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How low will she go? Guardian contributor Mya Guarnieri uses Nazi analogy in calling for the end of Israel

Guardian contributor Mya Guarnieri’s hatred towards Israel seems to have no boundaries, and is not informed by even the most rudimentary standards of decency or proportion.

Guarnieri, whose liberal, artistic sensibilities are somehow unburdened by writing for the reactionary Islamist mouthpiece, al-Jazeera, penned a piece in favor of BDS against Israel, which again advocated for the end of the Jewish state, and likened those who are “resisting” Israel as morally comparable to those who resisted Nazi Germany.

In a piece titled “Boycotting Israel from within“, which could have been written by the master of BDS, Omar Barghouti, himself, Guarnieri reveals that her previously “naive” boycott of merely those Israeli goods produced across the green line has given way to a much bolder support for the complete boycott of all Israeli goods and a support for the Palestinian “Right of Return” – which Guarnieri openly acknowledges would lead tot her desired outcome, the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

Guarnieri’s essay conjures a dark, mythical Israel, which is – quoting Jonathan Spyer’s characterization of this fantastical place, which bears no resemblance to the nation as she really is – “a place of uninterrupted darkness and horror, in which every human interaction is ugly, crude, racist, brutal.”

Indeed, Guarnieri dutifully finds an Israeli, Leehee Rothschild (an active BDS proponent who signed the letter published in the Guardian, in February, in opposition to Ian McEwan’s decision to accept the Jerusalem Prize) to legitimize her views, who decries Israel as a society which is:

“militant…violent…[where] people are raised to be deeply racist…Everything is targeted at supporting [Jewish] privilege as the masters of the land. Supporting BDS means renouncing my privileges in this land and insisting on equality for all.”

Guarnieri, arguing for the demise of the very state which arduously protects her right to do, yet in a manner suggesting that she’s engaging in a true act of heroism, insidiously suggests a parallel between BDS proponents and those who resisted history’s most notorious and odious regime, by quoting an Israeli named Ronnie Barkan, a member of “Anarchists Against the Wall” (a group which refers to the IDF as a “terrorist organization”) thusly:

“My grandmother who went to Auschwitz tells me, ‘You can think whatever you want but don’t speak up about your politics because it’s not nice,’ I tell her, ‘You know who didn’t speak up 70 years ago…I think that the main lesson to be learned from the Holocaust is ‘never again to anybody’ not ‘never again to the Jews.'”

That Mya Guarnieri imagines herself a latter-day Hannah Senesh speaks volumes about the political pathologies, and delusions of grandeur, which informs much of the ideology of the anti-Zionist left.

That the Guardian apparently still considers her commentary on Israel – a state whose destruction she brazenly continues to advocate for – within the boundaries of acceptable liberal opinion speaks volumes on the continuing degradation of the Guardian Left.

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  1. Guarnieri would have been right at home in Hitlers Germany or Mussolini’s fascist Italian state. Both were very racist and hated Jews and people of color suach as Ethiopians!

  2. A typical Guardian Theobald. Is there a factory which churns out this type? If so, can we complain to the Trading Standards people because it turns out sub-standard material?

    And I like your sense of humour Adam, viz, Guarnieri’s “liberal, artistic sensibilities..”

  3. Guarnieri, Viner, Hattie the Hen Sherwood and the other Theobalds should form their own branch of EXIT for grossly disturbed Jews who are disaffected with Israel. After all they are all, in their way advocating Israeli suicide.

  4. They are certainly in love with their own verbosity. How sad that it has no truth in it!

    The more I read these people’s words the more the label “narcissist” comes to mind.

    Fatuous grandiosity is probably something Mitnaged could elaborate on.

  5. “I was already conducting a quiet targeted boycott of settlement goods – silently reading labels at the grocery store to make sure I was not buying anything that came from over the Green Line…. Mya Guarnieri is a Tel Aviv-based journalist and writer.”

    Will her boycott lead her to starve? Or simply continue to feed on broken light bulbs?

    Israel should boot this fool out and back to where she came from. They need her in Florida more than in Tel Aviv.

