The Guardian’s romance with Hamas is getting hot and heavy

Daud Abdullah, Director of the openly pro-Hamas group, Middle East Monitor (MEMO), was provided a platform by the Guardian to take aim at Israel’s legitimacy in “Europe’s Israel romance is on the wane” (CiF, March 15).

While the story itself – a poll commissioned by MEMO purporting to show a decline in European support for Israel, aimed at further legitimizing hatred toward the Jewish state – is tired and predictable to anyone familiar with commentary about Israel at the Guardian, it is essential for those unfamiliar with MEMO to understand just how radical they are.

Daud Abdullah is a Hamas sympathizer who, in 2009, signed the so-called the Istanbul Declaration which stated that the “Islamic Nation” had a duty to attack all foreign warships – including British ones – that tried to prevent arms smuggling into Gaza, referred to Israel as the “Zionist entity”, and justified attacks on Jewish communities all around the world. Abdullah also gave a speech at Regent’s Park Mosque in 2002 which contained an anti-Semitic narrative that was characterized as “pure incitement to racial and religious hatred”.

MEMO also published Dr. Azzam Tamimi, a Hamas spokesperson in Britain and yet another advocate of suicide bombings, and has posted explicitly anti-Semitic commentary on their website, including this by Kathleen Christison, warning darkly of the threat of world Jewish domination:

“Zionist lobbyists continued to work as assiduously, with results as “miraculous,” throughout the twentieth century, gaining influence over civil society and ultimately over policymakers and, most importantly, shaping the public discourse that determines all thinking about Israel and its neighbors… Jewish dispersion across the Western world—and Jewish influence in the economies, the film industries, the media, and academia in key Western countries—are what enabled the Zionist movement to survive and thrive in the dark years of the early twentieth century; and Zionist lobbying and molding [sic] of public discourse are what has maintained Israel’s favored place in the hearts and minds of Americans and the policy councils of America’s politicians.”

Just last week, MEMO published a piece by Khalid Amayreh which referred to Zionism as a cancer:

“Zionism is much more than criminal and nefarious. It is also genocidal, racist, rapacious, covetous, and of course utterly mendacious. Zionism is expansionistic, very much like a malignant cancer. This is why, no people on earth can remain safe if living with or next to Zionism. In other words, if you don’t eradicate Zionism, Zionism will eradicate you.”

Given the Guardian’s previous decision to grant license to someone openly affiliated with Hamas, this particular post is not an exception but, rather, represents quite accurately the orientation of the Guardian Left, an ideology which – under the guise of anti-imperialism – normalizes and legitimizes the most radical, violent, anti-Semitic (and political reactionary) groups.

This romance with Islamic extremism – like the flirtations in a previous era with Soviet communism – represents the nadir of far left political pathology: “Progressives” who are somehow seduced by political movements which embody the very antithesis of the liberal values they claim to uphold: an intellectual malady on display daily at the Guardian.

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  1. The Groan’s romance with Hamas is no secret surely. The Groan after all was quick to publish a sickeningly sycophantic obituary to Nizar Rayyan, the Hamas leader who refused to allow two of his wives and several of his children to leave for safety during Cast Lead and who were blown up alongside him when the IDF struck his apartment after having warned him that they would do so.

    To pay tribute to such an animal, instrumental in the recruitment of his own son to suicide murder, shows the Guardian for what it is – lower than gutter press.

  2. noticed that they closed comments after a few hours

    he is supposed to be a moderate muslim right?

    so ends the myth of the moderate follower of the insane, illiterate, pedophile. mohammed

  3. I just want to thank you here at CIFWatch for your fantastic work. The Guardian literally makes me ashamed to be British – when I can brace myself to read their disgraceful tripe. They won’t let me comment there any more, for some odd reason, so I tend to read about thier antics from your good selves.

    Some of your recent posts have been most educational, historically. It’s sad that you need to do this just to get some sort of balance out there. But you do. Keep it up.

  4. Airlift the entire Guardian staff to Fukashima and drop them in the melting reactors to cool them off…

  5. @keeptonyblairforpm

    From the CiF Watch team thanks and please spread the word among your friends!

  6. guardian always closes the comments for palestine related articles because they know the majority are vile and antisemitic.

    the huffington post doesnt even allow comments on a lot of their israel articles cause they know the response.

    it is subtle antisemitism.

