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Nadir of the anti-Zionist Jewish left: Mondoweiss debates how ‘progressives’ should feel about murder of Jewish children in Itamar

I wouldn’t recommend reading the Jewish anti-Zionist blog Mondoweiss unless you’re really prepared to roam the abyss of Jewish extreme left political pathologies – Jews who, as Anthony Julius has observed, appear to be “proud to be ashamed to be Jewish” (and here’s something I posted at Elder of Ziyon if you’re interested in a primer on the blog) – but I thought it at least worth noting the surreal “debate” going on on at the site.  Here’s the conclusion of a recent post by a frequent contributor:

“We know from history that if you occupy, torture, and humiliate a people, kill their children, destroy their homes, ravage their mosques, burn their olive trees, and degrade their hopes to dust, some of them will snap. You want my condemnation? You will not have it. No one should respond to such demagogic moral blackmail. We killed those children. There are those who will warp my words. Good luck. I do not want children to die, no child deserves to die or deserves such parents or deserves to be born into such a society or such a state. However, I don’t think judgment of the Palestinians is the best way to prevent such murders. I have a better idea: war crimes trials for those most responsible. They will be easy to find – they are all over the television, and we vote for them regularly. If we are interested in stopping the killing of Jewish children and Palestinian children alike, then let’s point our fingers at those responsible for creating the conditions that make those murders almost inevitable: the endless chain of military commanders-turned-bourgeois ahusalim sitting in the suburbs of Tel-Aviv clucking at the latest barbarity spawned by the barbarities they’d rather forget. We know names, we know who to blame: Netanyahu, Livni, Peres, Bush, Obama, Clinton. How convenient, for us to blame the victims. How pathetic and cowardly. How shameful.”

No, “shameful” doesn’t begin to describe the depravity of Jews whose hatred of Israel is so intense that they’re not prepared to fiercely, and without qualification, express moral outrage towards Palestinian terrorists who would slit the throat of an infant.

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  1. If you think THIS is bad, head over to Richard Silverstein’s blog.
    Anyone familiar with his blog will know that virtually any comment critical of Silverstein or Palestinians will be deleted, but looks what he allows to remain:

    “They are legitimate targets. Very much so. Everyone living in itamar is guilty of terrible, horrible crimes against humanity. Death is fitting penalty. They need to learn fear and pain and grief and death. I shed no tears for them. I’m glad they didn’t die in their sleep. Harsh, isn’t it? Well the occupation IS harsh.
    Yes, killing children is always wrong. But the killers here are, shall we say, “exempt”.”

    How very charming.

  2. Thanks Jon. Boy, that truly is sickening.

    Out of curiosity, how has Silverstein opined about the attack in Itamar?

  3. When you have to write paragraphs to rationalize the murder of a family, including small children, you have just revealed your own lack of any moral sense. There is no excuse. The murderers chose to do it and their society is so sick that the murders were celebrated. What else do you need to know?

  4. These “people” need to be pitied. With the demise of lunatic asylums replaced by so-called “care in the community” these “people” are free to roam the streets of cyber-space wth impunity.
    In time of war these “people” would be dealt with as the British dealt with their traitors like “Lord” Haw Haw and the Norwegians with Quisling.
    That is what they are, traitors to the Jewish people, very very sad.

  5. Palestinian Arab Muslims managed to kill hundreds of anti-Zionist ultra-orthodox Jews in Hebron in 1929, without any occupation to provoke them.

    But idiots like Mondoweiss were still blaming the same (seriously, the Palestine Communist Party celebrated the pogroms as expressive of the peasant/working classes throwing off Zionist-British chains.

  6. Sometimes I wish we could reintroduce the cherem against low lifes of this sort.

    Mondoweiss and KapoDickie are seriously disturbed human beings.

  7. what about pseudo journalist max blumenthal’s recent blog post…which can also be found on his bff phillie boy’s blog

    phillip weiss and capo dickie are fringe nutjobs…very few people know about them or their blogs…or pay them any mind….but max gets time on the msm

    i no longer hold to the concept that those on the left are useful idiots

    i now fully hold that every single one of them is pure evil…rotten to the core

  8. Adam

    dickie has done the same as everyone else on the far left…played the moral equivalency card

    he is a sick, twisted bastard

  9. Adam, what you have posted is not far off from stuff I’ve seen in the Jewish Chronicle blogs section. This sunday they published an opinion inferring that the murdered family were idol-worshippers.

