Israel’s Ambassador to the UK, Ron Prosor, blasts the Guardian

Ron Prosor, Israel’s Embassador to the UK, blasted the Guardian in a Huffington Post essay yesterday for its Palestine Papers series, adding to the chorus of fierce criticism leveled at the paper from across the political spectrum.

In the piece, entitled “The Guardian’s Assault on Peace in the Middle East”, Prosor went on the offensive from the opening passage:

Never has a British broadsheet so openly served the agenda of Middle Eastern extremism. The Guardian must be commended for its transparency — readers can no longer doubt its affinity for Hamas. Al-Jazeera, Qatar’s equivalent of the BBC World Service, appointed the newspaper as its western gatekeeper for a cache of leaked Palestinian Authority documents. The self-appointed guardian of Palestinian truth has maximized its opportunity to pledge allegiance to the hard-line, national fantasies which have crippled the Palestinian cause for decades.

Prosor, echoing criticism we’ve made about the intellectual bubble inhabited by editors at the Guardian which allows them to express views romanticizing extremism with the comfort of knowing that they’ll never have to deal with the consequences of such political incitement, also said:

From his London salon one senior columnist bemoaned the “decay of what in Yasser Arafat’s heyday was an authentic national liberation movement.” For him, it seems, Palestinian authenticity can only be achieved through the massacre of athletes at the Munich Olympics, the hijacking of planes or the suicide bombing of civilians in shopping malls and pizza parlors. In his eyes, negotiations are an affront to the romanticized fetishism of “resistance.”

Noting the Guardian editorial which referred to Palestinian moderation as “craven”, Prosor observed:

Readers might struggle to notice a substantive difference between the paper’s editorial line and the opinion piece by a Hamas spokesman splashed across its pages two days later. In fact, the newspaper’s criticism of the Palestinian negotiators was so severe it risked out-Hamasing Hamas.

Prosor continued:

Hamas and its Iranian backers hope the unrest will spread to the West Bank. A media axis between Doha and London seems determined to grant their wish. As David Landau, a commentator way on the left of the Israeli spectrum put it, the Guardian and Al-Jazeera “intended to poison the Palestinians against their leaders.

In his final passage, Prosor noted:

The Hamas Charter states that, “Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.” The most destructive aspect of the Guardian‘s assault on the peace process is to concur [with that statement].”

That Prosor, a career Israeli Diplomat not known for unleashing such rhetorical assaults, felt the need to dress down the Guardian in such a blunt manner speaks volumes about the erosion of respect for the paper which (former editor and owner) C.P. Scott once had such high ideals for.

As Scott once observed:

“[A newspaper’s] primary office is the gathering of news. At the peril of its soul it must see that the supply is not tainted.”

And, he noted further:

Even editorial comment has its responsibilities: “It is well to be frank; it is even better to be fair”

Is there really any question at this point that the Guardian’s craven submission to some of the most dangerous ideologies has eroded even the veneer of remaining loyal to Scott’s high-minded journalistic ideals?

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  1. Keep socking it to them Ron. There is now a hole in Rustbucket so large that his bottom has completely dropped out.

  2. Israel’s present Ambassador to Britain is without doubt the finest incumbent in this post since the late, great, dearly lamented Shlomo Argov. He’s also a damned fine rhetorician. I can’t understand therefore, why that equally fine (journalist) Melanie Phillips keeps bemoaning Israel’s poor P.R. skills. In Britain you have Mr P. and in Israel we have government spokesman, Mark Regev. I can’t help feeling whatever the ill-wind blows in from Cairo, Yemen, Jordan et al in the short-term, the longer view will bode well. But we have to sit tight. Now, would anyone like to read this cheering piece of news:

    Shabbat Shalom – have a good weekend.

    Natalie Wood

  3. I´m not sure this works or is worth it. It gives too much undeserved weight and importance to a trash newspaper such as Der Schwarze Guardian. It should mostly be ignored (not completely, as this blog does a great job) and let it destroy itself in its own antisemitic filth.

  4. If the Guardian supports Hamas, given its actions against Israeli women and children, surely it would not surprised if its journalists now become the targets of possible assassination from Zionist extremists?

  5. according to the Assange portrait in I think Vanity Fair the Guardian newspaper is not much more than a front, a customer attractor for the Guardian business and that seems to be doing well. Which makes me ask whether the desired customers want to read that stuff – London is said to be the Arab capital of the west.

    Yes I am paranoid and not ashamed of it …

  6. Great article by Ron. Now The Guardian has been eviscerated both in a JC Edotorial and by the Israeli Ambassador. Unprecedented. Surely the advertisers and the Board of GMG has got the message.

  7. Even as I compare the Israel Press Office summoning The Guardian’s correspondent here for a ticking off to a country’s ambassador being summoned to the F.O. for a diplomatic thick-ear, my back-seat driver observes that The Guardian’s sprog could lose his Press Pass. Oh, glory be …!

  8. Ambassador Prosor really is a credit to our country and I hope he keeps up his excellent work for many years to come.