Willful malice in the Guardian letter section

This is a guest post by AKUS

The Guardian’s letter section, at least that portion of it that makes its way to the web, provides the Guardian with an opportunity to hide behind the most scurrilous attacks against Israel without taking actual responsibility for the content. In fact, if challenged, it would probably hold the letters up as an example of “free speech”, just as the homophobic monsters who demonstrate at funerals for gays in the USA do for their demonstrations and placards.

Under the banner of “News:From the Observer:The big issue” the Guardian headlined: We need democracy in the Middle East – and Israel.  Never mind that the “big issue” in the Middle East is not Israel but the revolts in the countries around it and that Israel is a democracy. The paper provided set of letters presented as alternative views to Nick Cohen’s eloquent article of February 27, 2011, “Our absurd obsession with Israel is laid bare“. Several letters included a mélange of false statements that compounded outright lies, breathtaking ignorance, and a lack of context into dehumanization of Israel and Israelis.

W. Williamson, Durham wrote:

Israel is, however, part of the equation of oppression in the Middle East. It denies human rights and democratic choices in Gaza, where it enforces an inhuman siege to compound the dreadful violence of Operation Cast Lead in 2008/9. It occupies the West Bank in violation of international law.

Never mind that Israel left the Gazans to themselves in 2005 and the denial of human rights is practiced by the government the Gazans elected when taking the only opportunity they were given by Hamas to make a “democratic choice”? That the “inhuman siege” that allows hundreds of tons of food and other supplies into Gaza daily is a blockade intended to slow the flow of materials for the manufacture of rockets that are still fired daily, but barely ever reported, into Israel? That Cast Lead was the response to “the dreadful violence” of 8,000 rockets fired by these democrats into Israel towns and settlements between 2005 and 2009? That the occupation of the West Bank is not “in violation of international law” but a consequence of Jordan’s attack on Israel in 1967, which was in violation of international law?

Not content with this reworking of history and facts, W. Williamson continued with sweeping statements about Israel and Israelis:

West Bank settlers are among the most incorrigible and dangerous racist bigots of our times. Israel prides itself as the only democracy in the Middle East. In Gaza and on the West Bank it acts like a fascist state. Europe should now, as Cohen argues, demand democratisation not only throughout the Arab world but also in Israel.

Mr. Williamson needs to get out of Durham more and see what “racist bigots” really look like in places around the world– even in England, caught between the EDL and the Muslim fanatics calling for an end to democracy in England and Europe.  Israel is not “in Gaza” and the “fascist state” is run by Hamas theocrats that the Gazans elected. The Palestinian Authority controls the majority of the Arab population on the West Bank in equally hard-line fashion.  He needs to learn to distinguish between Israel, a democratic country, and the West Bank, a non-country which yet has its own nominally democratic self-government.

When he calls for “democratization” of Israel, does he not understand that the West Bank Arabs and the Gazans are not part of the Israeli electorate and cannot participate in Israel elections any more than he can? That it is the PA and Hamas which refuse to hold elections among their own people? That “democracy” is not a synonym for “Israeli national suicide”?

From Watford, Ian Lowery contends that many Arab dictators and Western powers have supported Israel for years and that this support for Israel has prevented peace from breaking out:

Many of these dictators propped up Israel’s onslaught on Palestinian human rights for years, which, arguably, is why they are there in the first place supported by pro-Israel western governments.

Without this support for Israel, a genuine peace agreement would have been on the table years ago.

This bizarre conspiracy theory flies in the face of all statements by Arab leaders and EU representatives, the Obama administration’s obsequious crawl to the PA and the Saudi initiative and infers that: (a) Arab countries support the denial of human rights to Palestinians (by Israel) because somehow that improves their own situation; (b) The dictatorships were therefore created by and are now supported by “pro-Israel Western governments” despite the support for the revolts in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere (c) If the Arab dictators had not supported Israel, Israel would have been forced to make peace with the Palestinians for unexplained reasons (d) and it is all Israel’s fault anyway that Arab dictators and Western countries support Israel.

These letters which the Guardian and Observer so readily publish demonstrate how a bizarre mixture of lies and fantasies is used to attack Israel no matter what it does.  It is clear that we are dealing with a pathology that yields to neither to facts nor logic. Israel and Israelis have become Europe’s new Jews – a country and people to be held outside the bounds of humanity, as the lies pile up like a new edition of the “Protocols”.

Israel will have to deal with its Middle Eastern neighbors as it best knows how, and continue to expand its new alliances with the emerging Asian powerhouses of India and China who are equally alarmed by the Islamist threats they face. As the Jews once left Spain and Portugal when they fell under the influence of the Inquisition for the freedom of South then North America, Israel will need to leave the fanaticism of the declining Europeans and their burgeoning Muslim population behind and continue to move ahead with its natural allies in the new world order. Israel’s future lies with America, India and China.

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  1. Williamson of Durham, like all anti-Semites views Jews and/or Jewish projects as the antithesis of his own world view, and in the pseudo-intellectual world of ‘progressive anti-racists’ like himself, inverts Israel and its people into warmongering fascists who pose the greatest threat to the region and the rest of humanity. Of course, the irony is that sanctimonious liberal anti-racists like Williamson hold opinions about Jews that in essence are no different from their right-wing Jew-hating ancestors.

  2. I wonder if “W. Williamson” of Durham is Professor Bill (William?) Williamson, emeritus Professor of Education at Durham University. If so, there should be no surprise at the tone of this letter. Prof. Williamson is a trustee of the Durham Palestine Educational Trust which authored this Annual report .

