The human toll of Palestinian terrorism

H/T Daled Amos

While many in the mainstream media, including the Guardian, continue to callously describe Israelis (including small children) killed yesterday in Itamar as “settlers”, its important for those not predisposed to seeing Israeli men, women, and children – some of whom happen to live across the green line – as a mere abstraction to humanize such innocent victims.

While we have decided against showing the gruesome crime scene photos taken of the Shabbat attack in Itamar which have been circulated online, it certainly seems appropriate to show pictures of the victims while they were still alive, as we did when displaying photos of the Fogel family in yesterday’s post.

Here are photos of the 123 children killed by Palestinian terrorists from the start of the 2nd Intifada through 2006 – attacks which were launched in coffee shops and restaurants, on dozens of buses, and in the middle of the street. (I was unable to locate info on child victims since 2006.)


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  1. From “The Song of the Murdered Jewish People” by Itzhak Katzenelson; translated by Noah H. Rosenbloom

    “The first to perish were the children, abandoned orphans,
    The world’s best, the bleak earth’s brightest.
    These children from the orphanages might have been our comfort.
    From these sad, mute, bleak faces our new dawn might have risen.”

  2. I fail to understand how you can be called a settler if you live where you were born.

  3. Thanks for these.

    We do too little of this and of course there should be no need for any of it, but the world needs to know about the victims of suicide and other terror, that they were living, breathing people, who had hopes, dreams and aspirations.

    I am also noting that not one of these children was dressed in military clothing or was a combatant, not one was wanting to emulate the murderers of innocents. not one was proud to want to perpetrate violence, and yet the terrorists who murdered them thought they were fair game.

    Shame on a world which by stands while such atrocities are perpetrated, or blames the victims and demands concessions from them.

  4. Someone should send hese photos to Caryl Churchill with a message:

    “tell her there’s dead babies, did she see babies?”

  5. This was the most horrific of the ongoing attacks and foiled attacks that are barely ever reported. Here’s a recent list (and if anyone thinks the security fence and checkpoints are not doing their job this should show how wrong they are):

    The following is a partial list of attacks on Israelis that have taken place in the West Bank and Jerusalem over the last four weeks.

    March 3

    · Two Palestinian terrorists with explosive charges and knives apprehended. Sappers safely detonate explosives.

    · Six fire bombs thrown at Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem. No injuries.

    March 1

    · Israeli woman wounded lightly from rocks on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem.

    · IDF uncovers 5 firebombs, knife on Palestinian at Tapuch checkpoint.

    · Palestinians throw fire bombs and rocks at cars near Azoun in West Bank. No injuries reported.

    Feb. 28

    · Israeli wounded lightly by rocks thrown near Shiloh.

    · Israeli injured lightly by rocks thrown at cars.

    ·Palestinian from Bethlehem caught with large knife at Jerusalem bus station. Intended stabbing soldiers

    Feb. 27

    · Man with suspected explosive device eludes police and security searches

    Feb. 25

    · Five border police officers lightly wounded from rocks thrown during a demonstration in Hebron

    Feb. 21

    · Issawiya (East Jerusalem): Arab man throws Molotov cocktails

    Feb. 14

    · Two armed Palestinian police officers arrested after they infiltrated a Jewish residential section of Hebron.

  6. Margie,

    A pregnant Squatter gives birth in a house she’s squatting in does not give the child keys to that house.

    Now I’m not talking about Itamar but about the outposts.