The “Mystery” of the Gaza Power Plant

A guest post by AKUS

Gaza is agog with the news that the only engineer capable of running Gaza’s power station has been kidnapped by the Mossad in the Ukraine.

Ynet, in an unguarded Guardian Moment, has reported that the UN accuses Israel of kidnapping Palestinian.

[Ukrainian] wife of engineer Dirar Abu Sisi who vanished in Ukraine three weeks ago tells AP ‘my husband was the heart of the only electric station in Gaza. It’s a strategic object and they wanted to disable it’ …. Abu Sisi’s Ukrainian wife, Veronika, 32, alleges the Israeli secret service Mossad carried out the abduction in order to sabotage a key electric power plant in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip where he worked as a senior manager ……

[Veronika said]: My husband was the heart of the only electric station in Gaza, or rather its brain. It’s a strategic object and they wanted to disable it…. Gaza strip interior minister Fathi Hamad sent a message to his Ukrainian colleague demanding that immediate steps be taken to expose the reason of Abu Sisi’s disappearance and ensure his safe return to his family.

Maksim Butkevych, spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Ukraine, said Abu Sisi has been in custody in Israel since shortly after his disappearance. The UN agency believes he was abducted and illegally transported by Israeli security forces, perhaps with the aid of Ukrainian counterparts….”

Well, the Mossad and its crowd of trained Ukrainian GPS-equipped vultures who picked him up and flew him out of the Ukraine to Israel seem to have slipped up badly.

You see, despite the disappearance of this incredibly important brainy person, possibly the only one able to keep the Gaza power station humming … it’s … umm  … still working perfectly well.

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  1. the anatomy of a smear campaign.

    a few weeks ago, the wife of sisi made a claim that sisi was abducted off a train by mossad operatives…this claim could not be confirmed by any sources

    two weeks later, reporter…..errrrr….hamas propagandist, capo dickie smuckerstein, puts in his blog that he has confirmed through sources in israel that sisi was not only abducted…but he is in israeli prison…he cites two ngo’s, neither of whom place this info on their websites

    of course, dickie says that there is a blackout that has been ordered by the shabak

    says he spoke to sisi’s atty…who cannot talk about the case (read…had no clue what i was talking about)

    the only news sources that confirm dickie’s account are eurasia review…with dickie’s byline

    this story then spreads to other israel hate blogs, and then gets picked up by some legit news sources…none of whom even attempt to confirm it…they dont even speak to the ngos…just state the facts as presented by dickie

    the above smear campaign is another reason why the knesset needs to rethink news blackout rules…they dont work in the 21st century, and are used against israel, as it cannot deny nor confirm anything…nor fight smears

  2. Although I doubt that this guy was kidnapped by Ukrainian friends of the Mossad, I just thought it quite funny that the motive given was that this was done in order to close down the power station, even if for some reason he actually was kidnapped (e.g., this “brain” is really the replacement for the arms dealer killed in Dubai, or a terrorist attack planner, or whatever).

    All Israel needs to do is stop sending in the fuel the power station uses if for some reason Israel wanted to to achieve that goal .

    And, of course, the power plant is humming along merrily even without its “brain”.

  3. of course the reasoning is absurd…because the story is absurd

    and watch…in a few weeks, he will have mysteriously have died in prison

    the entire story originates with capo dickie, who does the bidding of his anti israel masters who just happen to be connected to ngos in israel

    what shocks me is that some in the mainstream press are now picking up on the story without even one independent confirmation

  4. Another example of the White manoeuvre – telling the mouth-breathers what they want to hear rather than what is true?

  5. All of you guys.


    Can we please apologise where it is due.

    What we see is a civilian being abducted by our agents which place our current treaty with Ukraine in possible bad light.

    And this under (surprise surprise…) Bibi’s watch.

    The question needs asking is was this guy linked to dirty bombs smuggling?
    Was he linked to anything?

    I guess waiting for the gag order to lift is what we have to do.

    I am shocked that many here jumped to conclusions which is exactly what all the Flottila nutters did.