The intolerance of Nir Rosen

Nir Rosen, a political contributor to many publications, including the Guardian, recently resigned from his position at NYU’s Center for Law and Security after it was revealed (by his comments on Twitter) that he found humor in the news that CBS News Reporter Laura Logan was the victim of a brutal sexual assault while covering the protests in Cairo.

Rosen Tweeted the following (in reference to CNN Reporter Anderson Cooper, who was punched while covering the protests in Egypt):


This last Tweet was quite telling.

Rosen, an extreme political ideologue, seemed more troubled by the fact that the victim of a brutal sexual assault disagreed with him on the U.S. foreign policy than the horrific rape itself, and appeared concerned that the sympathy Logan may receive could diminish the public shame he thinks she deserves for her political heresy.

However, given the following remarks by Rosen quoted below, it doesn’t seem as if too many people would fall within his boundaries of political decency.

Hizballah is not a terrorist organization. It is a widely popular and legitimate political and resistance movement. It has protected Lebanon’s sovereignty and resisted American and Israeli plans for a New Middle East. It’s also among the most democratic of Lebanon’s political movements and one of the few groups with a message of social justice and anti-imperialism.”

“Israel should stop secretly supporting Fatah and adopt the “One State” solution. It should grant Palestinians and other non-Jews equal rights, abandon Zionism, allow Palestinian refugees to return, compensate them, and dismantle the settlements. If Israel doesn’t voluntarily adopt the One State solution and work for a peaceful transition, (like South Africa) then eventually it will be face expulsion by the non-Jewish majority in Greater Palestine, just like the French colonists in Algeria.”

Excerpts  from interview of Nir Rosen by Mike Whitney November 30, 2007

“As we Americans mourn our losses in the Sept. 11 attacks and in the subsequent war on terror (which has now cost more American lives than were lost in the attacks that provoked it), it is worth wondering: What exactly is terrorism? And if it is the infliction of violence on civilians for political reasons, then who are the terrorists?”

Hizb’allah Party of God Truthdig October 3, 2006

“The powerful – whether Israel, America, Russia or China – will always describe their victims’ struggles as terrorism. The destruction of Chechnya, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, the slow slaughter of the remaining Palestinians, the American occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, these will never be called terrorism.”

“The Palestinians do not attack Israeli civilians with the expectation that they will destroy Israel. The land of Palestine is being stolen day after day. The Palestinian people are being eradicated day after day. They must respond in whatever way they can to apply pressure on Israel.”

Hamas has been targeted since it was elected The Nation December 29, 2008

(See Jeffrey Goldberg’s post on Rosen’s pro-Taliban, America-bashing Tweets, here.)


Here is an example of Rosen’s Israel-hatred from his Twitter feed:

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  1. Now there’s an academic of Ward “Little Eichmanns” Churchill caliber. No Western kindness viewed in favor, no Islamic atrocity unjustified. Honest, unvarnished Marxist sedition.

    When I consider that his views are shared by the Guardian’s staff, only unvoiced (because of the potential for scandal, as Rosen’s case shows; not because they are ashamed of it), I am fully convinced that the Guardian should be treated by the Jewish State as if it were Al Manar (Hezbollah’s propaganda channel).

  2. His comments provide a telling indictment of the sort of academics that seem to have grabbed the reins at so many universities – – NYU, Coumbia, Rutgers, and, lest we forget, BGU and TAU.

    One shudders to think what their students have to feed back to them to earn a passing grade.

    The only good thing I can think of is that this piece of drek is here in the US instead of contaminating Israel.

  3. Rosen doesn’t know how to stop digging – his “last statement” is still not his last statement. At last he seems to vaguely realize what a turd he is, But like all his ilk, it is the loss of his ability to suck at the teat of an academic grant that has probably cuased his “remorse”:

    # I know that in a matter of seconds with a thoughtless joke, I brought shame upon myself and my family and added insult to Ms. Logan’s injury 1 minute ago via web

    # I feel I should make one last statement. I offer my deepest apologies to Ms. Logan, her friends and her family. I never meant to hurt anyone 2 minutes ago via web

    # but there is no point following me, i am done tweeting. too ashamed of how i have hurt others and the false impression i gave of who i am about 4 hours ago via web

    # to the 500 people new twitter followers and the old ones. I did not mean it and i apologize again. it was an inappropriate unaccetable joke about 4 hours ago via web

    # on the job you get used to making jokes about our own death, other people’s deaths, horrors, you forget that you sound like a dick at home about 10 hours ago via web
    You sound like a dick everywhere, Nir Rosen!!

  4. The Logan incident makes quite clear the brutal, violent intolerance and inhumanity of the Mideast towards the “other” — whether that “other” is the Jew in yarmulka or the “white, blond, female” Western reporter.

  5. It is interesting that, as is the case with so many others, Rosen’s lack of empathy does not begin and end with Israelis.

    “on the job you get used to making jokes about our own death” – I thought he was an academic, not a paramedic.

  6. nir rosen must resign or be dismissed from NYU. He is unqualified to sit at NYU.

    He is only sorry that his true values have been posted, by himself.

  7. For more about Nir Rosen, in his own words:

    This article was posted on the anti-Semitic website Counterpunch in 2002, although it is interesting to find the link to it suddenly inactive. It wasn’t published in The Guardian, but considering that Nir has been a contributor, it might just as well have been.

    Like many other Israel haters, his experience in another country with superficially similar circumstances (in this case, Serbia) leads him to conclude that the situation in his own (apparently) former country (Israel) is the same, only worse. Think of George Mitchell comparing Israel’s condition to that of Northern Ireland, or Archbishop Desmond Tutu (along with Jimmy Carter and many others) comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa. The analogies are wrong in all three cases, and the effect of clinging to them can be quite destructive as we have all seen.

    Nir’s view of Israel is that it is a colonial settlement guilty of every possible crime and beyond redemption, a standard far leftist position usually taken to delegitimize Israel as a Jewish national home. It is one of many such rationalizations used by Jew haters in a pathetic effort to disguise their blatant anti-Semitism. Nir’s Jewish background doesn’t prevent him from taking the same approach. Some would refer to him as a “self-hating Jew”, except that I would guess that his colossal ego would prevent him from consciously hating himself. I would suggest that Nir is actually quite narcissistic, and like many such individuals, believes that only he is in a position to properly judge Israel. There is probably some type of psychiatric disorder that could explain this type of thinking and behavior, which is all too common, but let’s just say that despite his heritage, Nir is just another Israel basher and Jew hater we can add to the list.

    As for his Twitter comments, I believe the legal term is “res ipsa loquitur” – the thing speaks for itself.

  8. “Now there’s an academic of Ward “Little Eichmanns” Churchill caliber. No Western kindness viewed in favor, no Islamic atrocity unjustified. Honest, unvarnished Marxist sedition.”

    Ward Churchill does not like Marxism and socialism. Marx considered capitalism a necessity for the development of socialism, and Ward takes this to mean native Americans (i.e. him) are a necessary sacrifice.

  9. “Marx considered capitalism a necessity for the development of socialism”

    socialism is unable to succeed without capitalism.