Peter Kosminsky acknowledges using testimony from radical NGO as source for “The Promise”

H/T to an alert reader for capturing Peter Kosminsky’s live chat (below) with viewers of his show, The Promise, which confirms the director’s use of research from highly politicized sources.

As we’ve pointed out previously, the show is brimming with historical falsehoods – such as the implicit assertion that the Arabs were the indigenous people in Israel, and the Jews should rightly seen as interlopers – and Kosminsky’s own virulently anti-Israel politics have been enunciated very clearly in his Guardian op-ed prior to the show’s airing. See my open letter to Kosminsky, in response to his Guardian commentary, here, but here are some highlights of his essay:

“Israel is isolated, loathed and feared in equal measure by its neighbours, finding little sympathy outside America for its uncompromising view of how to defend its borders and secure its future.”

“How did Israel squander the compassion [derived from the horrors of the Holocaust] of the world within a lifetime?”

During the live chat, when asked about the research he conducted for the show – a multi-part drama on British television, about Israel, which just finished airing – Kosminsky cited the NGO Breaking the Silence, as one of his main sources:

Per research conducted by the highly respected watchdog group, NGO Monitor, Breaking the Silence – a group funded by George Soros, New Israel Fund, and the EU (among others) – was active in promoting “war crimes” charges against Israel after the Gaza fighting in January 2009, charges which were based on anonymous and unverifiable hearsay “testimonies.”

Further, per analysis by Amos Harel in Ha’aretz: “Breaking the Silence…has a clear political agenda, and can no longer be classed as a ‘human rights organization.’ Any organization whose website includes the claim by members to expose the ‘corruption which permeates the military system’ is not a neutral observer.”

BtS members and anti-Israel activists Yonatan and Itamar Shapira were on the “Jews for Justice for Palestinians” boat “Irene,” which sought to violate Israel’s security-based policies regarding naval traffic into Gaza (September 2010).

While, of course, as anyone who’s actually lived here can testify to, Israelis (unlike citizens in neighboring countries) are free to speak out against the government or the military – a fact which begs the question, what “silence” exactly is BtS breaking? – Kosminsky’s use of testimony by BtS clearly undermines his claim that he conducted objective research for his show.

Instead of asking questions of average Israelis who serve or have served in the IDF, to understand Israeli military life, he chose instead a group with a clear, and quite radical, political agenda whose views are quite marginal, and are only amplified by the enormous resources provided to the group by European governments, and powerful foundations like NIF and George Soros’s Open Society Institute.

Kosmisnsky clearly knows little about the real nation of Israel beyond the one-dimensional caricature which informs the opinions of the elite media and cultural gatekeepers in the UK – an abstraction of the democratic Jewish state which his “research” only served to confirm, and, now, after”The Promise” has been seen by millions of viewers, will be even more firmly embedded in the political  imagination of the British public.

(Update: See NGO Monitor’s latest critical analysis of claims made by the group, Breaking the Silence, here)

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  1. and?
    all anyone can do is to post more about how these people are biased and get more counter posts about hoe it doesn’t matter cause the “truth” is out there.
    anti-“Zionists” won’t be persuaded by anything and the magnitude of their lies causes dealing with actual problems seem like mission impossible and smaller lies to look like the truth. it takes ‘shark Mosad agents’ to make them seem a bit silly but then they take advantage in purely anti-Semitic groups to ‘prove’ they aren’t anti-Semitic.
    you’ll need a lot more than the internet in order to get rid of them and anti-Democratic agenda

  2. 1.5 million watched ‘The Promise’ and many more will buy the DVD. Many of them will question the traditional Israeli narrative and look at the situation again with a more balanced and open mind.

  3. mostly harmless

    1.5 million watched ‘The Promise’ and many more will buy the DVD. Many of them will question the traditional Israeli narrative and look at the situation again with a more balanced and open mind.

