Britain’s politicians’ unsavoury relationships with Mid-East dictatorships

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For a change, the Guardian has published a story which, although it is about the Middle East, does not have an Israel angle to it at all. And yet it shows up British politics at its perfidious worst. The item, on British MPs’ 107 paid visits to Middle Eastern dictatorships, was hidden away in the Guardian’s World news page, but curiously filed under the non-world title “Politics”.

It is extraordinarily revealing, and goes a long way towards explaining Britain’s hostility to Israel.  Conversely it could be said that because of Britain’s hostility to Israel, Britain’s politicians are so cosy with Middle Eastern Arab dictators.

Either way it shows up British politicians in a most unflattering and unsavory light. It also shows how feeble is the famed “Israel lobby” and “Jewish influence” in Whitehall.

The most shameful of the politicians is Clare Short:

“Former international development secretary Clare Short accepted £1,580 worth of flights, hotel accommodation, food and travel expenses from al-Manar television in Lebanon in 2008. Al-Manar is described by the US government as “the media arm of the Hezbollah terrorist network“, and was classed as a specially designated terrorist entity by the US in 2006.

Short said her trip had been registered with Commons authorities and that the visit allowed her to see how reconstruction in southern Lebanon was proceeding after the country’s conflict with Israel in 2006.

“I did an interview for the TV programme and was free to express my views without censure, and I also met with senior Hezbollah officials,” she said. “I do not accept US advice on who I should speak to. UK diplomats also talk with Hezbollah. I have also met with Hamas leaders on a number of occasions as well as Fatah leaders, and the Syrian and Lebanese governments.”

On the basis of these meetings of hers with known and recognized terrorists, and defying British foreign policy, Short should have been blacklisted and even thrown out of Parliament, rather than letting her stay until her resignation in 2010.  She is a disgrace to any democracy. Her attitude and statements about Israel explain her disgraceful behaviour.

Note the list of countries visited:

Trips by country

Qatar 32

Bahrain 18

Oman 16

Egypt 12

UAE 10

Saudi 8

Kuwait 4

Jordan 3

Tunisia 2

Yemen 1

Syria 1

And note which little democratic country is not mentioned at all.

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  1. Infidel, I bet they’re still selling sea-shells and hate.

    I do know what happened a few years ago but I can’t post on it.

  2. What’s the deal with Qatar? and why so many trips to the tiny island of Bahrain? Not to mention a few forays to UAE or Saudi Arabia?

    All of the above are peddlers of instant solutions to the IP conflict, and self-proclaimed authorities on the matter.

    Ah yes, and they all reek of oil. Sweet sweet oil.

  3. I completely agree that Clare (thick as two) Short (planks) is shameful and lives up to her nickname.

    After all, it was she had tea with the wretches from anti-Western democracy Hizb-ut-Tahrir (whose principal aim, people should remember, is to bring a caliphate and sharia law to the UK) at the House of Commons – which tradition seat of democracy Hut would of course dispense with in a blink of an eye if they got the power they crave.

    She really seemed not to realise the ridiculousness of her position!

    That is probably why HuT approached her. Brains of a rocking horse!

  4. FoolMeOnce

    I don’t remember if Qatar once had another name – post-WWII I mean – but certainly Bahrein is a place where British troops were stationed for a long time after the war. There are probably those kinds of connections giving people a rather rose-coloured view.

  5. “Ah yes, and they all reek of oil. Sweet sweet oil.”

    Reminds me of what Golda Meir said of the U.N. representatives on one occasion where they should have issued a condemnation but naturally did not: “They cannot talk, the oil is choking their throats.”

  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clare_Short

    Clare Short seems to be mentally ill. Based on her comments over the years, I can see why she hasn’t visited Israel lately:

    • Former British MP Short has condemned the nation of Israel as being guilty of “bloody, brutal and systematic annexation of land, destruction of homes and the deliberate creation of an apartheid system.” She has also stated that “the EU and Britain are colluding in this operation and the building of a new apartheid regime” because they give Israel privileged trade access.

    • During the United Nations International Conference of Civil Society in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Clare Short charged that Israel “undermines the international community’s reaction to global warming.”  According to Ms. Short, the Middle East conflict distracts the world from the real problem: man-made climate change.  If extreme weather will lead to the “end of the human race,” as Ms. Short warned it could, add this (i.e., global warming) to the list of the crimes of Israel.

  7. I’m amazed that the writer considers the Guardian to be accurate.

    Does this mean that the articles denounced by CIFWatch are accurate too but disliked due to reasons of a kind of preferential censorship being called for here? Is this a betrayal of the core of CIFWatch by ourselves?

  8. Samson, I thought you were joking about Short and ugly blaming Israel for “global warming”.

    I guess it would be COUNTER REVOLUTIONARY to NOT blame everything on Israel and JOOOZ and stop diverting “the Arab street” from the poverty, racism, ruling elites, dictatorships, beheading, stoning of women to death for “dishonoring family honor”, sunni/shiite religious wars, mosque bombing endemic to the Arab/Islamist Ummah.

    It’s bad enough that the islamofascists are waging jihad on the entire world, but now that “progressive”, leftist, socialists are in bed with such reactionary forces, says volumes about the depravity of the left today.

    Queers For Paleswine, Ballisano for Shitler, while the islamofascist regime of iran hangs gay teens from construction cranes.

    The world is infected by a mental disease than no amount of reason, talk therapy can resolve and I thank God that the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of 1930s/1940s national Socialist infested Europe.