A British Muslim group likely never to get the chance to comment freely at the Guardian

“Here…we believe that the dialogue concerning Israel has increasingly become dumbed down and violent towards the Middle East’s only democracy.

We believe there is a campaign of delegitimisation against Israel as, so-called, ‘Palestinian solidarity’ campaigns represent nothing more than vested interests and hatred for Israel.

These groups have shown a support for Hamas, an organisation which oppresses the Palestinian people in Gaza, and whose charter calls for the murder of Jews and the promulgation of Islamist ideology – an idea that would extirpate any hope for the liberty, democracy and individual freedom that is required for peace and prosperity.

We exist to set the record straight.”

This is the introductory passage on the home page of an extraordinary new group that deserves our support: British Muslims for Israel

Also, check out their blog, here.

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  1. Adam, do you know who runs this? I note that there’s no “Contact us” section, much less names of moderate Muslims who can be contacted.

  2. Serendipity,

    They are under mortal threat. Dissenters in the Muslim world don’t just get an “I beg to differ” or even “Rot in hell!” message.

  3. They may be Sufis. Sufis speak up about the Sunni stranglehold on the ghastly Muslim Council of Britain which at least now has been detached from the government and some of our taxes.

    But. Local government has its hands on monies that can be doled out to Muslim “community groups”. Maybe depriving local government of some of that largesse will help.

    I’m not up to date with Tower Hamlets.