The Guardian sucks because……competition. Enter for a chance to win $50!

We’re trying something new at CiF Watch: we’re running our first competition.

Over the next week,  tell us why the Guardian sucks in 140 characters or less.

Entries must begin with the words “The Guardian sucks because” and can be posted either in the comments sections of this post, or by tweeting your reply @cifwatch in Twitter using the hashtag #cwcomp. If you’re minded to do so, tweet your answer also to chief editor of the Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, @arusbridger.

The best entry as selected by the CiF Watch judges wins a whopping $50 gift card.

Yes, I know.  This is really unfair, but – given the limits of Twitter – not only are we asking that you kindly reduce your litany of complaints about the Guardian to just one answer, we’ve also got the gall to require that you limit your response further to no more than a miserly 140 characters.

While we’re a comparatively small organization, and the winning entry will only net you a $50 gift card (and, no, we didn’t accidentally omit another zero in that sum), think of how good you’ll feel getting out all of that frustration – the groans, gasps, and grumbles elicited by even a casual glance at the Guardian – and knowing that your thoughts will be on record, prompted by the site which, day after day, truly speaks truth to power.

(h/t to Chas for the inspiration)

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  1. The Guardian sucks because it is an evil institution dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish people and the destruction of Western civilisation.

  2. I can hardly enter the following but people within range of UK can listen later.

    Danny Ayalon gave an excellent interview on BBC Radio 4 despite the interview questions having been cribbed from The Guardian.

    He was followed immediately by the dhimmi Bowen talking about “Israel first” and downplaying the risk of Egypt going the way of Iran. I think that’s what he was doing. He is too sickening to listen to closely.

    I hope the Israeli Embassy complains.

  3. The guardian sucks because the hucks-
    Ters there are all Jew-hating schmucks.

    If Duvidl wins can he please have enough to buy a copy of Anthony Julius’s “Trials of the Diaspora?

  4. The Guardian sucks because there isn’t a single corrupt, racist, homobhobic regime it won’t give a platform to……as long as they hate Jews.

  5. It more than sucks, it constitutes an existential threat to millions of Jews, a threat that is only getting worse.

  6. The Guardian suxs because It doesn’t understand the world anymore and can function only by its desire to punish Israel and the West.

  7. The Guardian sucks because it thinks Brits issuing White Papers telling Jews where and in what numbers they may live in the Land of Israel is current events and not history.

  8. The Guardian sucks because of its biased agenda to please/sell to ultra-lefties, islamists and tories, sacrificing truth and a whole nation.

  9. The Guardian sucks because it unwittingly promotes sharia law in England, meaning that London will be ruined, a shame coz I love that city

  10. Silke, Bertie has a special meaning here. George VI or Edward VIII or the earlier Prince of Wales. One of them. Modern history isn’t my specialism.

  11. Bertie is the lovable little boy from 44 Scotland Street which is full of really well-aimed jibes at the Guardian.

    Could Alexander McCall Smith have made him such a lovable character in honour of George VI or does Bertie have another meaning for Scots?

    Hints maybe found in the facts that the 44 Scotland Street Bertie is made to play the Saxophone at a very early age besides having to speak Italian with his mother and undergo psychotherapy so his mother can spend time with the therapist discussing Melanie Klein i.e. he is a thorougly abused child in a very considerate middle class way.

  12. The Guardian sucks because instead of news, it offers opinion, its own, biased, slanted and partial opinion.

  13. I wrote a limerick for the competition, so you have to read it in that format (Pretty sure it is 140 characters excalty).

    The Guardian sucks because Sherwood
    Claimed Hamas are misunderstood
    States, they want two
    Both without the Jew
    Now ethnic cleansing is good!

  14. Excellent, Mr. Dilkington! I wanted to try a limerick but got stuck (that almost rhymes with sucks).

    My tuppence ha’penny worth:

    The Guardian sucks because on the Mideast they report opinion as news and the more anti-Israel the opinion the better.

  15. Oops, looks like I read too fast. It says “140 characters or less,” but I mistook it for “140 words or less.” I typed something like 175 characters. Sorry.

  16. In case you didn’t see my tweet:

    The Guardian sucks because it discards any journalistic integrity it once had to push an anti-Western, anti-Israel agenda @cifwatch #cwcomp

  17. The Guardian sucks most of all because it seeks out antiIsrael, nonJewish Jews to be the standardbearers of the Guardian’s antiIsrael obsession.

  18. The Guardian sucks because Seumas
    Felt the easiest way to be famous
    Was to slag off the Jews
    By distorting the news
    And refuse to allow them to blame us

  19. “the guardian” sucks because sucking up to islamofascists has become its alternate lifestyle.

  20. Well, if people are doing 140 character limericks…

    The Guardian sucks because
    instead of admitting its flaws
    It defends its sick hate
    Against the Jewish state
    & then takes a bow for applause

  21. The Guardian sucks because
    It’s gospel for antisemites and bores.
    Al Jazeera rebranded,
    Hamas-style evenhanded,
    It spews disinformation and malice without pause.

  22. the Guardian sucks just because instead of informing its readers of the world news it sells weakly veiled agressive propaganda against states the British Government is not pleased with. Typical media ‘whore’. Good luck, readers. Let the ‘Guardianists’ polish remnants of your brains. a perfect motto for the guardian: ‘read the gardian, we will bring u to the world of delusion and ignorant opinions.’