  6. What is so holy about the green line. Jews lived in the WB before it was considered “Palestinian territory.” These Brits should boycott themselves until their governments ends the gross occupation of native land. Yeah, you know – all the land they continue to hold on to even though the empire fell 50 years ago.

    Hypocrites, all of them. And the schools have no problem accepting funds from apartheid Arab states, nope – that is okay. But demonizing Jewish residents in the West Bank, yeah, that’s honky dory.

  7. Why doesn´t she join Hamas or other anti-semitic organization of her choice? In fact, she´s the one resembling l nazi, but she´s so self-centered and stupid that she can´t notice. Maybe she´ll change her mind when a bomb explodes near her. Or maybe not.

  8. Liberals today are either hayseeds that have just taken their first semester of college or just moved to an urban area and they now feel sophisticated and therefore liberal (I don’t get it either), OR, they are often nasty, cowardly fools full of hate. It’s appalling and shows much ignorance but are their reactions surprising? Usually they are not but I find the attack on Israel after everything we know that Jews have survived intolerable.

  9. Similarlyy to AKUS I’m really confused regarding Guarnieri’s sources of nutrition. Maybe her Al-Aqsa buddies send her every day a fresh dose of rusty nails to feed her? Maybe some nettle or grass from Ramallah (if she’s a veggie)?

  10. @ MOTC

    Nothing sinister to me. Palestinians threatened to kill Palestinian journalists who dare to accept invitations with their Israeli counter parts. Europeans ban Israeli academics from their universities (unless they are anti-Israel like Pappe). Arabs impose whole-sale boycott on Israeli goods.

    And yet Levy is outraged that a hospital would have the audacity to reject a leftwing nut asshole like Amos. A guy who sent a book to a man responsible the deaths of hundreds of Israelis and thousands of injured, many of whom were probably treated at the same hospital.

    What a joker.

  11. Abban:
    “leftwing nut asshole like Amos”. Wow ! that really says a lot about you. How many Oz books have you read ?
    I have a better idea – why don’t these same doctors ask patients what their political views are then refuse to treat “leftwing nut assholes” !

  12. MTC I find it hard to admire Oz’s desire for friendship with a person who openly glories in having arranged the murders of hundreds of my fellow-countrymen.

  13. Arabella:

    What exactly did Oz say ?

    “This story is our story, and I hope you read it and understand us better.”
    I assume that you have read the book in question. How is it detrimental to Israel if Palestinians are more aware of Jewish history ?

    “Hoping you will soon see peace and freedom.”
    I suppose that “peace” is a traitorous word ? The statement links freedom to peace, so what’s wrong with it ? Do you really think that if true peace with the Palestinians is achieved that Israel will continue to hold 10,000 Palestinian prisoners to infinity?

    I can only infer that true Israeli patriotism means ensuring that the war will continue forever, claiming thousands more lives of “your fellow countrymen”.

  14. MindOfCrap, PEACE is most certainly a TRAITOROUS word to hamass, hezbullah, “palestinian” authority, al qada, islamofascist jihad.

    Again, there is Bt’Selem, where is Salaam Now?

    When have self proclaimed “anti-war” activists denounced al qada, hamass, hezbullah?

    What Israeli group encourages their followers and the pliable minds of their own children to strap bombs on their body and walk into crowds as islamofascists do????

    Explain/Spin that MindOfCrap.

  15. MTC Yes I’ve read the book. I don’t ask if you have because I’m sure to get a curmudgeonly reply from you, as everyone does, my countrymen or not.

    The most outstanding passage in the book,to my mind is that the young Amos saw written on Jewish doors “Jews go back to Europe” and that he compared this to the European “Jews go back to Palestine”. I wonder where Barghouti’s sympathies would be in relation to that illustration of the Jews’ eternal dilemma.

    I would like to remind you that Barghouti is incarcerated for multiple murders and not for terrorism – for a criminal and not for a political act.