    According to this report Jerusalem is in Palestine. I wonder if someone told the Mayor.

  3. Some of Professor Bill Williamson’s activities and comments:

    1) Anti-Israel protests in Durham – June 2010

    ‘ “We have called this as a special meeting because of the raid on the convoy,” said campaigner Bill Williamson.

    “Incidents such as this are a tragedy in themselves and undermine the prospect of peace.

    “Even the Americans have conceded there is a link between what is happening in Israel and the problems in Afghanistan.”

    “It was noticeable that the next item on the news after the raid on the ships going to Gaza, was a story about the death of one of our servicemen in Afghanistan.

    “People in the UK might think the Middle East is remote to them, but any serious escalation of problems in the region would impact upon us in this country.

    “An example is oil supplies which would very likely be severely disrupted.”‘

    [Note especially: ‘It was noticeable that the next item on the news after the raid on the ships going to Gaza, was a story about the death of one of our servicemen in Afghanistan.’ — Hoi Polloi]

    2) County Durham Palestine Solidarity Campaign collected around 200 signatures – December 2009

    ‘Chairman Bill Williamson said: “One year on from that attack, which Israel called Operation Cast Lead, Gaza remains an open prison. Palestinians cannot travel, 80 per cent are unemployed and poor.

    1,500 people were killed during Israel’s attack, many of whom were children, and many more were injured and remain traumatised.

    “Israel has allowed into Gaza only minimal humanitarian aid and no re-construction materials.

    Homeless people are still living in tents, despite the winter.

    “Western governments, including the UK Government, collude with this state of affairs through their constant support of Israel. Gordon Brown and David Miliband believe that the UK has what they call a strategic partnership with Israel.

    “This is a wholly counterproductive view to take, and British people reject the idea that we have a partnership with a power that occupies Palestinian land in the West Bank illegally, that perhaps committed war crimes and crimes against humanity during its attack on Gaza…

    and which maintains a blockade of Gaza creating a humanitarian catastrophe for the people there.”

    Mr Williamson said that about 200 people signed the petition.’

  4. Now that LSE has admitted to ‘dark acts’ related to Saif Gadaffi and the generous donations from various ‘funds’, it seems that other ‘Universities’, including Durham, will be under the spotllight.

    That it has become somewhat of a center, along with Exeter University, for the ‘hate Israel’ crowd is hardly disputed. What should be examined is why?

  5. Whoever Williamson may be he’s got the facts wrong – not very impressive for an academic unless he’s into creative fiction.

  6. “not very impressive for an academic unless he’s into creative fiction”

    Or a journalist…

    The Guardian’s Mya Guarnieri plays Nazi card in phrophesizing the “the death of Israeli democracy”

    Mya Guarnieri – About

    “I am a graduate of Florida State University’s Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program”

    Creative writing

    “Creative writing is considered to be any writing, fiction, poetry, or non-fiction, that goes outside the bounds of normal professional, journalistic, academic, and technical forms of literature.”

  7. “Never mind that Israel left the Gazans to themselves in 2005”

    Yes…apart from the small matter of the blockade that is.

    Maybe the world should blockade Israel and then we can also call this: leaving Israelis to themselves.

  8. diss,

    “Yes…apart from the small matter of the blockade that is.”

    Yes… because, apart from the small matter of firing rockets onto Israeli Jewish towns within Israel’s pre-1967 borders, rockets for whose construction Hamas got materials by way of sea, there has been nothing but peace, love and flowers from Gaza following its becoming Judenrein.

    Typical anti-Zionist scum.

  9. Thank God I’m An Infidel,

    Anti-Zionism is an non-removable part of that package deal.

  10. Oops! Sorry about that. I thought it was like on FrontPage Mag, where some words (I don’t know which) cause the software to reject the entire comment, so you have to try modifications until it gets over.

  11. diss,

    “Quit with the Nazi slogans,…”

    I will use words as I see fit. I see it fit to use such a phrase that highlights the hypocrisy of the anti-Zionists, people who supposedly stand against ethnic cleansing yet have not a peep to say about the ethnic cleansing of all the Jews of the Gaza region that took place in August 2005.

    I will employ words as I wish. You will not tell me how to write. You are the verbal equivalent of those who tell Israel how to fight her wars on the battlefield. Anti-Zionists, shut up! You are on trial here, not we Zionists! You are on the dock, so stop acting as if you were on the judge’s seat! Learn your proper place!

  12. diss

    There has been an Arab blockade of Israel for 62 years. It took an Act of Congress to force American companies not to obey it.

  13. diss

    Here are a couple of headlines from the real world we live in, not the make-believe world where Arab-good, Jew=bad that you seem to inhabit that indicate what the real world thinks about the blockade of Gaza.

    Europe is a sinking ship – gaddafi has “threatened” Europe with a wave of Libyan refugees if they intervene, for example, and they are backing off as fast as they can after the fashla in the desert last week – and Israeli’s future lies elsewhere – America, India and China.

    Do you really think the Chinese or Indians, or, frankly, most Europeans not that they matter, give a hoot about a bunch of fanatics in Gaza as they start dealing with their own crowd of Muslims?,7340,L-4038333,00.html

    China wants Israel as technology partner

    Chinese commerce minister’s visit to Israel serves as another stepping-stone in economic collaboration between Jewish state, Asian superpower,7340,L-4026783,00.html

    Direct flights to Asia? Soon not only with El Al

    Due to growing number of visitors from Asia, Tourism Ministry expects Chinese Hainan Airlines, Indian Airlines to start operating flights to Holy Land