    …and will join the tens of millions of the readers of the Sturmer, the Protocols of the Elders. Naturally the fact will be the cause of multiple orgasms for anti-semites of your kind. That indirectly this “documentary” will cause much more sufferings for the Palestinians is a small matter for you and Kosminsky together with millions of open minded and balanced Jew-haters.

  4. I don’t think many of that 1.5 million have ever heard the history, far less the “traditional Israeli narrative”.

    The monster grim deals in fairy tales. Israel can’t afford to though it tries.

  5. mostly harmless

    hey idiot…why dont you read the entire chat

    kominsky gets one thing right…the average viewer is ignorant of the history of the middle east

    they arent working off the israeli narrative…they are working off of no narrative…and their opinions are therefore easily formed

    that is how a liar and propagandist, norman finkelstein, becomes one of the foremost experts on the middle east

    i tried to ask why he thought it was ok to take dramatic license with historical events, done in such a manner as to make the early israelis appear to be monsters…that question was never taken

    kominsky is an evil, disturbed man…who should never work in the industry ever again

    i for one will never pay to see another of his movies

  6. Questions for lawyers. Given Kosminsky’s admitted intention, as a dramatist, to direct his characters away from their pro-Jewish attitudes, if it is reasonable to regard his characterisation as prejudiced, if one can demonstrate his use of false equivalence and show that his use of actual events deceives and consistently misdirects the audience’s understanding, does The Promise appear to represent an offence under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006? With his version of history informing the attitudes of these characters and demonstrably acting as an “accurate” guide to history for his audience now, does Channel 4’s claim that it is a work of fiction stand up? And, given its many inaccuracies, could a defence of “fair comment” stand up?

  7. “Many of them will question the traditional Israeli narrative and look at the situation again with a more balanced and open mind.”

    Ah yes, Britain, where there’s absolutely no understanding of or support for the Palestinian side of the equation. And of course it doesn’t matter that Kosminsky is peddling venom and lies about the Jewish state.

    You’re not just a disgusting little bigot, but, more pathetically, a complete fool.

  8. Max. I watched part 1 again and see the gormless Erin put up a normal person’s arguments. to some extent.

    Through the next 3 parts she becomes more Rachel Corrie-like.

    At least she didn’t play games with bulldozers.

  9. in part 4, she does play chicken with a bulldozer…she doesnt get killed…gotta let her live to fight the evil jew another day

    was reading another review and the author pointed out an interesting thing

    kominksy gives his protagonist epilepsy…why?

    at first i thought it was to make her a more sympathetic character and to connect her more to her grandpa (who has one fit)

    but he noted this…she only has siezures around jews…..first in the club (where the patrons all laff at her,) second when confronted by her jewish hosts, third (in part 4) where she saves an arab woman from the evil idf

    subliminal message….jews make people ill…they are indeed the plague bringing scourge the nazis warned us of

    kominsky is a prick

  10. walt, I think the why of the epilepsy could be Dostoyevskian. The visual disturbances of epilepsy put people suffering from the condition in a superior place to non-affected mortals, according to Dostoyevsky.

    I wouldn’t take an antisemitic message from the fits. Strobe lights can bring on attacks – and excessive emotion, I think. She is a stupid character who understands nothing but her own feelings. And eventually her grandfather’s presumably.

    Bulldozer = going to “Gaza”? Solving her problem via a suicide bomb was a very nasty one. Finding the Arab girl/old woman: melodrama.

    Erin’s mother does say that she wasn’t healthy enough to go to Israel.

  11. walt, I see from Richard Millett’s great piece that a bulldozer actually did miss her. Something else I must watch again.

  12. Just sent an email to Channel 4 congratulating them & Peter Kosminsky on a great series.

    It’s natural Brainless. Himmler also congratulated Eichmann after his succesful action in Hungary. But your masturbating on Kosminsky is a bit premature.

  13. By the very fact Bevin and the FO announced a year ahead, they would give up the Mandate everybody had good notice of the British departure. I had a colleague, then in RE works who left with much of the Jerusalem garrison via the Hebron road to Beer Sheba and El Auja then to the Suez Canal Zone.

