I doubt if the secular Sharon ever wore sidelocks or a daily fringe garment in his entire life. The Latuff illustration reeks of the most vile of medieval anti-Semitism, apparently now applied by the strange Islamo-leftist alliance to any Jew who dares to defend himself.

  7. Bonnie Patrick Henry

    I stand with Latuff!… So, that makes me an I’m an ANTI-SEMITE, too!

    If you stand with Latuff then no need to make you an antisemite you are already a proud cardcarrying bigot Jewhater.


    Wow. When its anti-Arab/Muslim cartoons then its all about freedom of speech. Bit precious aren’t we?

    Are we? Anyway this is better than to be so dumb that not to see the difference. The cartoons you are speaking about are not anti-Arab even not anti-Muslim. They only mirror the reality that the huge majority of present days terror attacks, mass killing of civilians and vile abuse of human rights have been perpetrated in the name of the Muslim religion. Latuff’s dirt has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with vile incitement against Jews motivated by his racist worldview. But I acknowledge that this distinction is well over of the intellectual ability of your kind.

    james ha

    hey zion, if the shoe fits, wear it!

    a./ It doesn’t fit.
    b./ Maybe you should tell this to your friend Paul regarding the Mohamed cartoons.

    All of you three heroes of Latuff

    After some decades of relative silence your kind of massmurder supporter racists is starting to emerge from your dungheap. Don’t worry you will be send back again hopefully very soon – together with him and with all of your fellow travellers.

  8. Question:

    I am getting told that the official US (newspapers, book publishers etc) was and is very squeamish about publishing the Danish Cartoons, which have caused riots including the loss of life and injuries.

    Are/were they equally squeamish when talking about the Teheran Cartoon “contest”? or is considered OK to show a secular like Sharon clad as a pious man?

    Is there a blance discernible and if yes, what is it?

    no I don’t hope to bash the US but I am always getting told that they are the super-free-speech-country, while the Danish Cartoon saga seems to suggest a rather delicate handling of things that may give offense. If I cold make sense of it, it might help my “argumenting powers” elsewhere.

  9. Other topics

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    Rabbis forbiding rental of apartments to Arabs (972mag)

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    Keep Bat Yam Jewish – no assimilation of Jewish girls by Arabs (War in Context)

    Rabbis for Death Camps (Wish you Orwell)

  10. I have not the slightest idea as to how assimilation of a Jewish girl by an Arab works … I don’t even know how assimilation of girls by guys works in general

    other than that nice try Andrew but rather feeble attempts at competing with the cartoons

    my advice: try harder, with a few decades of practicing you may find a way to present a lie convincingly.

  11. It’s a blog swarm! They must be suffering.

    I doubt that they can learn from the wonderful and incredibly learned AnonMoos. But others can. CrethiPlethi has some of his work.

  12. ppl are waking up all around the world to the over representation of zionist influence in their societies .

    you better start getting a lot more used to free speech , because the more you trample on truth the more it will rise up and bite you .

  13. this site is run by a transparent bunch of sickening hypocrites
    ..where are you on the mass zionist controlled media ? ?

  14. Dear ax, you dumb sack of SHITler,

    You seem to be unaware that the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 nazi filth infested europe.

    Happy NAKBA ax!

  15. It is not anti-semitic to compare some of the most terrible atrocities committed by Israel with other terrible regimes in our human past. Just as it is not anti-christian to condemn the atrocities committed by the U.S. (the majority are christian).

    People need to face up to these terrible slaughters that are on-going. It is said that 94% of Israeli citizens approved of the mass slaughter in Gaza over a year ago. something is wrong with this.

    You cannot keep playing victim while you are using “state of the art” WMD against civilians. It’s amazing how the zionists continue to play victim and scream “anti-semite” every time someone condemns their atrocities.

    I think the world is increasingly seeing thru this b.s.

  16. I don’t know why some of the people in the thread think these are “anti-semite”. They are Political Satire meant to make you think. Its just too bad that Israel and other zionists don’t like them. They all depict certain truths. Like the cartoon depicting a concentration camp victim of WW2 and the Palestinian concentration camp victim (Gaza is the biggest concentration camp in world). Gaza is under the Remote controlled gun towers, which the Israeli Operators manage from a comfortable computer room.

    The notion that the Jews have this “national identity” going back a couple thousand or more years has been completely debunked, including several Israeli Jews. The textbooks they use for the Israeli students has been very doctored by historiographers such as Baer and Danur and others.

    The original peoples of this land have always been the Palestinians (which includes those that converted to Islam). Euro Jews, it has been scientifically proved, are largely from the Khazars, complete CONVERTS.

    Jews don’t like to admit to the extensive proselytizing and the many converts to Judaism.

  17. Dear “charade”, HAPPY NAKBA!

    May you and your felloiw terrorist swine continue to know only failure, defeat, and UAVs targeting your heroes.

  18. Some people don’t see that you can be anti-zionist without being anti-semitic at the same time. I have many jew friends, one of which is my best friend. But I also stand against Israel on this matter. Does that make me an anti-Semitic? No, it does not!

  19. Gilad Atzmon is even more sick than the Italian Hamas-hugger who was murdered by Hamas.