J Street: Maybe Israel really ain’t a good idea (Updated, with abbreviated video)

H/T Lori Lowenthal Marcus, President of Z Street.

And, another H/T to Elder of Ziyon for editing and shortening the original video:

As a believer in big-tent Zionism, I occasionally hold out hope that my skepticism about the Israel lobby group, J Street, is misplaced.  However, the evidence of the groups’ hostility towards Israel, and tolerance of voices who question the Jewish state’s very right to exist, is continuing to pile up, and simply can’t be ignored.

Maybe, if this collective Jewish presence” — that is, the Jewish State in the Middle East — “can only survive by the sword, then Israel really ain’t a good idea.”  So said Daniel Levy, one of J Street’s founders, at the 2011 J Street Conference.

You can hear him, and the lack of any objection from even one of the 2000-strong audience, at 1:26:15 on this J Street Conference video beow, which is also available on their website.

To J Streeters out there who are indeed offended by such rhetoric: Can you please communicate your concerns to the organization’s leadership, and convey to them something along the following:

While reasonable people can of course differ over how best to achieve peace between Israel and her neighbors, Israel’s unqualified right to exist is not open for debate.

What about that don’t they get?!

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  1. But is he saying by ‘But if we’re wrong’ i.e. ‘We’re right and Israel needn’t live by the sword’?

    I don’t deny what he says is problematical, but it is important not to omit context.

  2. There is something about British Jews ….

    He should go back home. He’ll be appreciated more there.

  3. Adam:

    You have cut it down to only 48 seconds and it shows only Levy speaking! Can we see the discussion that immediately preceded his statement to get a little context about what was being discussed.