    Several messages have already commented on the Channel 4 complaints reply that Kosminsky and team consulted Pal Vets; Impo War Museum; and the Parachute Regt Assocn which is a fair lower deck view of the British side. Has anybody asked them whether K’s team consulted the Hagana and Etzel Museums when in Tel Aviv, or read the Israeli side in Col Nathaniel Lorch “The Edge of the Sword” and Kimche’s “Seven Fallen Pillars” – both out in English editions since the 50’s. Besides in the Public records Office/Nat Archives is a file on how Bevin’s sidekick Beeley with a former district officer worked to adjust the original UNSCOP map to give Beer Sheba and the tract of land between Rafah and El Aujah to the Arab State in the final UN181.

    Most important and a very serious omission if unread, did they read and consult (he was still alive two years ago) Inspector (Pal Pol) Edward Horne ” A Job well Done” which is as regimental histories go a very good one. In the last two chapters he admits to the British making a dog’s breakfast of leaving Palestine near enough “accidentally on purpose” as the expectation was that the Arabs would have enough power to, “wreck Zionism for another 2000 years.” There is a Book Guild edition about 2001 and I gave my copy to the Israeli Border Police Museum in Barkai Teggart Fort. Unfortunately for all anti -Zionists when people are cornered they fight desperately and the Arabs were also betrayed by the competing Arab vultures in Cairo, Amman and Damascus and by their own contempt for Jews as glove puppets of the current power without their own substance and agenda – what ‘s changed?

    On that point it might be pertinent in these Tory and financial nit-picking austerity times to ask K and team:
    who was it who blew the Palestine Mandate year’s revenue worth of balances ie savings in HM Treasury on expenses to suppress revolt in 36 -38?
    Who was it whose rebellion obliged HMG with London Treasury funds to build the 56 Teggart forts for police and District Offices?
    Who did damn all to enlist and help fight the Nazis?

    Another important pair of drumsticks against the continual Arab whinge about humiliation:
    Have they considered that murdering a third of the Jewish people for no good reason was perhaps a humiliation deserving of revenge
    or at least ruthless self preservation when the Arab parties openly set out to repeat the massacre?
    especially as the Arab and other objections to Jewish or admittedly any immigration convinced Hitler that nobody would object to his paranoid delusional obsession?
    If the Arabs claim the Shoah never happened why are they so ready to claim they are being so treated?
    which is not the case or there would not be over 4 million Arabs between The River and The Sea compared to 1 200 000 in 1948.

  14. Great information, Mr Adam. I was reading about the attempt to give part of the partitioned Jewish land to Arabs. That would have been (22% minus something) of 22%.

    I was told some years ago that the Tegart forts were counted in the Arab fantasia as stolen Arab villages.

    Please keep posting.

    Where there is a parallel Kominsky dumps on the Jews. For example in The Promise in Hebron the character Paul says that the IDF are protecting “settlers” so stand by when Arabs are attacked by Jews.

    No mention of the attack on the Hadassah Hospital convoy in 1948

    Throughout the day, pleas to intercede were directed to the British by the Jewish Agency, the Haganah , Magnes, Davis and others. The British authorities suggested a truce to both sides and waited. The few troops at Antonius House were consistently refused permission to use their heavy machine gun and bazookas; a few bursts from these weapons could have smothered the Arab initiative.

    Hadassah volunteers monitored the British radio conversations throughout the day. This exchange was noted at a critical point: Forward British observer: “The buses are burning. Someone has to put out a white flag. Request permission to intercede.” British Headquarters: “Reinforcements are on the way. Keep everything steady.” But reinforcements, only a few minutes away, took seven hours to get to the site.

  15. walt, I don’t think he spoke to any of them and he says he did not get co-operation from the IDF.

    I wonder what the Israelis who allowed him to film there feel about the outcome – if indeed they know it.