  7. The daily drip feed of pro-violence propaganda from the Guardian is nauseating.

    Guardian editors should be arrested for:

    * glorification of violence
    * incitement to hatred
    * treason – betraying secular liberal values

    It would be quite nice to seem the entire Guardian editorial team sent on a re-education programme, preferably digging up salt in the salt mines of Cheshire, before being allowed back into civilised society.

  8. keeptonyblairforpm, I endorse what you say about the Guardian, but please don’t mistake the Guardian for British as a whole. The majority of Brits are at best apathetic (which is why the Groan and other gutter press gets away with printing the distortions it does) but a very few are as hate-filled as the Groan reflects.

    A few weeks ago I spent a day doing a street collection in my town for a small charity.

    I thought I’d become hardened and cynical and was ready to damn the whole human race but I was almost blown away by the generosity of the ordinary people in my town.

    I am beginning to believe that this is an excellent antidote to helplessness in the face of lies and distortions, but I am not fooled. I still believe that the Guardian and the MSM deserve to be consigned to the lowest pit of Hell for the hatred they incite.

  9. Derek Pasquill, no, they should be sent to Sderot, to a community programme which tidies up after the shelling that their friends in Gaza initiate.

  10. Abban Aziz, not allowing comments seems to becoming more frequent in the Groan, too, particularly after what pass for the “opinions” of Hattie the Hen Sherwood, which although hardly intellectual and often risible, are still capable of messing with ignorant people’s heads.

    Myself, I see this closed to comments business as a small victory for the rest of us. We know that the Groan can’t cope with well-founded criticism or anything which undermines its mindless hatred of Israel, even when its correspondents write utter rubbish, and how better to appear to be agreed with than to disallow any disagreement? The HuffPo seems cast in the same twisted mould.

    However, there are still CiFWatch and HuffPoMonitor. And the less comment is allowed btl the greater is the opportunity for both these to set the record straight.

  11. Actually, Snigger, there may be a more parsimonious explanation for articles being closed to comment: We know that the Groan is on its uppers financially – perhaps it can’t afford to employ enough mods, however little it must pay them, and without them it might find itself up to its neck in lawsuits.

  12. Silver trees

    If only that was true . I think more likely was the fact that they had been inunudated with more then the usual number of pro Israel comments and were having to do a lot more read throughs and deletions . I had a perfectly reasonable comment up for about an hour or so before they decided to vapourise it.

  13. Israeli Hasbarah at its best (sorry about the English – it’s via “Google translate”):

    IDF spokesman was unable to leverage the success of the fleet to target Iran’s involvement in international media on terrorism: foreign media angrily left the port of Ashdod

    by Yoav Zeitoun – YNet

    IDF invited media representatives to inspect the captured weapons on the boat. Teams of foreign media angrily left the port of Ashdod after being stalled for over an hour at a inspection of the security forces. Army explained that the GSS operates the inspection position. Prime minister, defense minister and chief of staff also came to the port to examine the spoils.

    Yahya Kassem, correspondent told Ynet that “I do not understand why detain us. Those who remain, not abandoned, left here with a sour feeling. I do not understand why not give priority to the foreign media should The images broadcast to the world. ”

    Spanish network correspondent who abandoned angrily said that “It is stupid and disrespect. This is a shot in the leg. What brought us? To dry in the sun or to see a weapon intended for Hamas?”. All in all left the area on foot about 30 photographers and reporters – including teams of Germans, Spaniards and Arabs. Soldiers handed out sandwiches and water remaining teams.

  14. MindFullOfC**p (not just blind),

    I see you bring every fault on Israel’s part you can find. This is not constructive criticism, this is gloating. I might have called you just plain misguided in the past, but your track record leaves no room for doubt: You’re of malicious intent. I consider you, and I think everyone else should, not a pro-Israel poster who has a very, very, very sharp disagreement (dispute, spat, vendetta etc. etc.) with the religious and right-wing elements in Israel, but an anti-Israel troll on the order of Berchmans, Pretzelberg, Mostly Harmless and that sort.

    You can stop peddling your “sane pro-Israel front” mask from now on, because here is already one reader who no longer buys that.