Barry Rubin’s recent quote about the Guardian

Professor Barry Rubin, who blogs at Rubin Reports, has done a spectacular job covering the Guardian’s “Palestine Papers.”

Indeed, Rubin is truly in a class by himself in the blogosphere: An eminent scholar on the Middle East who also consistently writes posts which are well-informed, concise, pithy and, often, quite witty.

So, while you should read his recent post, criticizing the New York Times’ coverage of the Middle East, in its entirety, I just couldn’t resist posting his conclusion, in a piece titled, “Today in the New York Times: A new low and a new role model.”


And now for the surprise conclusion. Ladies and gentlemen, while there are honorable exceptions, the New York Times has now reached the level of…the Guardian.

Rubin’s last sentence is a (completely warranted) attack on the Grey Lady, but also represents, perhaps, the only good thing to come out of PaliLeaks: The increasing recognition, by commentators across the political spectrum, that when it comes to the vicious assault on Israel’s legitimacy in the mainstream media, the Guardian is truly in a class by itself.

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  1. The Guardian’s treatment of the Pali Papers, the selective quoting, the distortions and the shameless spin, have woken up a huge number of people to what that rag is really about.

    Its campaign to discredit the State of Israel, the demonization of its leaders, its courts, its democracy, and not least its people, are a journalistic crime on the scale of the Daily Mail’s support for fascism in the 30’s.