Guardian reader: Hitler would have opposed Israel’s trade restrictions on Gaza

H/T Pretzelberg

In the comment section beneath Charles Shaar Murray’s CiF essay (Galliano’s views have nothing to do with Nazi chick), about John Galliano’s recent anti-Semitic tirade, was this remark by “Johnny Sclerossis“:

Yes, while attempting to exterminate Jews from the face of the earth, Hitler would have been shocked – simply shocked! – at the depravity of  Israel’s restrictions on weapons flowing into Gaza.

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  1. Utter stupidity is the means to describe this CiF comment. I dont even have the words to explain this stupid comment. This once again proves to those who are naive or refuse to accept the Guardian is anti-Israel no doubts about it.

  2. I’m much more concerned about the Guardian’s role in fostering an anti-Israeli climate than in some of the actual comments. It’s not that I don’t find them objectionable, it’s just that many of them are coming from very dysfunctional human beings, like Mr. Sclerosis.

    One recent morning I was out walking near the shore where I live. I heard someone screaming at me, or so I thought. I turned in the person’s direction, and I noticed that he was a homeless guy, living in a cardboard shelter. His rantings appeared to be part of some psychotic episode he was having.

    I’m not suggesting that every hateful and/or bizarre comment below the line at CiF emanates from a deranged mind. Nevertheless, I’m not certain how seriously I should treat some of those commenters.

  3. Of course Shitler wouldn’t have liked blockades on hamass controlled Gaza just as he wouldn’t have liked blockades on his other allies like Croatia, fascist Italy, imperial Japan.

  4. Actually the commenter may have gotten it right, Hitler apparently didn’t dig soft stuff – all the reports I have come across only real real hard core atrocities cheered him up.

    Stuff in effect so hardcore that I prefer not to elaborate out of concern for the victims’ suffering which is said to cheer him up. Just take your worst nightmares and phantasies, than double them and you come close

    That the supreme commander of the Warsaw Ghetto and a lot of similar places might have get his kind of satisfaction from the Gaza blockade is a ridiculous assumption.

  5. Lighten up everyone, can’t you see that it’s a joke ?!

    The poster is playing on the line: “say what you like about Hitler, but…”

  6. Jonnysclerosis is clearly suffering from cerebral sclerosis. He should be pitied rather than pilloried.

  7. I am always upset when the moderator deletes this type of comment. I think it would be preferable if the majority of comments were like that; the Guardian would not be able to hide the type of reader that it attracts.

  8. Such is the mentality on these threads that you are all having a MASSIVE sense of humour failure.
    Johnnysclerosis has made what he thinks is a comic post, a bit like the “what did the Romans ever do for us?” type of comment.
    Lighten up !

  9. Guys, I think you are missing the point.

    Let’s say that Hitler popped tomorrow and reclaimed germany as a Nazi state.

    He will not stand for trade restriction on Gaza, or Iran for that matter.

    It would assist him in eliminating the Jews.

    What Mr. Sclerosis is saying (rather unintentionaly I guess) is that those who oppose the trade restrictions to the Hamas controlled strip might actualy be in line with Hitler’s views on punishing the Jewish collective in whatever means at their disposal.

  10. Diss,

    I trust you are correct however, in such a sensitive situation it is worth noting at the foot of your note that it is said in sarcasm or as a joke.

    Otherwise people might take offence.

    Trust me, been there and I have made these mistakes myself.