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Guardian approved anti-Semitic cartoonist, Carlos Latuff, graces the halls of UN Human Rights Council

At a recent session of the UN Human Rights Council a UN-accredited NGO with terrorist affiliations (IHH) distributed a publication containing the following picture:

This image (published during the flotilla incident in June) – of a demonic Israel, with the swastika substituted for the star of David on the Israeli flag, as an octopus strangling freedom-loving innocents – was created by the notorious anti-Semitic cartoonist Carlos Latuff.

Latuff is an extreme left-wing political activist who won second place in the notorious Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Competition, and is one of the more prolific anti-Israel cartoonists on the web, with a staggering amount of work dedicated to advancing explicitly anti-Semitic political imagery  – and frequently illustrates comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany.

(Also, of note, a regular blogger at the site, Mondoweiss, posted, in early June, the very same “Octopus” cartoon shown above.)

As we noted previously, Latuff’s work has been posted on various radical left websites and blogs, as well as several terrorist affiliated websites such as ‘The Islamic Front for the Iraqi Resistance’ (JAMI) magazine.

So Latuff’s hateful depictions have been employed by quite a wide range of extremists: the anti-Zionist Jewish left, radical Islamist NGOs, and even publications of Islamist terrorist movements.

Latuff is also the same “artist” published by the Guardian during their “Palestine Papers” series to depict Mahmoud Abbas as a gun-toting sinister-looking Orthodox Jewish “settler”, to advance the view that Abbas was a traitor for allegedly showing a willingness to make concessions with Israel – a cartoon which reinforced the abhorrent pejorative depictions of Orthodox Jews used frequently in anti-Semitic caricatures throughout the Middle East.

Here’s Latuff’s Tweet of the cartoon:

The Guardian sure keeps very interesting company.

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  1. There was a tiny glimmer of right(eousness) in the building:

    EU and other States fail to decisively uphold the rule of law
    PCHR and FIDH condemn the refusal of States – such as the USA, UK and Slovenia – to support justice for the victims of Operation Cast Lead. In light of the available evidence noting the failure of domestic investigations, and the clear legal requirement in favour of accountability, their vote was a vote for impunity

    From the (unbelievably named) Palestine Post.

  2. Replace the Israeli flag with the jihadi/islamofascist flag (green/black) and the flags drapped on the side with Israel, India, Pakistan, European Union.

    Carlos the Jackal would have fit right in with julius streichers fascist publication.

    I wonder what was carlos’s opinion on the Muhammed cartoon controversy.

    Did the Jackal side with the cartoonists or the islamofascists?