The Guardian’s Mya Guarnieri shows her Israeli pride! (While passionately advocating for the end of the Jewish state)

Apparently, the Guardian’s Mya Guarnieri has a sense of humor.

No, I’m not referring to the tone and tenor of her recent comments both at our blog and, more recently, at Huffington Post Monitor – which are generously sprinkled with happy faces like this ” ūüėČ ” to prove her cheer and goodwill.

I’m talking about her Huffington Post Monitor comments where she bragged of her Israeli residence – shaming those foreigners at the pro-Israel media watchdog blog who dare defend Israel all the way in New York City – while simultaneously making it quite clear that she is proudly anti-Zionist. ¬† (At least we now know what Guarnieri does with her time when not¬†feverishly trying to¬†save Judaism’s soul.)



And then:


She may demonize Israel in her Guardian pieces – and make wild accusations about its imminent descent into fascism – but at least she is doing it while conversing to her friends in Hebrew, and eating Bamba!

And, yes, FAR better to delegitimize Zionism – and advocate for the radical reconstitution of the world’s only Jewish state into the 51st majority Muslim state, with Jews living as the¬†minority¬†(what possibly could go wrong?) – while in a cafe in Tel Aviv, than to defend the Jewish states’s right to exist from all the way across the Atlantic.

Like I said, she clearly has a sense of humor.

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  1. She¬īd be more convincing if she lived in Gaza or Iran. Nah, these are the places she¬īd be at home with.

  2. just curious,

    does maya ever attack those that attack israel and dont reside there?

    didnt think so

    oh, and someone needs to tell her that jews to are not a race.

  3. Finally I understand what she’s doing. Bamba is the favourite snack of children under 14, I personally don’t know any adult eating it. Her taste in food matches to her intellect perfectly.
    That she is paid by hate sites – quelle surprise!

  4. I really think it’s about time CiF Watch stopped paying all this attention to such a lightweight blogger as Ms Guarnieri whose views on Zionism and Israel really don’t count for very much. If some media wish to waste money paying for her articles, it’s their business.

  5. There are some pretty trenchant comments in the HP link: insulting, arrogant, deceitful, childish and bullying.

    Sad if that’s her only way to get attention – but for the fact that here she is shown as traitorous and hypocritical.

    Why would she be masochistic?

  6. The ironic part is that when I first read the comments I was sitting at a computer in…Tel Aviv, and now I am in Jerusalem. Regardless, it’s the same sad song of the anti-Zionist: Rather than discuss the issues, attack your opponent. There is nothing new under the sun.

  7. Zach,

    Most “anti-zionists” deserve nothing else than ridicule and attack, because they just don¬īt give a damn about argument and fact. They just affect they do. Of course, there are exceptions…find me one, BTW.