668 Guardian readers agree: The dearth of political freedom in the Arab world is Israel’s fault

Slavoj Žižek, who in the past has characterized Israel as something approaching a totalitarian state, penned a CiF piece on Feb. 1st mocking Western

concerns about the potential for radical Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood to take advantage of recent uprisings across the Middle East.

However, more striking than Zizek’s predictable narrative, downplaying the threat posed by radical Islam, were the readers comments it inspired.

Zizek’s piece – which quoted Mao, and was curiously published both in English and Arabic – elicited this:

668 Guardian readers recommended the claim that the only progressive democracy in the Middle East somehow represents an obstacle to freedom in the Arab world (an opinion which J Street funder George Soros is in agreement with), proving that no argument critical of Israel, no matter how absurd, is beyond the fertile imagination of those predisposed to such bigotry.

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  1. They are probably in that same group of people that believe in astrology, psychics, creationism, angels, UFO abductions, homeopathy, scientology, crystals , marxism and santa claus (many even think that Marx *is* Santa).

  2. Marx is Santa, never they are of sound mind – the real thing which I have heard all my life and still here in one shape or another goes like this:

    Marx’ theory is good and sound and brillant and divine it was only put into practice badly.

    BTW I spotted a lot of devoted Marxists now advocated rabid market fundamentalism – from which I’ve concluded that it doesn’t matter much, as long as it’s a theory that peddles well.

  3. I believe you are mistaken.

    The comment made by 012011 sayd that what the arabs want is always ignored.

    What do they want?
    Not sure, but if the only thing that unites them is their hatred of Israel I suppose one can guess the answer.