    “People like me have the huge luxury of being given a platform to air our views, and Homeland is about two distinct time periods; the British occupation of Palestine in the 1940s and also the current situation between Palestine and Israel,” he says. “This is obviously a sensitive subject but there is genuine freedom
    of speech in Israel, no-one ever asked to see the script or made any attempt to control what we were doing. Of course if we asked the army for anything the answer was always no, but that’s
    normal and it is the same everywhere. Generally speaking, government officials have no idea about the levels of legal scrutiny that scripts are subjected to. If they did, I’m sure they’d be more
    open to co-operating with film-makers.”
    Gary Smith


  16. What a fantastic drama; how very predictable for the guilty party to get their knickers in a twist.

    Israeli Zionists HAVE become the oppressors; they have a US sanctioned racist and apartheid regime.

    But what’s this? The predictable playing of the anti-Semitic card!

    Refusing to appease war crimes by Israel is anti-Zionist, not anti-Semitic: grow up those of you bleating that refrain.

    I love this quote: “That which is hateful to you do not do to another … the rest (of the Torah) is all commentary, now go study.” – Rabbi Hillel

  17. Of course Weenie doesn’t get her knickers in a twist when her heroes, her “freedom fighters” hijack passenger planes and fly them into buildings, or bomb London buses and the underground, stone women to death for “honor”, or behead journalists, or threaten artists with death, or kill filmmakers, or bomb planes like Pan Am 103, or cut off the nose of women
    in Afghanistan, or have Muslim Only cities in Saudi Arabia, or murder 5,000 people with poison gas as the Muslim War Criminal (george gallowsway good friend) Saddam Hussein, or a “psychiatrist” murder 13 of his fellow Americans, or bomb Times Square, or try to bomb in-flight planes with a bomb hidden in their sneaker/underwear…


  18. Dreadfully sorry!

    To think I was under the impression that leaders of the Zionist persuasion wanted to drive the Arabs into the sea, to paraphrase. Silly me!

    How could I have been so wrong?? All that Zionists were really doing all along was teaching those nasty Muslims and Arabs a lesson for their barbaric ways…nothing to do with land grabbing or genocide, no!

    And as for war criminals like Saddam? What about war criminals like Dayan, Ben-Gurion, Sharon, Netanyahu etc?

    Do please feel free to read Breaking the Silence’s confessions by IDF murderers of civilians.

    This is not about the wider Islamic world, dear TGIF, it’s about the rogue terrorist state that is Zionist Israel and its treatment of Palestinians and even Arab Jews.

    I speak as neither Muslim, Christian nor Jew, simply as a human being against injustice and hypocrisy.

  19. I watched The Promise” on the Internet, and came away with feeling of boredom and disappointment. Given the apparently bottomless budget and limitless time that Kosminsky had, he could have done something much better and truer.

    The storyline is terribly trite – Erin, an ignorant anorexic epileptic teenage girl goes to Israel and is shocked – shocked – to find that there is actually animosity between Jews and Arabs because they blow each other up. She finds the key to the home of an Arab family that her grandfather befriended and promised to keep safe and decides to return it – the key as symbol of the “nakba” and, of course, we all know now that every Arab family has a key like this so they can go back to the house that no longer exists.

    She miraculously meets the Arab girl int he photograph her grandfather kept when he served in Palestine just as the nasty Israelis are preparing to blow up the old lady’s house just because her granddaughter was a suicide bomber who killed several Israelis in TA.

    The story is so replete with omissions and weird changes to place and history to accommodate the story that it would take another film to correct them all.

    Deir Yassin is near Jerusalem, not Haifa, that the attack was because of the Arab blockade of the road needed to bring supplies to the Jews in Jerusalem and its strategic location not just because the nasty Jews liked killing Arabs, that it was followed by the massacre of doctors and nurses on their way to Mt. Scopus yards form a British post that did nothing to stop the attack till there was noone left to save which Kominsky chose not to show, that the whole story is in large part a fabrication as these interviews with Arabs who were actually there show:

    All the Arabs are warm, friendly people, puzzled by the Jewish hatred that surrounds them. All the Jews in 1948 are mad fanatics determined only to kill anyone not Jewish.

