Israel’s critical security needs for a real and sustainable peace

One of Israel’s diplomatic challenges in arguing their position vis-a-vis the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is that it is difficult to explain their requirements in a pithy sound bite.

While Palestinians can simply say that “all they want” is an end to “the Occupation”, explaining the myriad of complex strategic and security implications of further territorial withdrawal simply does not lend itself to a simple slogan or set of catch phrases.

While I’ve repeatedly noted that the common assumption, that withdrawing from more land (in Judea and Samaria) would inevitably bring peace, has been contradicted by the subsequent political results, and strategic consequences, of Israel’s withdrawals from South Lebanon in 2000, and from Gaza in 2005, its vital to clearly stress the dangers Israel would face in the aftermath of a withdrawal which didn’t take this recent history (where terrorists movements, Hezbollah and Hamas respectively, filled the vacuum created by the IDF’s absence) into account.

The following video was produced by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and serves as brief yet clear primer on Israel’s vital security issues in the context of negotiations with the Palestinians over a final peace agreement.

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  1. Adam, it would certainly help if those MPs who claim to be “Friends of Israel” would stop referring to “occupation” and delineate Israel’s historical legal rights under international law instead. When then could the Palestinians say?

  2. The Arab tendency to oversimplify and resort to wishful rather than reality-based thinking, added to dumbing down of critical faculties generally is responsible for much of this.

    For myself, I doubt that most of the chatterati, let alone the mouth breathers below the line at the other place, would be able to cope with the complexity of the Israeli position, even if they were inclined to do so because they lack the analytical smarts to do so.

    However, wishful thinking is not the sole preserve of Israel’s Arab neighbours. Look at the meeja’s reaction to the “revolutions for democracy” in the ME and at Israel’s own reaction to Oslo.

  3. Clear presentation I agree the music is a little less charming.
    The problem we face is that many people do not agree on the right of Israel to exist, I think that this is actually stronger outside of Israel and the West Bank.

    This is what we must change, Israel has a right to exist just like the Palestinians have the right for their own state (actually a second one as Jordan has a Palestinian majority). However the “occupation” can only discontinued once all Palestinian fractions including the Hamas and Islamic Jihad and Palestinians living abroad accept that peace will bring both nations more than war.

    I however do not see this happening before the Palestinian people rise and demand this from their leaders (most Palestinians I have spoken to agree on this) and Iran is released from the deadly grip of Shiaa fanatics who believe that bringing a total war to the region and the world is somehow the will of god (Allah in arabic).

    If God or Allah exists he want’s us to live in peace with each other he is supposed to be the all merciful.

    In Israel too the minority extremist must be except the rule of Law and democracy. Israel is a multi national state with a predominant jewish culture. the richness of our state is in the embracing of multiple cultures and religions.
    From Jerusalem shall the light shine to the rest of the world, showing how all gods children can live together in harmony.

  4. “I however do not see this happening before the Palestinian people rise and demand…”

    There are no “Palestinian people,” except if you mean the Jews, who are the only ones that can truly be called the nation tied to Palestine. The ones now falsely called “Palestinians” are Arab settlers stealing off indigenous Palestinian (=Jewish) lands. The concept of those Arab settlers being a nation in their own right was invented when the Arabs found out the world mysteriously unwilling to support the Arab project of taking the one and only state away from the Jews and giving to a nation, the Arab nation, that already has over twenty states. They concocted this Big Lie in order to turn the truth of the Jewish David and Arab Goliath on its head. But the truth remains: The Jews are the indigenous Palestinians, and the Arabs in Palestine are settler-colonist invaders and land-thieves.

    “Israel is a multi national state with a predominant jewish culture.”

    This must change if Jewish self-determination is to survive. Israel needs to become uninational, just as any nation-state needs to become if it to stay its nation’s castle rather than morph into an anarchic free-for-all.

    “the richness of our state is in the embracing of multiple cultures and religions.”

    Multiculturalism is the road to hell. Look at Lebanon, former Yugoslavia and the modern Scandinavian states. Every nation has a right to a nation-exclusive state on its indigenous territory. It is the obligation of the state to be its safe haven for its nation, where the nationals feel secure from any encroachment either internal or external. Multiculturalism is part and parcel of the agenda of Marxism, which is anti-national.