Guardian deems all rocket fire equal; but some more equal than others

The Guardian, which didn’t post (anywhere on their site) even a brief mention of the more than 50 rockets which were fired into Israel over the weekend that injured two, saw fit to report on Israel’s retaliatory strikes:

Is it even worth asking at this point why the Guardian had no interest in reporting Hamas rocket fire into Israel, but deemed it newsworthy to report on Israel’s retaliation?

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  1. I read the article and it clearly talks about both the rocket fire and the mortar fire that came from Gaza and the fact that the Israelis were retailiating, viz:

    “Hamas has stepped up rocket fire at Israel after a lengthy hiatus since the war of two years ago, claiming responsibility for the firing of more than two dozen mortars and rockets at the weekend.”
    “Hamas fired two rockets into southern Israel on Sunday, a day after Palestinian militants fired more than 50 mortar shells into Israel in the the heaviest Palestinian barrage since a major Israeli military offensive in Gaza two years ago. In the evening, militants in Gaza fired another rocket into southern Israel, exploding near the city of Ashkelon. No one was hurt.”
    Most rocket attacks from Gaza since the invasion have been carried out by small militant groups, although Hamas claimed responsibility for some mortar fire on Saturday, which slightly wounded two Israelis.

  2. Yeah, what counts as children? The average age of a Gazan is what…15? And the average Gazan has 5 children?

    The IDF more than meets the basic requirements of international law by discrminating between civilians and legal combatants.

    In any case, just because Hamas trolls camp in protected zones does not make them immune from attack.

    Notice how the Guardian never reported that the Hamas leadership hid under a HOSPITAL during the Gaza War to shield themselves from Israeli raids.

    But I thought Israel deliberately kills civilians with chemical weapons and gas?!111!!

    It is very disgusting. And quite hypocritical considering Britain is busy bombing Libya with more firepower than Israel has used in the last ten years against a nation that poses little to no threat to British people.

    Can’t wait to see the civilian casualties for that. I’m sure the guardian will gloss over their armies war crimes…

  3. BeyondZS – I read the article and it clearly talks about both the rocket fire and the mortar fire that came from Gaza and the fact that the Israelis were retailiating, viz:

    They also reported: Among the wounded were seven children, two women and four militants, according to officials from Hamas, the Islamist group that controls Gaza

    As usual, Hamas reports ……..

    No learning curve at all from The Guardian.

  4. I once heard a lecture that there is an international debate going on as of which age a child soldier should be considered as a soldier.

    The consensus hovers around 15 with the 16 advocates losing out to the 14 advocates.

    That’s why I ask which age the children where.

    If they don’t keep their youngsters home and away from stones, molotov cocktails, mortars and whatever else until the age of 18 then child or not should be decided according to the same standards applied to African child soldier militias.

    What is the minimum recruiting age for the US military? I dimly remember 17?

  5. This is what I call “insidious reporting”. It’s not exactly dishonest, but it’s extremely misleading, not to say utterly biased, by reversing the chronological order of events, putting the Israeli reaction first, and only then, as if a minor detail, the original attack. For people who don’t go past the headlines it gives a totally distorted view of Israel.

    I wrote a blog-post of my own about this in respect of the Grad missiles on Netivot and Ofakim a few weeks ago.

    One can probably write the same article for every single attack on Israel and Israel’s retaliation. It happens every time in almost every foreign media source. And in English Haaretz too.

  6. Did the BBC report that over 50 mortars had been fired into Israel in the past few days? Did it report that there were injuries and that the mortars had reached as far as Ashkelon? Of course not. However, this morning it did report that Israel had bombed targets in Gaza and that Palestinian doctors had stated that x had been killed and x injured. Never in context. All this while ‘coalition forces’ bomb the shit out of the Libyan army. Who knows how many are being killed there. Presumably that will be called ‘collateral damage.’ Such hypocrisy.

  7. this is what the IDF reports on its activities – as long as they don’t tell me that they investigate into the claim that children or even “children” were hit it is not news in my book

    their relevant tweet says that they cancelled a 7th attack because of the danger of hitting civilians. That’s it and the rest is rumour mongering.