    Erin stays with what the viewer is supposed to assume is a “typical” Israeli family – an uber-wealthy couple, he from England, she Israeli, living in a multi-million dollar villa in Caesaria, whose daughter drives to her induction into the IDF in her Mercedes convertible (how did the car get back home afterwards, I found myself wondering? Or did she just discard it when she had no more use for it?).

    Erin and her Arab friend and occasional sack-mate sneak into Gaza via a tunnel ..??!! from Israel ??!! Really??!! and we then have a series of absurd tear-jerking moments – the film ignores that fact that Israel left Gaza in 2005, that Israeli troops do not go in there to blow up houses but would do so from the air if at all, and do not send in bulldozers to clean up the mess after the house is demolished so that we can be treated Erin having a Rachel Corrie moment.

    What a waste of an opportunity to match the excellent sets and cinematography with an equally high-quality story.

  20. Oh, man, this whiney-weenie brought tears to my eyes. What a pathos! I mean, pathological self-delusional stupidity. Maybe she wants to play a role in the upcoming “The promise -II: harvesting pals organs”.

    Now, why the heck was this propaganda movie allowed to be shot in Israel? Isn´t it that same strain of masochism that gives literature prizes to such people as Ian Mcmoron, who then uses the opportunity to give his insufferable euro-trash moral lesson to israelis?

  21. Hahaha! So much denial and anger about Israeli war crimes… I must have hit a nerve. Maybe the self-delusional stupidity of which I stand accused is, in fact, your own!
    As for the the delightfully deranged ramblings of TGIF, I can assure you that my alleged ‘heroes’ are not, to your disappointment, killers of any persuasion, but rather MK Gandhi. No prizes for guessing what he would say to all you naughty children with guns.

    I refer you to my original quote, hon: “That which is hateful to you do not do to another … the rest (of the Torah) is all commentary, now go study.” – Rabbi Hillel.

    A peaceful, sensible, non-Zionist Jew, his is the way forward, my lovelies.


  22. Israel SMASHING islamofascists, I like.

    And as all can see, when there are no Infidels to kill, islamofascists turn on their own. Is that a LIE weenie?

    Are your islamofascist jihadis peace loving, flower petal dropping, dancing, misunderstood souls?

    Does the claim that Islam is the Religion of Peace make your jaw drop in disbelief?

    weenie, please tell your friends that if the UK, or INDIA or Israel were to suffer a nuke attack, the “holy” cities of Mecca, Medina, Qom would suffer terrible retaliation. The question to consider is whether islamofascists love Mecca more than they hate the US, India or Israel.

    Rabbi Hillel AKBAR!

  23. queenie

    As for the the delightfully deranged ramblings of TGIF, I can assure you that my alleged ‘heroes’ are not, to your disappointment, killers of any persuasion, but rather MK Gandhi. No prizes for guessing what he would say to all you naughty children with guns.

    I understand your love for Gandhi. At the time he suggested to the Jews to go to the gas chambers without resistance in order to demonstrate their peaceful intentions. This is only natural that you expect from us “naughty children” to do the same again. Tough luck for you that now we have guns…

    BTW Do you like to sleep with underage girls like your hero?

  24. Peterthehungarian: great call. I was going to reming queenie-weenie about Ghandi´s excentricities.

    As for “hitting a nerve”, oh, dear, another sign of self-aggradizing hubris. You and your endless clichés are just an endless source of mocking material.

    And in fact, you mock yourself in all your posts and seem unable to notice that, which is even funnier. Keep the good work.

  25. “BTW Do you like to sleep with underage girls like your hero?” Your lewd allegations are clearly the product of your own fetid fantasies. Try and keep them to yourself, Peter the Hungarian, instead of lowering the tone.

    Let’s establish a couple of facts:

    1) The Holocaust happened, Jews (and others, like Gypsies) were gassed. It was a great tragedy, and evidence of man’s inhumanity.

