Battle of the anti-Zionist blogs: Huffington Post, America’s answer to the Guardian, launches UK Edition

It looks like the anti-Israel blogosphere in the UK that the Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’ has dominated for many years is about to get a new competitor.

Arianna Huffington, the multi-millionaire who recently sold the Huffington Post – which garners over 25 million unique visitors a month and is listed by Technorati as the most popular political blog in the U.S.  – to AOL for $315 million, is about to launch a UK edition of her far left behemoth.

For those unfamiliar with the Huffington Post, which I’ve been referring to as the American Guardian for some time now – due to its egregiously anti-Israel political orientation, and tolerance of anti-Semitism beneath the line – I’d suggest visiting our friends at Huffington Post Monitor and Huff-Watch.

Also see the report by CAMERA, “Has the Huffington Post become a magnet for Israel haters?

Finally, here are a couple of Huffington Post classics.

Comparing the IHH sponsored Mavi Marmara to the 1947 ship of Holocaust refugees, The Exodus:

And, here’s the Huffington Post’s legitimization of the Israeli Organ Harvesting libel:

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  1. Yeah what a bunch of retards. The British imposed a blockade on Gaza to keep Jews out of Palestine to appease the Arab mongerers. Israel imposes a “blockade” in Gaza in the form of a passive no-trade relationship with the Hamas terrorist organization.

    Perhaps this aid ships would have an argument if Gaza truly was experiencing a humanitarian crisis, which is denied by the UN, Hamas, and Israel. Not only do the Palestinians receive enough aid, they receive so much they don’t have the resources to house it. Most of the free, gifted, medical supplies expires.

    I’d like to see this muslim-sponsored “aid” ships go to Sudan, Turkey, Iraq, etc…where people are starving as a result of war. But these wars are the doings of Muslims, and do not involve Jews, so not bitching and moaning from the RoP.

  2. Huffington post by the way is already one of the largest read viewspapers in the world, as concluded from Alexa internet rankings.

    They already get FAR more views than sites like CIF, and sadly, if possible, are FAR worse in their leniency towards vehement and aggressive comments agaisnt Israel and Israelis.

  3. FoolMeOnce – you get a better class of anti-Semite on CiF.

    The ones commenting at HuffPo really are the bottom of the barrel. As is the owner, IMO, who parades as a soft-hearted liberal while in reality is one of the world’s great exponents of capitalism – she even managed to get people writing for her for free for the glory of appearing on her web site. It used to be called exploitation.

  4. AKUS, it’s only very recently that I found out that Huffington was née Stassinopoulos. A very well-known name here a long time ago. She couldn’t catch Bernard Levin.

  5. Total nonsense

    Huffingtonpost publishes several pro zionism articles a week by several different authors

    Could any of you imagine them posting an article that supports an islamic caliphate? No

  6. Sounds like a lot of trash hangs out here. Hey when is america gonna nuke Israel for 9/11, the lavon affair, and USS liberty and their taking over our govt?

  7. You do know when the truth gets out what is happening right? I mean, ZERO friends worldwide, just a sleeping giant whom gave you extended credit and went to bed while you staged terror on them. Amerikuh VS Israhell, it sounds so stupid. Why would my kitty cat keep clawing my face till I stomped it?

    • Jimmy Juse,
      You know the part in Deliverance when they tie the guy to the tree and while sodomizing him make him squeal like a hog? Well you’re the guy sodomizing.
      Have a nice day Jimmy Juse.