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Reductio ad Jew: CiF contributor engages in thinly veiled anti-Semitic attack

Cengiz Çandar’s defense of Turkey’s increasingly illiberal prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (CiF, March 28), included – for anyone possessing even a modicum of understanding regarding the popular tropes and lexicon employed by modern anti-Semites – a thinly veiled, but unmistakable, attack on Jews.

The Guardian approved polemic by Candar condemned those “pro-Israel” “hawkish” “neocons” engaged in a “dangerous alliance” attempting to smear the Turkish government – such as Commentary Magazine’s Michael Rubin.

Naturally, the piece elicited the following reader comment, which stated a bit more explicitly who the culprits truly are – a comment which still has not been deleted.

For those who want to know what’s really going on in Turkey, and why criticisms of the regime in Ankara aren’t merely a neocon conspiracy,  I’d suggest reading the blog of one of the most informed writers on the Middle East, Barry Rubin.

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  1. “Why is everyone against The TURKS?”

    Might have something to do with the fact that the Muslim world’s former showcase and best hope for a modern, non-jihadist Muslim-majority state is now fast fading, and with it any hope that a Muslim-majority country could ever be trusted to maintain permanent coexistence with the infidel world.

    But sure, go on blaming others, particularly the Jews, for your own failings. It’s the most Islamic thing to do.

  2. The power of the Jews is incredible!!

    “The dislike of the Erdogan government among pro-Israel neocons in Washington can be partly explained by the deterioration of relations between Turkey and the Israeli state.”

    Really?? That’s the reason??

  3. Remember, remember – don’t irk the Turk.

    A British foreign policy objective for centuries and which probably explains Jack Straw’s gushingly turcophilic article in yesterday’s Times. Inconvenient facts such as Turkey’s steady relapse into Islamo-fascism wilfully ignored.

  4. If the Turkish empire was so great why doesn’t anyone outside of Turkey speak Turkish? Compare that with the spread of English, Spanish and even Portuguese (240mil), the language persisted because the culture was superior. All turkey has contributed to the world is little stools, little hats and little cups of coffee.
    Turkey should have been kicked out of NATO in the 70’s.

  5. History always repeats itself says our little bigot.
    In this case he’s right
    Israel belonged to the Jews before and it belongs to us again.

  6. I went to the thread to check out the comments and was actually pleasantly surprised. A lot of them called out Candar for whitewashing Turkey’s human rights record, straining to portray the arrests of Turkish journalist as an anti-coup measure (including one commenter who cited two journalists who have not been charged with plotting a coup, but have been kept in prison for a long time anyway), and deflecting the reality of the situation by conjuring up neo-con/Israeli defamers instead of noticing the reality of what is going on in Turkey. They didn’t pretend Turkey was pure evil but weren’t going to let the writer get away with lying his ass off. It’s rare, but responses like this do convince me that there is intelligent life, to some extent, at CiF.