    2) The perpetrators were primarily Germans.

    3) Anti Semitism has long been a European sport; now the Palestinians are paying the price.

    4) Do not confuse Islamofascists, from whom there is certainly clear danger, with Palestinian civilians. If these self-same civilians have been driven to suicide bombs, one must ask why they felt that was their only recourse.

    5) There is also a very real type of fascism being perpetrated by Zionists, involving land-theft, racism and genocide, resulting in innocent Palestinian victims.

    My views transcend religious fanaticism regardless of where it originates; instead I see injustice in both the way Jews and Gypsies were treated by the Nazis, and in the way Palestinians are treated today in Israel.

    Try and see it without being clouded by hatred, please.

  26. queenie

    Your lewd allegations are clearly the product of your own fetid fantasies.

    Hmm not exactly my fantasies. Read this and learn from it:

    When you are complaining about the racist Zionists you should have consider some facts about your idol:


    Some of Gandhi’s early South African articles are controversial. On 7 March 1908, Gandhi wrote in the Indian Opinion of his time in a South African prison: “Kaffirs are as a rule uncivilised—the convicts even more so. They are troublesome, very dirty and live almost like animals.”[15] Writing on the subject of immigration in 1903, Gandhi commented: “We believe as much in the purity of race as we think they do… We believe also that the white race in South Africa should be the predominating race.”[16] During his time in South Africa, Gandhi protested repeatedly about the social classification of blacks with Indians, whom he described as “undoubtedly infinitely superior to the Kaffirs”.[17] Remarks such as these have led some to accuse Gandhi of racism.[18] It is worth noting though that the word Kaffir had a different connotation in Gandhi’s time than its current day meaning.[19]

    Don’t resist Nazism:

    In accordance with these views, in 1940, when invasion of the British Isles by Nazi Germany looked imminent, Gandhi offered the following advice to the British people (Non-Violence in Peace and War):[58]

    “I would like you to lay down the arms you have as being useless for saving you or humanity. You will invite Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini to take what they want of the countries you call your possessions…If these gentlemen choose to occupy your homes, you will vacate them. If they do not give you free passage out, you will allow yourselves, man, woman, and child, to be slaughtered, but you will refuse to owe allegiance to them.”

    Jews don’t resist – let yourself gassed by the Nazis:
    In a post-war interview in 1946, he offered a view at an even further extreme:

    “Hitler,” Gandhi said, “killed five million Jews. It is the greatest crime of our time. But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs… It would have aroused the world and the people of Germany… As it is they succumbed anyway in their millions.”[59]

    As I said before – your love of gandhi is understandable..

    He was a racist fanatic pervert hypocrite – you like him very much and hate us the same fashion – perfectly logical.

  27. This queenie-whiney is hopeless. She managed in one fell swoop to screw history, banalize the holocaust and equate zionism to nazism, all that claiming an objective humanist defence of justice.

    She´s the prototypical modern-day fake-activist, which would go to those hysterical anti-Israel hate parades chanting “Hamas, hamas, Jews to the gas!” with no regrets. Then they stop for a cappuccino and exchange that self-congratulatory chat with her brave “resistance” comrades about their compassionate selective outrage. Surely she doesn´t give a s*hit about real people, palestinians or other: it´s just her visceral hatred of Israel that drives her. For you won´t find her protesting on the streets against the victims of murderous islamists all over the globe, like the dayly killing of christians. I wonder if the dared to protest against the mysoginy displayed at Tahir square just days ago. Nah, she respetcs “other cultures”. They have their ways, which are organic and based on a long history, and who are we, westerners to criticize stoning of adulteres, hanging of homosexuals and dissenters, limb amputations and all that exotic stuff.

    She´s the complete unadultered product of LSE-style mental moronism that the West is producing in droves: a bunch of useful idiots, enablers, appeasers and voluntary dhimmis, to the great happiness of demopaths all over.

