General Antisemitism

Guardian reader anti-Semitic comment of the day

From the thread beneath Rabbi Howard Cooper’s CiF piece, “On the Side of the Pharaoh.”


Given Cooper’s accusation that Israel is “siding with Pharaoh” and (per Israelinurse’s earlier post) his prior charge that Israel is “morally bankrupt”, it seems fair to observe that this Guardian reader (whose comments were deleted) is merely advancing a slightly more crude expression of disdain for the Jewish state than the Guardian-approved rabbi.

The reader will have to learn that expressions of hatred towards Israel are perfectly acceptable at CiF, as long as such disdain can be adequately disguised by a progressive rhetorical veneer.

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  1. The first question this piece of pond scum asks shows a deep internationalization of the Zionism-denying “non-Jewish Palestinian nation from time immemorial” lie. He fails to comprehend that the Jews could flock to the land, despite the hostility of the neighborhood, because of the idea that (gasp!) it is the one and only Jewish homeland, and the homeland of no other nation.

    The Phakestinian narrative (“…which is why they had to steal Palestine” in the words of this specimen) is a denial of history far worse than Holocaust Denial. It is a disgrace to world Jewry that so many Jews play along with this foul lie.