Facebook shuts down “Third Intifada” page

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Despite previous statements saying they would monitor but not remove the controversial Facebook group calling for a Third Intifada, Facebook administrators shut down the group early Tuesday morning in response to enormous pressure from pro-Israel activists. All links to the group now go to users personal Facebook profile.

The group had been calling for a march on Israel to “liberate” Palestine beginning on May 15. It remains to be seen how Facebook will respond if similar groups emerge with similar message of a Third Intifada.

New media expert Andre Oboler, one of the first to discover the group was down, told HonestReporting that Facebook made the correct decision shutting down the group.  “It’s about time,” he said. “Facebook needs to learn to distinguish between the right to ‘attack’ conceptual ideas, and the ‘wrong’ of attacking people be it because of their race, religion, nationality or political view. When they start to understand that, perhaps they will stop making so many mistakes.”

See our previous post on the issue for background on the issue.

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  1. I looked at that page (before reporting it to Facebook for religious hatred), and noticed that some fool had written that if the page was taken down, no Muslim would use Facebook again.

    Actually, I think he is wrong. There are plenty of decent people out there who happen to be Muslims and will continue to use Facebook, (as I imagine will the fool who posted that threat).

    Thank you Facebook for doing the right thing.

  2. cityca – I think you are right. Actually, for various reasons I don’t use Facebook.

    But I think this is a great opportunity for some conspiracy theories – e.g., Zukerberg is Jewish and therefore took it down, etc. etc. The West won’t let decent Muslims use Facebook to call for the murder of Jews – another example of anti-Muslim hatred. Etc. Etc.

  3. AKUS, the conspiracy theory is part of the essential being in the world of the uneducated Muslim at least (you may well have heard, for example, that some lunatic religious leader in Pakistan has said that the US caused the tsunamis in Japan by mechanical means) because these people are superstitious and have not developed beyond the magical/wishful thinking stage cognitively. The line between fantasy and reality is seriously blurred in these people.

    Anything is possible in the imagination, and Jewish/Zionist conspiracies are easy to concoct and acceptable in Arab/Muslim society. They are also sound evidence of the Arab/Muslim tendency to disavow blame or responsibility for anything they have done wrong and has been found out and which has resulted in shaming of them.

  4. I am hearing that the 3rd intifada concept is like a hydra headed monster and more are online on Facebook.

    I don’t use Facebook either AKUS.

  5. Actually I think sites which call for violence or other nastiness should be shifted elsewhere and a sister site set up: Arsebook.

  6. Yohoho, if you are right, and I dont doubt it, that also illustrates Muslim “big talk” and lies doesn’t it.

  7. Thank God I’m An Infidel

    You have a point, though perhaps not quite the one you meant.

    Each intifada has made things much worse for the Arabs on the WB till they calmed down. In fact, each intifada was really a nakba. The third one could be the worst as Israeli really won’t tolerate the same thing all over again.

  8. AKUS, the hamass nazis are trying to provoke Israel to retaliate, hard.

    The hamass nazis want to draw the attention of the Ummah to themselves – for the benefit of their Arab nazi leaders in places like Syria, the islamofascist regime of iran.

    Question is does Israel take the bait, or wait it out and let the Arab Spring run its course – and hopefully result in the overthrow of the mullahs.

    I believe the greatest chance for a revolution would be in Persia where the majority of the people are sick of the islamic revolution. Persia went from one dictator to an islamofascist dictatorship.

    The Persian Resistance would need lots of help from the outside.

    A decapitation of the mullahs, the arab president and ruling elite would be a good start.

  9. if the arabs are stupid enough to start a third intifada…it is the end of the palestine myth

    kahane’s dream will come true

  10. AKUS
    While the next intifada may well be another nakba, Israel has tolerated more and more over the years. My concern is that it has become too accommodating of Arab requirements and aspirations.

    Israel seems only now to be waking up to just how far ahead the Arab PR machine has progressed and how far behind Israeli hasbara has fallen. If it were just between Israel and the Arabs, it wouldn’t be a problem, but the whole world is looking on and choosing sides and the ignorant or easily fooled, are choosing the Arab side.

    The world is full of young people and many are on Facebook, which is why these pernicious campaigns must be fought and won and then counterattacked.

  11. walt – I searched Facebook for Palfada and didn’t find it – presumably it’s been taken down.