    And, BTW, go read some history books once in a while: the Holocaust was a pan-european enterprise, a very successful one in fact, with the participation not only of germans, but very many austrians, russians, ucranians, romanians, lithuanians, bosnians, croatians, french and italians. Of you are european, you should be proud.

  28. Queenie:

    Hillel, whom you praise for not being a Zionist, was born at a time when Jews were sovereign in the Land of Israel – which came about due to a violent victory over the Greeks. Did our alleged ‘non-Zionist’ subject complain about this? Though he later lived under the Roman yolk, this was before the destruction of the Temple and the Fall of Jerusalem. How do you know he wouldn’t have supported Jewish independence in the Land of Israel today?

  29. Wow, Peter the Hungarian, you really enjoy having people to hate!

    Yet you accuse me of hating you.

    I categorically do not hate you, nor your brethren. What I do hate is hatred and bigotry.

    This is not about Gandhi, it’s about right-wing Zionism. Don’t obfuscate.

    Why not use your considerable energy to generate peace and understanding between enemies instead of researching more ways to hate?

    Serjew, you go to some lengths to describe me and my beliefs, but you’re way off the mark. But I’m glad you made the connection between right-wing Zionism and Nazism. And yes, I’m well aware that a lot of Europe was involved in the Holocaust. No, I do not go to rallies and call for Jews to be gassed. How appalling of you to suggest that I do and to assume I have a visceral hatred of Israel. You know nothing about me.

    I do NOT condone Islamic violence and in fact have experienced their terror attacks. I still say that what Israel is doing in Gaza and the West Bank is wrong.

    These are separate issues, my friend.

    I repeat, it’s hatred and bigotry I hate. I’m finding an abundance of these ah, qualities, on this fascinating forum.

    Thesystemworks: Rabbi Hillel’s words are even more relevant today. How do YOU know he would have supported the murderous excesses (which you call Jewish independence and I call right-wing Zionism) in Israel today?

    Once and for all, I do NOT wish for Israel to disappear off the map, simply to revert to pre-1967 boundaries and to stop this institutionalised apartheid and genocide against Palestinians.

    Let me guess, all of you up in arms about my comments are big fans of Mr Teitel, right?

    What a surprise.

  30. Well, queenie-weenie, it is quite possible to know a lot about you because your type of fake-humanistarian moral masturbators are so tediously alike, always with the same slogans and clichés and the same obsession with Israel.

    Your ilk love to cry genocide. Yeah, Israel´s genocide against the pals is probably the greatest failure ever, ´cause pals population keeps increasing. As of your apartheid mantra, it´s a lie. The real apartheid goes on in islamic countries, first agains half of the population, women; then against homosexuals; against Jews; against christians; against apostates; against all infidels.

    So, cut the crap. You are just another hyperactive hypocrite. But, don´t worry, you can still earn a doctorate at the LSE.

  31. queenie

    So it is not about Gandhi now but about my hate?

    You completely miss the point queenie, I don’t hate you and your fellow travellers at all as I don’t hate the dirt on the street after accidentally stepped on it. I take a kleenex, clean my shoes and go on, the only emotion I feel is a mild disgust. In the case of you and company the disgust is a bit stronger that’s all. The dogshit has the advantage – it wouldn’t teach me how to be suicide in order to make it happy.

  32. Given the depths to which some commentators have sunk, I wish to distance myself from the rabid defence of the indefensible. Some of you have taken hypocrisy to a whole new level.

    What a shame that this is the best defence for their actions that right-wing Zionists can muster.


  33. Given the depths to which some commentators have sunk, I wish to distance myself from the rabid defence of the indefensible. Some of you have taken hypocrisy to a whole new level.

    What a shame that this is the best defence for their actions that right-wing Islamofascist-philic hypocrites can muster.

    Happy NAKBA to “progressive” fascists and their islamofascist brethern.

  34. Tried to order this on Love Film, but apparently there is a bit of a wait. Seems like people are really keen on watching it. Maybe if the Hasbara 2.0 apologists for Israel had kept their mouths shut there wouldn’t such an interest.