More hate beneath the line: Guardian readers’ continuing demonization of the Jewish state

Amos Harel’s column in CiF today, “What will become of Israel if Mubarak falls?” laid out the concerns Israel has concerning the possibility that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak may be replaced by a leader from the Muslim Brotherhood, or Brotherhood affiliated group – and the potential ramifications for the 30-year-old Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

However, the sober and non-tendentious analysis by Harel, a correspondent for the left-wing Israeli paper, Ha’aretz, still managed to elicit a flurry of anti-Israel vitriol beneath the line.

It’s quite telling that, even when Israel expresses the desire to maintain peaceful relations with its neighbors, it’s still vilified by Guardian readers – many whom seem prepared to demonize the Jewish state no matter how unrelated their hyperbole is to the commentary their supposedly responding to.

While the words and themes may differ, all such commentary is usually united by a one core narrative: That Israel is a uniquely oppressive (even evil) state that has no moral legitimacy – and should be seen as an ogre among the community of nations.

Only four hours after the article appeared, here’s what we have:

Israel is a belligerent state, and the U.S. is merely Israel’s puppet: (See Israelinurse’s post on a CiF piece by John Whitbeck, who described the U.S. as “slavishly subservient” to Israel.)

Israel has no moral right to exist:

Israel is an apartheid state which should be boycotted.  Israeli fears of the Muslim Brotherhood, or other radical Islamist movements are actually a sign of Israeli racism. (See our post on Rachel Shabi’s CiF piece making a similar claim.)

The commentary by the Ha’aretz correspondent represents nothing but Mossad propaganda.

Israel is a criminal state.

Egyptian Intelligence Minister Omar Suleiman is actually an Israeli agent.

Israel is a cruel, inhumane, oppressive state, which betrays the memory of Holocaust victims – and indeed inflicts suffering on others that is reminiscent of the suffering inflicted against Jews through history.

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  1. It’s a real giveaway.

    The Guardianistas don’t in fact give a damn about Egypt and its democracy. What has them creaming their pants is the prospect of a country that is hostile to Israel.

  2. Das Schwarze Guardian, where one can freely vent one´s antisemitic hatred with no strings attached. Trash newspaper of the lowest kind, attracting the same type of readership.

  3. I didn’t have the stomach to read through the 400 odd comments so – congratulations, Adam, for endurance.

    It is a mild and moderate article which did nothing to deserve the cess-pit that flowed up under it. Even the BBC could admit that a danger from Egypt would be of a very different order from the danger from terrorists or even from Jordan, should the peace treaties fail.

    All that hate is just insane. Persons of restricted intellect, restricted morals, restricted thinking processes and non-existent human sympathy. Infantile, to boot!

    What would be the fewest words that their ignorance and irrationality could be contained in? ‘I hate it. It must be Jewish.’?
    Or is ‘Jewish’ their starting point?

    As Andy says “they don’t give a damn” about the purported objects of their “sympathies”. If they did they’d be acting against dictators and mullahs, beheadings and stonings and terrorism. But they love all that. They act on its behalf even if only online.

    What a sick collection. Their sickness is all there is in their comments.