George Galloway’s support for brutal dictators challenged by Iranian student at LSE

H/T Gili Brenner

George Galloway’s hypocrisy, and support for brutal dictators, is exposed in this video of his talk from Monday – at the London School of Economics – where he was challenged by Iranian students, in a film spliced with snippets of previous remarks which clearly contradict his statements.

As Christopher Hitchens once said in a debate with Galloway:

“He turns up in Damascus! The man’s search for a tyrannical fatherland never ends! The Soviet Union’s let him down. Albania’s gone. The Red Army’s out of Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia. The hunt persists! Saddam has been overthrown. On to the next!”

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  1. George Galloway cares only about himself and no one else, often playing both sides against the middle. Probably works for MI6, too.

  2. I went to YouTube, downloaded it to Real Player and that worked.

    It’s a bit of a triumph for Mr Freedomiran.

  3. Gorgeous’ raised voice shows that he was rattled by the accusation. The quiet persistence of the questioner only makes him more rattled.

    And Gorgeous IS on record as not believing that Iran is a dictatorship!