The “non-sectarian” Yusuf al-Qaradawi

The best-known Muslim Brotherhood cleric in the world and one of the most famous Islamist thinkers, addressed a massive crowd today in Cairo’s Tahir Square.  As Middle East scholar Barry Rubin noted,

“Qaradawi, though some in the West view him as a moderate, supports the straight Islamist line: anti-American, anti-Western, wipe Israel off the map, foment Jihad, stone homosexuals, in short the works.”

In other words, we can expect the Guardian to whitewash Qaradawi’s extremism in future columns and, indeed, in a brief summary of the day’s rally in Cairo, the Guardian described him as merely “controversial” and characterized his speech as “non-sectarian.”

Here’s a video of an interview Qaradawi recently gave that is decidedly, let’s say, “sectarian.”

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  1. The important thing that we must never lose site of is that construction is continuing unabated on the West Bank. Despite all of the recent developments, we should never lose sight of the most important aspect of Zionism, redeeming the West Bank by any means whatsoever and whatever the cost. Israel’s priority must forever be the redemption of the land, no matter what the cost, no matter how much education, social welfare or the economy suffer and no matter what the cost to Israel’s moral fibre. People of reason like Thomas Friedman are TRAITORS to the cause and they should be personally attacked at every opportunity. All voices of dissent must be silenced at any cost, because only by creating a monolithic bigoted racist united Jewish voice will we convince the world that we are God’s chosen people and morally superior to people like Thomas Friedman.

  2. IsStupid:
    Oh silly moi, to be concerned about someone who wants to destroy Israel and thinks it’s a noble enterprise to blow up buses and pizzerias and shopping malls in Israel.

    I’m glad you showed me the error of my ways–now I can see that building apartments is a far more terrible thing to do than to blow them up (preferably together with their occupants).

  3. Qaradawi, beloved chum of Ken Livingstone, (see was subsequently banned from the UK after the lies of one Mockbul Ali OBE (yes, he of the Foreign Office, who lied to his numpty bosses that Qaradawi was a moderate and was actually believed). Qaradawi is like an opportunistic infection which takes advantage of the compromised political immune system and moves in for the kill. This is how Islamism operates.

    Being a poisonous and evil old bar steward Qaradawi will try to muscle in on the state of flux in Egypt and of course the benighted Groaniad will applaud this. After all, what else can one expect from a rag which supports terrorism and puts its columnists on the same platforms as Islamist terror supporters?

  4. MTC a.k.a. EISEY the consisent thread hijacker,

    It is obvious you do not live anywhere near Tel-Aviv, Kfar Saba, Netanya or Afula. If you did, the idea of Israel leaving Judea and Samaria (the real, indigenous, non-revisionist name for the region!) would be prevented from even going into your head in the first place by the thought of the inevitable barrage of Arab rockets on those cities that would follow such an evacuation, just as surely as Kassam rockets on Sderot followed the abandonment of all Jewish presence in the Gaza region.

    If, however, I’m wrong and you do live in any of those cities, then you’re an utterly hopeless case that doesn’t deserve a single second more of attention on any thread.

  5. IsStupid:
    Is there a reason you stopped your list at 2005? I wonder if it’s because (from your link):

    2006 – 1130
    2007 – 2433
    2008 – 3278
    2009 – 774*
    *523 were in January 2009; in the 11 months following Operation Cast Lead, there were 251 fired
    2010 – 163

    “Since Hamas’ takeover in the Gaza Strip, rocket fire at Israel had risen exponentially, peaking in the period right before Operation Cast Lead with 3,278 rockets fired at Israel in 2008, and steeply decreasing since the end of the Operation in 2009″

    Here’s a list of posts with the tag Rockets:

  6. cba:

    “Is there a reason you stopped your list at 2005? I wonder if it’s because (from your link):”

    If you would bother to read the comments you would see the reason why: Ziontruth inferred that the Kassam rockets began AFTER the disengagement so I posted the list of attacks prior to it.

  7. Oh, so they didn’t START after the withdrawal, they only got significantly WORSE.

    Nothing to worry about then.

  8. The impression one gets when Qaradawi speaks is of a man of marginal or absent intellect whose thinking is monotonously constrained by absurd imaginings about the world about him that reflect nothing we understand to be real or reasoned. Were we to hear such sentences from a Western authority we would be fascinated by their foolishness and wonder at the sanity of the speaker. Here is a man courted by the far left of a secular liberal democracy, whose contempt for women is palpable, whose idea of human protestation about life’s vicissitudes encompasses the deliberate mutilation of children by those he considers heroic, and the destruction of another land. In a sane world he would be considered a monster, vicious and slow witted, of no value in the affairs of men but in the world he inhabits he is listened to by people who, by implication, suffer the same moral and intellectual limitations as he does.

  9. EISEY formerly BlinderThanC**p (and still blinder than c**p in reality),

    I know there were Kassams before August 2005. My point was, there shouldn’t have fallen a single Kassam rocket after August 2005, because, as the Left kept telling us, evacuating the Gaza Strip of all Jewish presence (I think there’s a German term for this) would leave the Phakestinians without a reason for hostility toward us (at least from that region). That the Kassams kept falling, and with even more frequency as CBA showed here, speaks volumes about the worth of concessions, capitulations and peace treaties with them.

    It is an eloquent warning to all those who would call for evacuating Judea and Samaria, and indeed most Israeli Jews have heeded that warning. They’re not blinkered like you, they let the facts inform their views. Almost everyone in Israel is smart; I don’t know if you’re in Israel, but if you are, then the irony should be noted that you make one of the rare exceptions. IOW, everyone is smart except you.