  8. BeyondZS, you are splitting hairs.

    And you seem to have forgotten that Hamas, as the government of Gaza has ultimate responsibility for these acts of war, whether it itself fires the rockets or not.

    As for the children being hit (or not) I’d like to know their status in terms of the statement of Fathi Hamad, here, and whether there were elderly or female casualties that he seems so proud of.

  9. Why are we discussing what Hamas regards as children? We know that they are brainwashed to be human bombs almost from the cradle.

    As others have implied, of one thing we can be sure – Hamas won’t hesitate to put them on roofs, hide behind them, have them as runners carrying dangerous explosives and ammunition, and yet bleat to the gullible whenever any of those deliberately placed in such danger are killed.

  10. Silke,

    “as best I know Gazans count as children up to the age of 18.”

    So do we.
    In fact we still call soldiers who are 20 kids some times.

    Not officially of course…

    Never the less, it seems Israeli fire is being reported even without such high injury / mortality rate, while Palestinian shelling and fire is being brushed aside.

  11. more from the news source worth to be trusted and therefore worth to be followed
    Anti-Tank Missile Thwarted
    Israel Defense Forces
    Heute, 11:33
    A short while ago, an IDF force operating in the northern Gaza Strip identified a group of terrorists preparing to launch an anti-tank missile at an adjacent force, and thwarted the attempt by firing towards it, confirming a hit.

    The IDF will respond with determination to any firing or other terrorist activities emanating from the Gaza Strip, and will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers. The IDF warns Hamas not to continue its aggression.

  12. It’s almost as if the Hamas leadership wants to draw attention out of Libya and onto themselves…

    Q: Which other person does that?

    A: A 5 year old child that seeks attention.

  13. @Beyond ZS, the point is that the Guardian didn’t think it worth reporting that a barrage of over 50 rockets (mostly mortars, which don’t set off the civil defense system, thus rendering civilians no time to take cover) reigned down on civilian areas in Israel, but suddenly expressed interest when Israel retaliated.

  14. Itsik
    or maybe they are trying to avert our gaze from what’s going on in Syria. Elder of Ziyon has several posts on it.

    as to child soldiers – Am I correct to assume that you don’t encourage youngsters under 18 to partake in paramilitary operations

    paramilitary is the most polite description I could come up with – just for me there are kids under 18 in Gaza which are employed as soldiers and thus should be judged and classified by the international standard applied to child soldiers.

    There is no comparison to the regular army of a regular state.

    Irregulars are to be judged by child soldier criteria – to accord Gazans the civilized 18 years threshhold is a blatant disregard of facts.

  15. The good thing is that Israel hit back quickly and hit back hard. That’s the best way to deal with an aggressive bully.

    If Hamas want to gamble with Palestinian lives by provoking Israel, they must take responsible for the consequences.

  16. It is most notable to me that the Guardian stands on the Palestinian side of the fence and counts their losses as dramatic and sees damage to us as banal. The effect is to alienate the reader from Israel, even when Israel’s actions are most justified and her enemy is blameworthy for initiating conflict and targeting the innocent.

  17. “If Hamas want to gamble with Palestinian lives by provoking Israel, they must take responsible for the consequences.”

    Well, that’d be a first. A well-known kink in the Arab/Muslim mindset is a complete failure to comprehend cause and effect or to locate themselves along that continuum. Thus there is no relation between the mayhem and blood letting they initiate and the justifiable retaliation for it, which seems to them to occur out of the blue.

    Worse the MSM buys into this distinctly crazy state of affairs, as the headline above shows.

  18. Der Guardian has ZERO journalistic standards.

    Contact all companies that advertise in Der Guardian and ask them whether they support Der Guardians support of world-wide islamofascism.

    If the companies do support Der Guardian and world-wide jihad, boycott the company too.

    Economic pressure on Der Guardian and advertisers is appropriate.

  19. BBC radio this morning announced that two missiles had been fired into Israel, one injuring one person and the other causing no injuries.

    Talk about the letter of the “law”. Maybe someone was reprimanded but the spirit seems lacking. Maybe it’ll report up to three.