  16. TGIAI:
    No doubt you believe that the best way to win the war against the Palestinians is to suppress the Israeli left. How logical ! If you hound Amos Oz and all of his fellow travelers out of the country then obviously Hamas will disappear the next day. Why didn’t I think of that first ????
    So would you support a law to ban doctors at government hospitals from treating leftists ?

  17. Very well then, next time she pops up on CiF, I am sure there will be plenty of posters below the line ready and waiting to call her out on what she has said and written elsewhere.

    Assuming their posts are allowed to stand, of course.

  18. I think that there’s a strange sort of parallel process going on here:

    The subject of the article above, and it’s a good article, is that for whatever reason known to it Israel takes to its bosom haters like Guarnieri, Sherwood, Freedman (although his last article redeemed him somewhat) and others, and people like Mind the Crap seek similar validation here.

    My sense is that Israel, like the UK, doesn’t want to be seen to be nasty towards people whose open and avowed aim is to undermine them, because the world wouldn’t like them any more.

    But what attracts the MtC, Sanity and other types here?

  19. I don’t mind the despicable Israeli left hating themselves and everyone else around them,they can go and eff themselves,just don’t drag or involve or take the rest of the country with you.

    No words can describe the loathing that I have for these scum.I used to feel sorry for them,now I just loathe them.

  20. I agree with Benorr.

    “progressives”, a term that sets off fewer alarms than leftist, socialist, commie, hate the US, hate Israel, hate the UK and suprisingly hate Saudi Arabia (specifically the Saud family) particularly because “progressives” view Saudi Arabia as an ally of the US!

    The “progressive” world collapsed when the Soviet Union collapsed. Now we are in the middle of the collapse of Middle East dictatorships, theocracies.

    Who knows what will appear when the dust settles.

    I just want Israel to be ready for ANYTHING.

    Ready to ROCK AND ROLL baby.

  21. MindOfCrap, “hatred” brought an end to National SOCIALIST Germany and Imperial Japan AND the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics in a less bloody way.

    Separation of Mosque and State should be a founding article of any TRUE DEMOCRATIC state in the Middle East.

  22. Thank God I’m An Infidel

    “Separation of Mosque and State should be a founding article of any TRUE DEMOCRATIC state in the Middle East”

    How about separation of synagogue and state ?

  23. A Tel Aviv based journalist boycotting Israeli goods? How does that work…. She must be very thin or living on food she is mail ordering from somewhere else? She and Barghouti, two peas in an Israeli pod that they encourage everyone else to boycott while they nestle comfortably— beyond hypocritical, plumbing the depths of absurdity to any reasoning person.

  24. Mind of crap is just another of those moral masturbators that come up with brilliant ideas such as “hate won´t solve anything” or “Israeli patriotism is the problem”, etc. In sum, an orphan of the Berlin wall that find in I-P conflict a substitute for his lost world.

  25. @JaneSchlitz “..A Tel Aviv based journalist boycotting Israeli goods? How does that work…..” It doesn’t, because she doesn’t do it. Not really. She couldn’t because then it’d take a lot of time for her to research all the Israeli contributions to everything since its statehood, apply her research to what’s going on now.

    And we all know that Guardian writers are too lazy to research anything and/or are cr*p at it.

    So hers is the equivalent of a noise made by an idiot, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.

  26. ziontruth,

    Indeed, those types such as this crapola-minded are morally damaged while at the same time being hypermoral fanatics. So they get the best of the
    worlds: being infantile self-righteous simplistic tantrum-throwers, a kind of (a)moral peter-pans, without ever needing to look inside themselves (as this would mean growing up, a scarry thing).

  27. There re a lot of young Jews who have personal problems in their home countries,that are sent to Israel,by their families,their parents or whatever.Hoping that these kids will be straightened out in Israel.Some of these kids do,some don’t.

    Mya Guarnieri is one of those rejects.That needs to be “Send back to Sender”

  28. What makes it so easy for Guarnieri to promote the destruction of Israel and its economic and political bankruptcy is the knowledge she would be on the first plane back to the US of A the second it would get her wish and let the real Israelis deal the with the consequences.