  10. its clear once again that the worst anti-semite is a jewish one! we have them here in our city and they are sickening with their one eyed view of this complex situation.

  11. Adam, he originally wrote “The settlements and building more houses in retribution is a latter-day equivalent of worshipping a golden calf” and then altered it to what I wrote above.”

    The JC, whose sales dropped by 2,000 in the second half of 2010, will resort to anything and publish anything, to sell more papers.

  12. I remember the guardian editorials that showed how indifferent journalists were to the suicide bombers in Israel.

    the hyperbole and outrageous claims made against the Jewish residents in the West Bank, the vast majority of whom are separated from their Arab neighborhoods, are nothing new.

    But even if we were to assume the interpretation, the “occupied” and “oppressed” West Bank Palestinians still have a higher quality of life and standard of living than Muslims living next to White British Christians.

    so I guess under European logic, it would be legitimate to slit the throats of British white babies because the White Brits are oppressing the poor British muslims.

    And Britain has far more responsibility over Muslims than Israel does over Palestinians who have their own government and legal system.

  13. “guilty of terrible, horrible crimes against humanity”

    Like uprooting olive trees.

    This crying about “crimes against humanity” for doing almost nothing compared to the actual “crimes against humanity” we witness daily elsewhere, little as I agree with the whole settler movement, is nothing more than a total dehumanization of Jews and, actually, Israelis in particular.

  14. The swine who murdered 5 people, 3 of them children is a dead “man” walking.

    The islamofascists must be printing up the new street signs with his name because he won’t be around too much longer.

  15. Nothing connected to either Mondoweiss or RIchard Silverstein is really surprising anymore: there’s a point where these entities fall from “scraping the bottom of the barrel” to “being sealed underneath the bottom of the barrel”. They made their choice to surrender to the ultra-Left after the Left’s many failings led its “leadership” to decide they hadn’t been appeasing and anti-Israel enough. That’s their problem.

  16. I wish someone would challenge these antisemitic Jews and ask, if the “occupation” and “war crimes” of Israel have driven these poor innocent Palestinians to commit such horrific murders, if such a clear line can be drawn for cause and effect, how would they explain the lack of murders by Jews of European babies (even adults) over the centuries of persecution, torture, exile, forced conversion, etc.

    Oh, wait, I forgot the blood libels.

  17. I ask where are Arabs Against Islamofascism?

    Where is “Salaam Now”?

    Where are the “peace activists”, “anti-war” marches AGAINST al qada, AGAINST osama bin laden, AGAINST hamass, AGAINST plane hijackers, ship hijackers, olympics hijackers, AGAINST beheading journalists?

    What’s the matter, is it COUNTER REVOLUTIONARY to oppose islamofascism?

  18. Adam, I think you should have left Mondoweiss and KapoDickie where they belong, in the sewer, rather than give them the oxygen of publicity and what they would perceive to be a spurious kind of affirmation.

  19. Agreed, Serendipity. Mondoweiss and certainly Silverstein probably get a sexual thrill from the attention they get, however negative.

    Only a malignant narcissist like Silverstein could dare to call his blog Tikkun Olam, as if the filth he peddles about his people really does repair the universe. The best way to deal with malignant narcissists is not to give them the attention they crave and ultimately they will self-destruct.

    Trouble is, he has too many similarly malignant supporters.

  20. Not content with equating Israeli settlers with idol-worshippers, the Jewish Chronicle has now publshed a blog comparing the settlements with the Japanese disaster.

    I really think that the Guardian, a goyishe newspaper in a goyishe country, takes second place to Jews providing anti-semitic material for Israel-haters, who can claim “but the Jews say this”.

    Incidentally, the origin of the JC’s latest filth is from the Israeli HaAretz, but there’s a difference in who says what.

  21. Flattering though it might be to have you imitate me, it does display a paucity of thought and originality.

  22. WHAT “thought and originality”?????

    Excusing islamofascism, excusing stoning women to death, excusing videos of beheading of bound captives, excusing bombing of Pan Am 103, excusing shooting down of KAL 007 by the soviets, excusing the hanging of gay teens in public executions, excusing the Mumbai massacre, excusing the WMD poison gassing of the Kurds of Halabja?????

  23. … and equating settlers with idol-worshippers, and the settlement movement with the disaster in Japan?

    Takes a lot of hatred to get there …