(Video) Mohamed ElBaradei stoned by Islamists in Cairo: An ominous story about the Arab revolution the Guardian won’t be reporting

H/T Elder of Ziyon

Here’s (Guardian Assistant Editor) Simon Tisdall’s “Arab street” in action:

From AFP, as reported by YNet:

Islamists hurled stones and shoes at Mohamed ElBaradei, Nobel Peace laureate and a secular contender for Egypt’s presidency, as he tried to vote Saturday in a referendum on constitutional amendments.

ElBaradei was hit in the back by a stone thrown from the crowd of hundreds but managed to escape unhurt and slammed as “irresponsible” the holding of a referendum without adequate law and order.

“We don’t want you,” the mob shouted, throwing stones, shoes and water at the former UN nuclear watchdog chief as he turned up at a Cairo polling station, five weeks after president Hosni Mubarak was ousted by mass protests.

“He lives in the United States and wants to rule us. It’s out of the question,” one of them said.

“We don’t want an American agent,” said another.

Members of the crowd interviewed by AFP before the assault identified themselves as Islamists without elaborating on their precise allegiance.

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  1. I guess the excitement of “democracy” and “freedom” have faded now they have to think about what to DO about it.

    I also smell the Muslim Brotherhood which is very good at incitement.

    Ho hum.

    Nothing new to see here. Move along folks.

    • how did you know they are islamists ? & what will you do if you realised that Egypt is an Islamist country ?