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  1. We need to scan that and mail it to Guardian newsdesk. Also why dont we have our we aint going to take it no we aint go take it moment and get big posters like this and riot like crazy outside Guardian HQ. I’m kidding everyone. Those cheers to Cracked.com. Best laugh all year. We will not be seeing this on CiF anytime soon.

  2. OT but did anyone else hear the interview with Sherard Cowper Coles on Today this morning, commenting on Hague’s warning that Israel must be pressured into making peace? I was surprised to hear C-Coles, a knowledgeable ex ambassador to Israel framing it thus: Israel needs to accept a peace that has been on offer since 1937 (I think the date he mentioned) with the Peel commission. Thus rewriting history that the Jews have steadfastly refused every international plan since the 30s. The interviewer said how the Palipapers showed how ready the Palestinians were to compromise, and made out once again that settlements are the big sticking point. As we know, the papers showed nothing of the sort, and that if they revealed anything it was that settlements were not central.

  3. Amie, Sherrard Cowper Coles after his stint in Israel became UK Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There’s some very unsavoury gossip about his background here.. It seems Hague reckons him as he’s now appointed him as Ambassador to India. But in any case both he and Hague were coming on big on the Today prog with presenting Israel as the sole obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace, as if there was no requirement on the Palestinians to do anything. So basically, that means they are pressuring Israel to accept such Palestinian demands as the Palestinian Right of Return and the return to the 1967 borders including ceding the whole of the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem and the removal of each and every Jewish resident living east of the Green Line.

    Melanie Phillips has done a comprehensive fisk of his Today contribution here.

    Basically, it covers the reality that the UK has no real independent influence to speak of in the present situation, because its policy is entirely determined by the EU. And in the light of what we now know about the British government’s behaviour re coaching Gaddaffi’s regime in how to get Megrahi sprung from prison, the self-righteousness of Hague’s and Cowper-Coles’ tone can be seen for what it is. A cover for pandering to the oil suppliers of the Arab League.

    I thought this morning’s report in The Times “the Foreign Secretary issued a blunt instruction to Israel to tone down the belligerent language used by Binyamin Netanyahu” showed the underlying attempt to bluster and macho his way into the headlines. Spoken like a true colonialist.

    But now in Thursday’s Times, the latest front page headline is that it was the King of Saudi Arabia who pressured Obama into laying off Mubarak. Will we hear Hague and Cowper Coles instructing His Maj of Saudi Arabia to tone down his belligerent support of Mubarak? Will Andrew Sullivan now tell us that he’s a tool of the zionists and neo-cons? Somehow, I don’t think so….