More rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists into Israeli communities (Guardian still largely reporting on Israeli retaliatory strikes)

Two rockets exploded in Beersheba on Wednesday morning, and ten mortar shells fell in Shaar Hanegev and Eshkol Regional Councils, injuring one Israeli, adding to the more than 50 mortars and rockets fired into Israel over the weekend, and bringing the total number of projectiles launched from Gaza since Friday to 71 – by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Yet, the Guardian continues to largely ignore the Palestinian escalation, and indeed saw fit to publish two stories on Israel’s retaliation and resulting casualties: Yesterday, they posted, Eight killed on Israeli strikes on Gaza”, and “Israeli air strikes wound 19 in Gaza” was reported on Monday.”

Most telling was this line from Monday’s report:

“Hamas has stepped up rocket fire at Israel after a lengthy hiatus since the war of two years ago…”

Except that there has been no hiatus.

While the quantity was reduced dramatically since Cast Lead, there were still over 100 rockets fired into Israel in 2009 (following the conclusion of the war in January) and more than 100 in 2010.  So far in 2011, 156 projectiles (rockets or mortars) were fired into Israel from Gaza.

What country in the world would consider over 100 rockets fired into their country in three consecutive years to be a “hiatus”?

In nearly 250 news stories on the Guardian’s Israel page so far in 2011,only one led with a headline about Hamas rocket fire (See update below).

As I’ve noted elsewhere, the Guardian’s Palestinians (not the real ones, but merely the abstraction in their political imagination) are always weak, passive and acted upon (the bigotry of low expectations), while their mythical Israelis inversely are malevolent and powerful, and the only political players in their drama who are assigned moral agency (the bigotry of exceedingly high expectations).

Such egregious double standards continue to represent one of the more defining features of the Guardian Left.

(Update after initial posting: The Guardian, for the first time this year, actually did publish a story today which which accurately reported the fact that Israeli communities in the south have been on the receiving end of a barrage of rockets from Gaza, and contained a headline without a qualifier to contort the causality.  The story, “Gaza militants’ rockets strike cities deep into Israel“, did add the erroneous claim that such rocket fire largely ceased since the end of Cast Lead, but did at least accurately report the sequence of events, and should be noted.)

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  1. War is coming again.

    A definition of intelligence is the capability of an organism to learn from experience.

    When Hamas got (almost) clobbered during Cast Lead, they manipulated the world community into pitying them rather than forcing them to change behaviour which brought their human shields to grisly ends.

    The next time, I hope that the IDF gives them exactly what they want. And does it fully and finally regardless of world opinion.

  2. Hamas has not learned which means either that it doesn’t give a damn for its people (very believable, since it’ll use them to make political capital) or that it really is thick.

    Israel must learn from Cast Lead, that a half-finished job and too much reliance on the world’s good opinion (and the world will never love Israel or its Jews) is worse than no job at all.

    Hamas is a cancer and needs aggressive “chemotherapy”

    And sometimes the “chemotherapy” can seem worse than the disease, but forego it and the person may well die.

  3. Yes, you’re going to see another dozen CIFers sent to pre-mod status for highlighting the guardian’s gross distortion of reality.

    It truly is sickening. A) Because it exploits the Palestinians and promotes sensationalism. And B) It trivializes what Israeli’s are experiencing.

    Hamas is desperate for attention, the guardian is desperate for anti-Israel stories. It is one of their primary sources of advertising. The last two years of relative peace between Israel and the Pals since the war in Gaza has enraged the guardian editors.

    More hate has been spewed at Israel in those two years in their the first five years of the second intifada.

  4. thanks Pretz. that is quite interesting timing. I’ll update accordingly. And, yes, the 250 number is accurate