The hate that Harriet Sherwood inspires (Israeli behavior is simply “evil”)

We’re working on a reply to Harriet Sherwood’s latest screed against Israel, The Israelis keep bulldozing their village, but still the Bedouin will not give up their land, but here’s merely one example of the hate such acts of polemical malice by the Guardian produces.

Please tell me why this despicable tirade hasn’t been deleted.

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  1. Adam, before I get to reading the rubbish: are these the Bedouin who have houses nearby but take whatever land they feel like taking in addition?

    I know a nice country park I wouldn’t mind having a second home in. But I couldn’t last a day there legally.

  2. Having read it and some comment: the Bedouin tribe fled in 1948 and decided to return in 1990. The land is state land.

  3. One day she and her lies will be exposed and she will be brought to shame as will the poisonous Guardian..

  4. Harriet Sherwood is inciting hatred and murder:

    “The Israeli fascists get away with this terrorism. Where’s the US cavalry when you need them? Laugh I nearly did. Israel is sowing the seeds of the whirlwind and will therefore not be at all surprised when it comes. The cowardly Zionist Christians claim to be responding to the ‘word’ of god. I fear they will get their just desserts this side of judgement day and hopefully soon.”

    “Can we organise a whip round and get some bulldozers for the Bedouin?
    Or maybe some tanks.”

    “Israel is on the wrong side of history and, as the world around it changes, it will look more and more like the horrendous military-facist state that Lieberman and his ilk want it to be.”

    “But this is apparently not outrageous enough for Cameron to warrant arming those opposed to a sham of an Israeli democracy or imposing a no-fly zone or sanctions. Since when can a society be described as “democratic” if its policies blatantly favour one group (based on declared religious affiliations) over another group whose claim to the land is indisputable?”


    Stuff the Guardian

    Norman Geras on Howard Cooper at the Guardian:

    “Cooper’s little lecture would have been offensive wherever it appeared. But for it to appear in the Guardian, well-known for its lack of balance over – no, its animosity towards – Israel, makes it especially repellent. No doubt, because it comes from an Azzajew, the piece will have been seen in the relevant editorial quarters as kosher. My response to that is that the Guardian can stuff its lectures to Jews (those from Azzajews included) into a green teapot. There are few journalistic organs less qualified to deliver them.”

  5. “The hate that Harriet Sherwood inspires”

    You could have put that more accurately:

    “The disapproval of Israel that the facts inspire”.